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Locking the Henhouse With the Skunk Inside

Item #1.  This country is in a world of crap.  We have two parties, one of which openly carries water for, and gets paid for it by, a fascist oligarchy and the other which fund raises off pretending to fight against a takeover by a fascist oligarchy while dodging wildly to keep from having to admit that said takeover has already taken place.

And that’s it.  Those are the only choices we are given.  Those two parties produce virtually ALL of the candidates for office in our executive and legislative branches and since they’re basically two sides of the same coin and the differences between them lie only in how to carve up the rest of us, people in the lower reaches of the pecking order have been left basically with no say in how our country is run.  And some of us are getting damned tired of it.

In a recent Mic article, Thomas McKay summarizes the results of a Princeton study (Sorry, no link to the study. The Education Industry, itself part of the oligarchy, has monetized those out of my reach) that establishes the fact that the takeover by the 1% has been pretty much an accomplished fact for a while now.42d0f1cf03d8c82290e7ef1aff5df558  The chart at left shows the widening of the income gap beginning in roughly the mid 70s (baby steps) and continuing in an ever widening pattern through 2010.  Most of us are aware that the income gap widened in much the same manner and may even have increased the rate of spread over the past five years, call it from 1976 to now.

So the income gap is NOT simply a product of machinations by a single party that suddenly decided a quick buck was more important than integrity and honesty in dealing with the people. Since its inception, it has continued unabated through three Republican and two Democratic administrations and numerous rollovers and changes in both houses of congress and there is nothing or no one on the horizon to indicate that it will not continue at the same or even a faster rate no matter who we elect in 2016.

This is simply the way things are in the oligarchy that fully half the population either doesn’t believe (or pretends not to believe) exists.  It can’t help but call into question all that righteous indignation displayed by today’s left since they’ve had the same 35-40 years to realize what was going on that the rest of us have had.  It has everything to do with the modern Democratic Party’s focus on bipartisanship and compromise since it is where 35 years of those kind of tactics have led us.

3f9db8084af2e243bc97fd1dfcaceb64This chart shows even more vividly the lopsided distribution of any income gains beginning basically with the Reagan administration and again extending through 3 Republican and two Democratic administrations.  No doubt that  top 1% enjoyed an overall gain of 100 percentage points under George W. Bush, but what some people fail to realize is that their BIGGEST gains, right at 150 percentage points took place from roughly 1994 to 2000, during Bill Clinton’s watch.

So basically we have been becoming more and more an oligarchy since about 1976 and anyone who pretends not to have known that all along and who kept silent in the hope that oligarchy would somehow benefit their own portfolio… or however they measure their own position on the food chain… are a major part of the problem and can therefore never be a part of any solution as far as the bottom 20% is concerned.

And as more and more of the middle 60 percent whose real incomes… basically stagnant right now… actually start to fall, as has been going on with the bottom 20% for the past several years, maybe we’ll see someone finally waking up to the fact that when sharks run out of little fish to eat, they start eating bigger fish and that while you may be a bigger fish than me financially, to the shark you’re still just an over sized sardine.

The important thing is that we… Democrats, Republicans, Independents, whatever… do NOT continue to sit on our asses and expect anyone from either of the major political parties to fix it because it just is NOT going to happen.  The people RUNNING those major parties are simply going to get richer and we’re going to get poorer and if you don’t realize that after 35 goddamned years, it just may be that the middle class isn’t WORTH “saving”.


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Being Cynical Is No Sin

03/09/2015  As always, the basis of my own cynicism lies in the ongoing narrowing of the ideological gap between Democrats and Republicans.  While the bought and paid for, thoroughly AstroTurf Tea Party still looms large as a major factor in the downfall of democracy and freedom in this country, one can’t even contemplate the rise of Fascism in the US without stipulating the fact that it couldn’t have been accomplished without the connivance of the GOP… which freely elected to act as guest host to the Tea Party parasites who never would have made it on their own…  and, to an only somewhat lesser extent in recent years, the Democratic Party.

I’m referring to today’s Democratic party which has basically abandoned any pretense of operating on any of the principles of liberalism attributed to it in the past, principles that served to differentiate the Democratic Party sharply from the ideologies embraced and espoused by the Republicans.  A Democratic party that instead functions as a willing accomplice in the introduction of an updated and modernized version of the amalgamation of corporate and government power that was termed Fascism when Mussolini introduced it in Italy in the late 1920s and a modified version of which became the basic foundation for the system eventually imposed by the National Socialists in Germany a short while afterward.  Call it Fascism or Oligarchy (as so many of today’s Dems are wont to do) or whatever “ism” happens to float your personal boat, the result is merciless exploitation of the poor and working classes for the gain of those in positions farther up the food chain.

While we can conceivably argue about the degree to which the Democrats have moved to the right, we can no longer deny that any such shift has taken place.  For one thing, true liberals in the Democratic Party have for quite a while now been largely shunted aside by those whose agendas occupy a sphere distinctly to right of liberalism and who prefer the term “progressives”.  Progressivism itself is almost impossible to pin down as a distinct ideology because so many people use it to describe so many and widely varied agendas, positions and opinions.

The two  things common to most progressives though is that a) anyone calling themselves a progressive is infinitely preferable, in any office, to anyone deemed conservative (another term the definition of which has changed drastically in recent years) and b) none of them have any use for actual liberals.  Indeed, progressives will often attack liberals with far more vigor and venom than some of the less intellectually lazy conservatives do.

There will always be a cadre of ignorant and intellectually lazy Tea Party types still playing the “librul” card because they simply lack the intellectual capacity to realize time has passed them by and wouldn’t believe it even (or maybe especially) if the Republicans told them so.  Fact is that most Conservatives who can read above a 5th grade level and a whole lot of Progressives know that the whole system has become one big snake with a head at each end and the battle is between those two heads.  There is no other snake. No liberal snake, no socialist snake, no communist snake… that poses any threat to our two headed snake.  Pogo’s immortal line, “We has met the enemy and he is us.”, has never applied more than it does today.  Both parties are pretty much headed in the same direction, the only real question for us peons being, “How fast are we going to get to wherever the hell they’re taking us?”.

If you’ve read this far, thanks I appreciate it. Next chapter we’ll try to get into a few specifics in regard to the manner in which the two parties have become more alike along with the few clear differentiations that still exist.

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