Thoughts On the Tea Party

04 Jul

Boston_Tea_Party_Currier_coloredKnow what’s ironic? The Tea Party chose its name based on the “Boston Tea Party” which occurred in colonial times when what LATER became the United States was populated by British Citizens who expressed no desire to overthrow their duly constituted government . Modern Tea Party types like to claim that it was carried out by a group of disgruntled patriots rebelling against oppressive taxation and it’s become their own symbol of rebellion against what they consider an oppressive government.

Actually there were no US citizens involved in the Boston Tea Party mainly because there was no United States at the time. These were British subjects and it was a purely British thing from the get go. It was never, nor was it intended to be, an act of rebellion against against the government or even against high taxes even though it is used as a symbol for what the modern Tea Party calls those things today.

What it was, in its simplest form was a skirmish in what amounted a trade war between small businesses and entrepreneurs in the American Colonies and the almighty British East India Company and its basis was special tax breaks and other incentives that the Crown had granted to BEIC that allowed it… as Thom Hartmann alludes, just like Walmart does today… to undercut these small businesses and individuals by lowering the the price of it’s #1 commodity, tea, to levels the smaller companies couldn’t deal with and still remain in business. The colonists reacted by destroying the the shipload of BEIC tea that happened to be sitting in their harbor waiting to be unloaded.

In other words that tea was dumped in that harbor in order to break BEIC’s crown granted advantage, thereby allowing the colonists to maintain price levels they could exist on and serving notice to both the crown and the company that favoritism and cronyism and all the other isms that must necessarily be part of any capitalist society wouldn’t be tolerated. if members of the Tea Party were in any way interested in following the principles upon which the original tea party was based, they’d be hijacking Walmart freight deliveries instead of running around with misspelled hate signs, trying to intimidate ordinary citizens with war grade weaponry and burning down churches.

The original tea partiers were, just like all of the small businesses driven out by Walmart today, being exterminated by a global behemoth that already controlled trade in huge chunks over most of the known world. If all this sounds familiar that’s because except for the changes wrought by the Revolutionary War, mainly the establishment of the US as a nation unto itself not subject to the British Crown, it’s exactly the same battle still being fought today with only the names changed.

So the ironic thing is that the supposedly grass roots but extremely well financed “Tea Party” today is not made up of “little people” who think they’re carrying on a tradition of rebellion against Big business and government fostered monopolies but instead exactly the opposite.

Any “little people” involved in the movement today have actually been FURTHERING the agendas of transnational corporations against their best interests and the best interests of their fellow citizens and, encouraged by the incessant roar from corporate owned media, led to believe that they’ve been fighting a noble battle for truth, justice and the American way. They’ve actually become convinced that they’re fighting a guerrilla war against an oppressive dictatorship in the form of the US government, an entity that is wholly owned and operated by the same Wall Street entities that created and control the Tea Party itself. Axiom: When one small group controls both sides in a war, you can damned well bet that small group is going to be the only winner once it’s over.

In the meantime, Wall Street has finally brought off the ultimate strategy in any battle to establish dominion over the common people, namely, divide and conquer. It’s taken years and they’ve had to resort to some of the dirtiest tactics ever employed by any group determined to dominate another.  But by a consistent dumbing down process and massive propaganda campaigns carried out 24/7/365, they’ve managed to keep the Tea Party faithful so riled up, so misinformed, so ignorant and embedded so deeply in their ideological hatred for anything or anyone even remotely different than themselves that they have failed miserably to realize that after 30 years of helping the corporations impose their will on the people, they themselves are no better off than the people they’ve helped to put down.

They need to get it through their heads, Wall Street and megalomaniac politicians do NOT share the loot with anyone. If you’re willing to sell your fellow Americans down the drain for a ten cent an hour raise in a society where the very existence of the “upper” classes ” depends on the maintenance of an upward flow of wealth and an overwhelming desire to have EVERYTHING, don’t be surprised when even your little dime becomes necessary to the “Who can die with the most shit?” games they play up there on the levels you lack the intellectual capacity and curiosity to even dream about.

You’re not a hero, Billy Joe Bob and you never will be. You’re not a crusader, you’re not even a patriot. At your best you’re nothing but a willing dupe of the oligarchy, at your worst, you’re nothing but a bully and a thug. What the HELL makes you think that by doing Wall Street’s dirty work for them you’re somehow gaining an advantage for yourself? Fact is, you’re nothing but a pawn just like the rest of us and that’s all you’re ever going to be until you get it through your iron skull that your real enemies are NOT OTHER PAWNS like yourself but the people sitting in fancy boardrooms wearing suits that cost more than your car, eating lunches that cost more than your grocery budget for a month and deciding YOUR fate based on whatever whim they happen to have that day… JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. Seriously boy, you REALLY need to just get the hell over yourself.  If you’re not going to do anything to help win the fight against Neofeudalism at least get the hell out of the way and let those of us who actually WANT to break Wall Street’s hold on this country do what we can and for shit’s stake please… STOP HELPING THE OLIGARCHY.


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