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13 Dec

Just think of them as Tweets that don’t fit the Twitter Page.

A compendium… always wanted to use that word… of disconnected… OK, disjointed… alright dammit! Totally uncoordinated and massively rambling posts from my Facebook front page.  I like Twitter and absolutely loathe Mark Zuckerberg and his contribution to the cloak and dagger Government Scared Shitless Of It’s Own Citizens regime we’ve got going on but sometimes 140 characters is a laughingly small limit when you’re really pissed off.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Today’s Veteran of the Day is Jan Northstar who recently retired from the U.S. Army Reserves as a Lt. Colonel. (1983-2013). Jan served as a Public Affairs Officer.  She is also the regional public  relations  director  for V.A. in  Atlanta, Ga.   Thank you for  your  continued service, Jan!

NorthstarI follow the VA’s Facebook page and have for a couple of years now.  I read all and share many  of these and in many cases add my thanks to the thousands of others that are posted by grateful citizens all across the country. 

Tonight marked a first for me.  A group of people appeared to actually have taken offense to this lady having been named in today’s post as vet of the day.  The reason given by the snerd that started it all off was apparently that she had not served a combat deployment which somehow disqualified her from calling herself a veteran and being honored by the VA. There are lots of people that have been honored on that page who haven’t served in a combat role so my curiosity was naturally piqued.

The derogatory posts had been removed by the time I got there but from what was left of the other 1900+ comments I was able to glean some small glimmering of what had occurred.  I was able to determine that the majority of posters had come to her defense as I, perhaps naively, would expect anyone calling themselves a “real” American to do and the few that chose to try to detract from her honor did so… as nearly as I can see… out of some kind of pique.  Pique over what I have no idea but given what we’re seeing in this country today until I see differently I have my own personal guess.  As usual, when I tried to ascertain what was different about her case from those of the many other non-combat vets that had appeared, there were no answers from those who had made the original negative posts and since I hesitate to indulge in unsupported conjecture I’ll just drop it right there.  While most of the “controversial” posts no longer exist you can check the basic story for yourself on Facebook by checking the VA Vet of the Day post for this date.


Tom Bales Yeah, forgot that for a moment. I’m older than you guys and never thought I’d see a congress with an approval rating of… what is it now 7% or something?… strutting around totally useless but still running their mouths like they were worth a pinch of monkey shit and anyone gave a rodent’s rosy red rectal orifice what they had to say.


Tom Bales

about an hour ago near Visalia, CA · Edited ·

  • You guys that insist on throwing out an entire social safety program, because your second cousin’s mothers uncle’s dog groomer allegedly saw some gal at Walmart buying ice cream with her food stamps… you DO realize that when your congresspimp voted to chop food stamps for all those frauds and phonies that dominate the program… almost 1.8% at last count… he/she was also voting to chop them for the millions of honest people simply down on their luck and thousands of active military as well as no telling how many vets for whom they were huge part of all that stands between them and going hungry 24/7. As a small town kid growing up in the fifties, during the spirit that emerged after 30 years of the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl and WWII, I never thought I’d live to see this. Times ain’t all that are a changin’..


This one is from my oldest friend Tony.  We agree on just about nothing political.  Except this.  This is the one subject on which we unfailingly come together.  Of course he thinks it’s all the fault of those sneaky Liberals while I, being the highly enlightened and discerning observer that I am, realize that they’re all in it together on their luxury yacht, the USS Wall Street,  just as we serfs are all in the leaky lifeboat that’s all the DC pimps and Whores have left for us, the USS F**k You.  But what can I do?  He’s even more hardheaded and stubborn than I am.
Tony Cornett shared American Military‘s photo.

SHARE this if you stand with our homeless vets!

SHARE this if you stand with our homeless vets!

    • Tom Bales Exactly what I’ve been saying here for two years now. Thanks for posting it. Every time I see a story about a vet… all of them but ESPECIALLY a Viet Nam era vet… going without food or homeless it makes my damned blood boil.

      ___________ Yeah it’s not right.



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