The Worm’s Eye View – State of the Union

30 Sep

Trying To Make Hamburgers Out of Sacred Cows

We all know what the State of the Union Address is. It’s where the President of the United States gets up in front of the other two branches of our so called government and tells them and us which cow is gonna be eating whose cabbage for the next 12 months. In the process, he’ll reiterate all the promises he made during the last SOTU address… or his campaign if this is his first one… being damned careful not to actually commit himself to keeping any of them while making it sound like that’s what he’s doing.

And of course the true believers lap it up like a cat whisker-dipping premium cream, failing or maybe refusing to realize that with minor variations in names and numbers and the order of delivery, they’re hearing the same thing they heard last year and in fact the same thing they’ve heard for the last X number of years, depending on how long this particular POTUS has been in office.

I remember watching SOTU addresses when I was a kid because on that night it was all you were going to find on the three channels we had back then and early on I remember sitting there thinking, “What a wonderful country this is going to be when this dude gets through implementing his agenda.”. Well… something to that effect anyway.

Some of the luster began to flake off as I got older though and I eventually reached the point where my hopes for the good life began to shift toward “If this guy implements his agenda” instead of “when” and eventually rolling on over to a slim to none hope that even a tenth of the pie in the sky we were being promised was ever going to see the light of day.

It wasn’t until about the beginning of Bill Clinton’s second term that it hit me like a ton of cow crap falling off a fertilizer wagon that not only was next to none of this stuff ever going to happen, but the dude making the speech knew damned well that next to none of it was ever going to happen. I even think, in their heart of hearts, his core audience knew that next to none of it would ever see the light of day but by this time they were so vested in the individual that there was no way they were ever going to call him out and admit they might not have been as right as they might have been had they judged the situation on what was happening instead of what some dude was telling them was going to happen.

Since then, I’ve often thought that we could probably do away with all that pomp and circumstance bullshit, especially since with the advent of the Tea Party since which time the galleries are loaded with ignorant, uneducated slack jawed troglodytes who not only have no idea how adults are supposed to act in public because their mamas never taught them the rudiments of common courtesy and manners but who don’t give a damn anyway.

The SOTU has become just another venue in which the radical RWs can exercise their self granted right to behave like a bunch of drunken high school jocks at a post game beer bust and… by association and the power of the mainstream media… drag the rest of us right down to that same trailer trash level in the eyes of the rest of the world.

art.joe.wilsonWhen that stupid bastard, Joe Wilson, attempted to make a centuries old tradition all about himself by screeching, “You Lie!” at the president of the United States at a function where his only obligation was to show up and at least pretend that there was still some coherency left in the effing clown show our form of government has become, it rendered any attempt to get 500 some odd whores and pimps together in the same room and expect any level of decorum and civility a thoroughly lost cause.

I’ve grown thoroughly sick and tired of the common folks in this country being lumped in with gap toothed Teabilly morons sitting around in circles and judging each others beer farts and bragging about their various forms of small dick compensators and “slapping their old ladies back in line”.

And the SOTU… with it’s week or so of subsequent analysis by all manner of “experts” from Joe the Fake Plumber to Sarah “Mooselips” Palin… who has managed to turn being a cheap know nothing grifter into a venue for collecting millions from rank and file RWs only slightly more stupid than she is… has simply become another sorry spectacle by which the rest of the world judges our country and finds it not only wanting but comically wanting.

I think most of us are beginning to realize that the state of the union that exists on that night is not necessarily the state of the union that will exist the next morning and it’s damned sure not the state of the union that the mainstream media is going to represent it to be based on the opposition of the Wall Street turdminions to anything the POTUS has said or done down to and including his effing choice of necktie that night. I don’t know how much it costs us to give the GOP all these chances to kick crutches out from old ladies as the bus pulls in but if it’s a goddammed dime that’s ten cents too effing much. Why not just dump the whole damned thing and spend that week or ten days… you know, governing the country… and save the meaningless speeches and empty promises for the campaign trail where we taxpayers only have to pay for part of it.

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