OK! ACA’s In. What’s Next?

02 Oct

First thing I need to do today is get this over and out of the way.  I do NOT oppose Obamacare.  Even though as near as I’ve been able to ascertain I gain nothing from it and by all indications am probably worse off because of it I’ve done my share to support it since its inception and continue to do so as we speak.

But I’ll tell you this… I’m getting goddammed sick and tired of middle class Democrats… especially the ones who call themselves “pragmatics”… gushing over it as if it’s an end in itself representing the final solution to a problem that at its core remains every bit as repugnant as it was before the ACA went into effect, that being that it is totally and inescapably evil for any nation pretending to any level of civilization to base it’s health care system on profit for a few at the expense of the many.  While it’s no doubt an improvement for many, that’s all it is… an improvement.  It did NOT fix the problem and most of you effing know it didn’t fix the problem but you can’t be bothered with little details like that right now.

I sit here and watch you people dancing in the streets and patting yourself on the back about your huge “victory” over the forces of evil.  I see post after post… numbering into the hundreds a day  raving on and on about how ACA is the magic panacea that will bring health and happiness to the masses.

What I DON’T see are any mention of the services and access to services lost by Medicare and Medicaid patients that were bargained away… largely by people who don’t have to depend on them for the basics… in feeble minded attempts to bargain with a pack of ravening ferrets who… in spite of every service to the poor you appeasers have bargained away to them over the past 20 or so years… went right on ahead and brought the country to the position it finds itself in today.

What I DON’T see, at least not in numbers remotely approaching those of the giddy self congratulators, are very damned many references to the eight million government workers and the untold hundreds of thousands or millions more employed by contractors and ancillary services who found themselves out of a job at the instant ACA went into effect.   Better health coverage is great, no mistake about it but when all is said and done, food on the table and a place to live are probably somewhat above it on any list of basic necessities.

I watched dozens of you yesterday rave on and on about all the services that will be available under the ACA… including some that USED to be available to those of us on Medicare and Medicaid but are no longer.  Many of you saw fit to mention that under ACA, many young people, including many with incomes higher than mine, will receive those services and more at a price LESS THAN THE MONTHLY MEDICARE PREMIUM for many like myself.

Some posters did try to swing the subject around to the millions of people tossed under the bus by the GOP in the shutdown after the celebrations had gone on for a few hours but a lot of you weren’t having any of that.  Fact is that while it’s wonderful that so many more will have health coverage, now is not the time to sit back and congratulate each other on a victory that took three years to accomplish, during which time the rest of the evils besetting the not so damned fortunate in this country continued to bloat to unmanageable proportions.

It’s done.  ACA is not only the law of the landit’s in action.  Those thousands of posts a day attesting to those two facts could quite possibly be better spent now on trying to find ways to remedy some of the ills that were allowed to fester and reversing the effects of the silent coup that continued and continues to take place even now during your continuing single minded focus on Obamacare.

The momentum doesn’t need to die away.  The focus just needs to shift.  This habit much of the the left has fallen into of looking for partial “victories” they can bargain instead of fight for… of always being prepared to sacrifice the right and the good for “not so wrong” and the “better than the other guy’s offering”… played a major role in getting us into this mess.  It ain’t gonna  do diddly squat to get us out of it.


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