I’m 71 and On SS/MC. I Don’t Have Time For The Usual BS.

29 Sep

I had just about decided to give up on having my own blog page, even before that whining snot nosed little millennial piece of crap blew in here with his “death to all old people” garbage last week and got me pissed off all over again.  I never have had much of a readership here anyway and realizing that this latest generation contains people like this James Dotson character in unknown numbers can definitely be discouraging, not because they have anything valid to add to any discussion but because when you’ve seen enough entitled little pricks like that… people who have the same sense of entitlement as a billionaire’s larvae but without the money to exercise it (for which he blames every working class forebear he has)… you begin to wonder what the hell you’re fighting for anyway.

James Dotson of course, exhibits the most extreme version of an attitude that has been slowly destroying this country since at least the 1980s and probably on back into my starry eyed idealist days when the important thing was to fight the good fight as if you intended to win it, not merely to get the best bargain you can from people who have no desire to bargain with you or honor any bargain they do make.  We had our sellouts even then, the difference being that these days the sellouts appear to be gaining the majority among democrats.  Today we have obviously centrist and right of center Democrats calling themselves the “left” in this country, some of them even calling themselves liberals which to anyone around in the 1950s and 60s is a fricking joke.

I asked this question yesterday on Twitter, and while it got a few retweets it DIDN’T get any answers, so I’m going to ask it again here. With Democrats, since the 1980s, having done little more than piss away every social gain the common people had managed to secure since the Great depression, why is everyone running around acting so dismayed that the bought and paid for lunatics we’ve allowed infiltrate the henhouse are now busy sucking the damned eggs?

Why is it that the only Democratic president we’d had for the almost three decades preceding 2008 was a center right… actually pretty much a conservative by the original meaning of the term… politician who  proceeded to preside over the passage of more significant legislation beneficial to Wall Street and the Republican party than to the common ordinary working people, much of which was outright detrimental to the elderly, disabled and working poor?  And why did the middle class stand up and cheer him while he was doing it?

Feel like ranting about America’s jobs and manufacturing base winding up somewhere else while our skilled labor force flips burgers at McDonald”s? Check out NAFTA. Oh and all those crocodile tears y’all shed daily about the hungry kids? Take a close look at the 1990s version of welfare “reform” which marked the beginning of the all out right wing open assault on the social safety nets.  Too big to fail banks and too big to jail bankers?  Hmmm.  Wasn’t that largely a result of the repeal of Glass Steagall and the abandonment of other safeguards that had been put in place to protect the public from what we’re living through today during Bill Clinton’s watch?

There’s more, but you get the idea.  And every one of those actions has a counterpart… in some cases, an extension… going on today, (PRTA etc.).   The relentless march toward corporate Fascism under an economic dictatorship presided over by the reptilian Kochs or someone or some group just as evil  that began under Reagan has pretty much continued without a stumble under two Republican administrations (which was to be expected of course) AND two Democratic ones (which while I didn’t expect it the first time, I’m sad to say I did this one).

While we’re all wrapped up in the one bone (and I’m not sure it is or ever was a real bone) we’ve supposedly gotten from the right, they’ve simply marched into the virtually unguarded store and marched back out with 98% of whatever the hell they wanted while we stood impotently on the sidewalk distracted by the latest congressional dog and pony show.  As a matter of fact, the radical right is STILL doing it and why not since the Democrats have admitted that they can’t stop them?

When there are no consequences for sociopathic acts those acts are pretty apt to go right on happening since there’s no incentive to stop committing them, am I right?  And what are Democrats doing about it other ranting about what we’re GOING to do about all this the next election cycle.  I’m surprised the RWs haven’t laughed themselves to death by now which I suppose might be the Democratic plan to get rid of ‘em since nothing else appears on the horizon.

I also must have asked ten times in the last couple of weeks about how we were going to accomplish this “punishment for their sins” when all of the key players on the other side are from districts that have been safely gerrymandered to preclude a Democrat from ever being elected.  Know what the closest thing I got to an answer was?  “The Tea Party is threatening to take them down already.”.   (Does that mean the Tea Party’s  morans are going to be the saviors of democracy in America?  Not bloody likely, is it?)

Well, call me dense, but I fail to see how one RWNJ supplanting another in a district designed to exclude Dems from even participating is somehow indicative of a Democratic victory there but of course I’m not as smart as most of you younger folks.  Maybe I’ll be convinced when I see a Democrat elected in the 8th congressional district in Ohio but until then I guess I’ll just stay stupid.

And of course I see a number of you one trick pony types are already sharpening the knives for the “Emos” and the “puropolists” or “puritopians” to repeat just a couple of the newer terms I’m seeing bandied about just in case all these predictions of a rout in favor of the Democrats should prove a wee bit overoptimistic.  Nothing like having your scapegoats lined up and ready for the sacrificial altar.  But if you guys can see that far ahead, why couldn’t you see where all the compromise and “bipartisanship” was leading back in the Clinton 90s?  Why couldn’t you see where sacrificing the elderly, poor and sick was taking us during the Bush days? Why is the only real, concrete accomplishment you can point to from this current administration, the ACA, being used as just another whip to punish the serfs with?

So many questions I’d like to see answers to, and so far all I’m seeing is a ton of “They won’t do that. They don’t dare do that” followed by a round of  “They DID do that?  They DID dare Well we’ll just vote ‘em out next year (those that are up next year. The rest we’ll have to wait three years for).”  Fact is they’ve dared to do just about everything on their agenda over the past five years and as far as I can see, the Democrats… from the top down… have been pretty damned much powerless to stop them.

As for the leading lights on Twitter?  Zach Green will sit on the can and labor mightily to bring forth one of his tenth grade level hashtags and “inspirational” tweets and his most ardent followers will trip all over themselves trying to repeat his every word so’s to bask in the reflected glory of their chosen one but nobody that really matters in this fight will ever see it.

Shoq will offer up his usual round of Centrist scorn and ridicule for practically everyone not… well… Shoq… and Uncle MIltie  will thump his “liberal” chest and blame the whole thing on the liberals he professes in his bio to be one of while his little band of groupies slaps him on the back and tells him how wonderful he is… which is why we even have groupies in the first place, right Miltie?

ABL will continue to assert that PBO is incapable of making a mistake, let alone doing anything that might benefit those who have paid his way at the expense of the least among us, which is simply something that any politician has to do these days if he’s going to be a politician.  Or at least be a successful one.

On that same note, the rest of the of usual suspects will be offering up their usual load of “immaculate perception”, analyzing the whole fiasco down to the quantum level… especially President Obama’s role in it… desperately trying to make it look like just another brilliant move in the “11 dimensional chess game” he’s been playing since taking office and which is of course far too deep and complicated to be understood by anyone but him, let alone by the mere mortals and common people he’s supposed to be governing.

People like me who try to question any of it will once again be branded RW operatives at best, out and out racists if the question is about anything PBO may or may not have said or done.  Of course silly me, I voted for him twice not because I wanted a fricking  Secret Squirrel “chess game” I couldn’t understand but because I wanted clear, uncomplicated and transparent governance that I could understand and he was promising that.

To be perfectly frank, this whole put your unwavering blind  faith in one man… ANY one man… is abhorrent to me because I love reading my history books and history is full of horrible examples of what has happened when nations have done that.

I want to know what the fricking plan is… although I’d probably settle right now for simply knowing there IS a plan.  I’m not about to blindly take anybody’s word for anything and one of the things I find contradictory among Democrats today is the vast number of them who refuse to accept any religion because they would have to do so based on blind faith… while they at the same time they… in an act far more apt to have immediate consequences on the lives of themselves and their progeny…  are willing to blindly accept virtually every utterance made by a mere mortal… a paid professional politician no less… solely on that same level of blind faith, urging others to do so (proselytizing) and even attacking those who don’t.  Fact is I’m not sure you’re rejecting religion at all as much as you’re creating a new one for yourselves but I’m pretty certain there are enough of ‘em out there already to keep us in hate and discontent for the next 3-4 generations at least.

You can take it to your favorite Wall Street bank that I will never… under any circumstances… vote Republican again and that I will never fail to … as I’ve done for 50 years now… vote in any election I’m capable of and qualified to vote in so don’t waste your time and mine flinging the usual “Emo” bullshit at me because it ain’t gonna stick.  I don’t care to engage Centrist juvenile name callers any more than I do RW ones and for much the same reasons so unless you have something new to bring to the table save yourself some time and me the trouble of blocking you.  Have a nice day.


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