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03 Dec

Why Facebook Archipelago?  Damfino, just seemed to look good in the little box up there and I used to be somewhat of a Solzhenitsyn fan.  Just some of the stuff that shows up on my Facebook home page from time to time that I like to think of as a a microcosm of contemporary American thought although it’s obvious that this time I was doing most of the commenting (although not necessarily most of the thinking.) 

Tom Bales

4 hours ago near Visalia, CA · Edited ·

  • So… after two of the last three years with no raise at all, and the reduction in SSI from $157 a month to the magnificent sum of five whole bucks, my Social Security is going up by $11 a month next year. I don’t want to sound ungrateful or anything (By the way, that’s not your money and I wouldn’t be posting this if your govt hadn’t borrowed from the trust fund to finance your simultaneous multiple wars for profit AND tax cuts, a combination that had NEVER been attempted before) but the car insurance increase alone was more than that and my rent increase will likely be twice that much or more while the costs of everything else I have to have went up just as much for me as they did for you. I’m not at that unavoidable food vs medicine stage… Wall St hasn’t caught on and cornered the market on Ramen noodles… today’s equivalent of Soylent Green or cat food… yet but getting there real quick and it’s kind of dismaying that so many of you are actually rejoicing in the fact that I can’t get food stamps and would like to see me refused medical care and many of you want to turn my Social Security over to the Wall Street banks to run the same way they’ve run the rest of the country’s economy for the past 30 years. I didn’t ask for what happened to me and short of jumping off a cliff… which one fine young Millennial suggested to me that ALL people too old and/or crippled up to work do (called me a coffin dodger and a public trough feeder)… when I see all this anti-poor propaganda on my FB page every day, I’m not exactly sure just what you expect me and the millions like me to do about it. I get the impression that many of you think we LIKE living like this or something. Ah well.

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    • ________________ I guess those people think they will stay young forever, I got news for them it will creep up on them.

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    • _____________ And a lot of them will be struck low by injuries or catastrophic illnesses and see their own little “nest eggs” evaporate and their lives turn to crap. Be interesting to see what they have to say then.

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    • _____________ WHO CALLED YOU THAT?????>:(

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    • ______________ And WHERE do we have to go to beat their ignorant ass?

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    • ______________ Erin, Missy. You don’t have to look far and while you won’t find Tom mentioned it’s pretty obvious who is glad that aid to dependent children, food stamp programs and Social Security have been cut, eliminated or “reformed” so they can rejoice that the frauds and loafers wont eat off “their” dime tomorrow and those truly in need will just have to suck it up.

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    • Tom Bales

      Tom Bales The guy was a total stranger named Jeff Dotson who left it as a comment on my blog (I didn’t publish it, just ripped him a new one in Email and sh*tcanned it) . But the point is, I’ve seen stuff like this right here in our good old Visalia Slimes Delta and this is the attitude I’m seeing, albeit in smaller degrees throughout this society today and I just don’t have any idea what I’ve done wrong or why I’m suddenly to blame because everybody isn’t a flipping millionaire by now. You don’t see people ripping up the banksters who stole every dime they could lay their hands on and then made the taxpayers foot the bill for their thievery and/or crappy management. You don’t see people bitching about the lobbyists that have bought our damned government lock stock and barrel. While I see plenty of posts ripping up the politicians (although mostly only from one party) for selling us out, you never see anyone tearing up the multi-billion buck multinational corporations who are the ones they’re selling us out TO. No, we blame the single mom or the dad whose original, halfway DECENT jobs are now held by some 12 yr old in Fok Yu China making $1.30 an hour so the money that used to pay those American workers can go directly in the pockets of the almighty shareholders. We blame the homeless, most of whom ironically, are veterans who just haven’t been pushed totally over the edge to suicide yet, whose lives were destroyed by our endless flipping for profit franchised wars and were abandoned when they were no longer able to serve as cannon fodder for Raytheon or Boeing’s dividends but whom we all claim to support without reservation with flag lapel pins and arguments over who’s the “real” American and who'[s not. Yeah yeah, I know. Damned funny how everybody knows that just EVERYBODY on food stamps is ripping us off for at least a few grand a year (which is about all any one individual could really get, but nobody can see the billions… even trillions… of dollars being shoveled into offshore accounts by the almighty gods on Wall Street. Sorry for the soap boxing but I’ve been researching for an entry on the holiday “giving” season for another blog site the past few days and some of the stuff I’m reading is pretty hard to take. It appears to all boil down to the basic fact that we haven’t got the cajones to go after the big dogs so we content ourselves with kicking puppies and beating up Chihuahuas.

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    • Tom Bales

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