Beyond the ACA: America’s New Kind of “Silent Majority”.

08 Oct

Today I started a little line of posts on Twitter designed to remind people that there are subjects of interest (to at least a few folks) other than the implementation of the ACA and the absolute “wonderfulness” of Barack Obama.  Not likely to be very popular, especially that second one, they most likely serve little real purpose but I’m pretty sure that it we continue to ignore the subjects of these little “reminders”, we’ll wake up after the coming budget negotiations to realize said negotiations are once again all said and done and we were once again left out of the process and allowed to have little to nothing to say or do with any of it. Which… by the way is the reason I most suspect most “Emos” chose to stay home in 2010 if that’s indeed what they did and a situation which you progressives have done absolutely nothing to change other than to reaffirm over and over ad infinitum that you consider them as useless as tits on an a boar hog except for an hour or so on election day.

I view the current tendency among rank and file Democrats to simply sit back and trust Barack Obama to do all the thinking while they act as little more than cheerleaders for whatever he decides to do or not do as a downright scary proposition.  The fact that much of the same kind of rhetoric and virtual worship was practiced towards Bill Clinton who at the end of the day managed to accomplish more for deregulation and corporate and conservative interests and against the working poor than any Republican president up to his time… and with the blessings of the Democrat middle class… simply ads to my conviction that we no longer have any clear cut choice in America today. And the fact that the “prags” are already applying the same bullshit rhetoric to Hillary… even though she has yet to announce she’s running… and speaking of her election as if it’s already not only a foregone conclusion but an accomplished fact… doesn’t help either.

It’s either the openly RW corporatists who will instantly shred democracy in a wholesale effort to re-institute virtual Feudalism by force, thereby possibly incurring open rebellion, or the silver tongued take your time kind of corporatist the like of which brought us welfare “reform”, NAFTA and the destruction of Glass Steagall and who did more for deregulation than Reagan.  The “liberal” who will sell democracy off one small bit at a time to those who would turn 21st century America the into 19th century England of Charles Dickens in an attempt to keep the serfs from open rebellion until it’s a done deal.

The major bone of contention among these politicians is not whether or not anything they propose to do is good for a majority of the people or not. That’s not the object and hasn’t been since at least 1980.  The object is to determine which flock of corporatist monkeys can curry the most favor with Wall Street by a) providing the highest ROI to the almighty institutional and professional shareholders over the longest period of time thereby securing the rich vote…  and b) who can fling the hugest amounts of highly expensive poop at each other for the longest, getting the poop loving public to “choose sides” based pretty much solely on who has produced and flung the highest and smelliest levels of poop for the win among the not so rich and just plain poor.

As I’m always saying, it’s a helluva way to run a country and you’d think that all Americans had to do is look around at other industrial or otherwise “civilized” nations that are more successful and whose citizens are happier, healthier, and more well fed than we are and simply do whatever it is they’re doing.   There are several reasons why that won’t work with a people who feel themselves innately superior to any and all other peoples, however.

Perhaps the most important one to your average right and center right peon is the fact that unfortunately, that would fly in the face of American Exceptionalism as it applies to our failed system.  Hell,  even Barack Obama has been unable to challenge our alleged exceptionalism and indeed having seen it’s almost universal appeal to the overage low info American voter, practices it’s basic rhetoric himself at every opportunity.

Second, the reasons most of those countries are more successful than us is that their systems are identified with socialism and it’s considered better by many Americans to starve and to let other people starve to death in the gutter as “free” Americans than to do anything that might be considered “socialist” which is hype for anything  that would cut into profits… and therefore the aforementioned stockholder ROI, that 99% of us never share in anyway… and thereby make us “slaves” so forget that.

I don’t believe we’ve done anything but pay lip service to the concepts of equality and liberty since the founders’ day and I don’t believe that anyone… Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, does anything else today.   I CERTAINLY don’t believe that “pragmatic” progressives are ever going to be willing to stand up and go toe to toe with Wall Street when and if the showdown ever comes any more than they’ll ever accept responsibility for not doing so today.  I believe indeed that most of them are doing their level best instead to see that it never happens.  As for some of the others?

Liberals might actually have constituted a threat to Wall Street back in the 60s & 70s but they couldn’t muster the collective wind to blow a match out today.  On the other hand, if a few didn’t still exist, the Democrats would have to reinvent them because their main purpose for existence today is to be the scapegoats whenever Progressives and pragmatics can’t muster enough votes to swing the undecided and  independent blocs to their side.

Swings and Independents are what make the difference as far as I’m concerned although I admit to a certain amount of prejudice because I am one of ‘em.  You pragmatic types continue to make the mistake of thinking that just because Twitter and Facebook aren’t loaded down with us we don’t exist when the simple truth is that many of us just aren’t that into computers, the internet and social networking like I am.  Some of that is due largely to a generational thing, some to economic considerations, some to reasons that will never be known…  but quite simply and for whatever reason, for every one who is following you on Twitter or Facebook… the only ones you can even begin to quantify… there are at least 310 million people in this country who aren’t your friends and/or followers and they represent EVERY part of the political spectrum.

Some will vote third party, others will vote Republican, some aren’t even old enough to vote yet but will be eventually and yes, others will refuse to vote at all.  Those are facts of life and you need to get the hell used to them.  These are all people that YOU and YOUR faction dropped the ball on and that vastly outnumber the “libs” or “emos” that you manage to convince yourself are to blame for anything that goes wrong in your little world.

If you really gave a rat’s ass what’s going on in this country there would be a massive outreach to these people who constitute the 21st century’s version of the Silent Majority instead of a close minded attempt to shove your head in a gopher hole and pretend they don’t exist while you blame the relatively small faction of institutional liberals for your failures when their only crime is being part of that 310 million people who neither know nor care what you think.  You really don’t think I’m the only old poor person who votes do you?

At least it ought to be something to think about.  I do.

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