What Makes Us Hated & Reviled By The Rest Of The Civilized World?

17 Dec

CLUE: It ain’t our freedoms.  Most 1st world countries have more of those than we do these days: A good part of it, as displayed by these folks in South Africa, is the attitude displayed by entitled pieces of shit like these guys, that says they should be able to go to any other country, in packs like this, and display their dubious manhood by ambushing and murdering endangered species.  I suppose they had a big Viagra party back at the hotel that night? 

Remember, rich, entitled old fat white dudes like this are the only Americans most people in other countries will ever see.  Are you OK with them representing YOU?

  1. Alayne Mitchell@Alaynesa 10h @JaniAllanthis should get you going. “Dickheads” – brain and dick same size. Testosterone problem!!! by Kathe GarbrickEmbedded image permalink


  2. Pascoe@Pasco_e 15m @Alaynesa @DianeKrouwkam @JaniAllan we should go to USA, shoot some bald eagles and pose with the SA flag. Let’s see how they feel.Expand
  3. Diane Dankaert@DianeKrouwkam 13m @Pasco_e brilliant idea Pasco!!!!!Expand
  4. Kathe Garbrick@femmekatz 11m @Alaynesa @JaniAllan yeah, non-existentExpand
  5. 46664@Sivi_Pillay 11m
  6. @Alaynesa @JaniAllan Despicable yanks! Heartless & Brainless!From Milnerton, Western Cape

Tom Bales@TomBales1 2m

  1. @Alaynesa @femmekatz @JaniAllan Took that many of them even with their large caliber manhood cards? What a bunch of pussies.
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