Tired Of “Sides” & Personalities. What About the Issues?

29 Aug

I’ve been trying this blogging stuff for a while now and my major accomplishment seems to have been arriving at the conclusion that I’m just not very good at it.

There are a ton of factors contributing to that decision, probably a major one being that I’m just not that great a writer but heck, lots of people can’t write worth beans but still have successful blogs.  Another factor has been that I have never been able to come up with any kind of unique format or gimmick for my little sessions here that would make people want to come here or more importantly, come back here after they’ve been here once.   There’s also the fact that for as long as I’ve been doing this I haven’t exactly served as a shining example of originality, usually electing to write about the same subjects everyone else is writing about this week with most of them doing a better job at it than I do and tending to repeat myself in a discernible cycle as my favorite subjects (or targets) cycle through my field of view.

But of all the things I could list to explain away the reasons why my little blog has not been particularly successful as far as attracting and keeping readers, I think the factor that has had the most negative impact has been the fact that I don’t have a side.  In today’s American Politics arena you’ve got to be pretty much on the side of one of the two major parties or you’re going to wind up being trolled by morons from both of them and believe me, when it comes to trolling, there isn’t enough difference between the two bunches to shake a stick at.  

As far as what’s left of our two party political system is concerned, I consider myself an independent in the truest sense of the word. The only term that comes anywhere close to describing my political position is that of “Populist” using the Wickipedia definition of Populism as a “political doctrine where one sides with “the people” against “the elites.  (I left the links intact for any of our less educated and more right leaning friends who might not know what a “doctrine” or an “elite” is.  Since it’s the elites who are destroying the country for the sake of their own avarice and lust for dominion over others, it never hurts to know where to look things like that up).

Since the Populists don’t really have a party of their own I find myself more often than not allied to the more liberal wing of the Democratic party but that’s basically just an artifice that makes it easier for me to choose between candidates and issues.  I base that on the fact that the Democrats… while certainly no longer deserving of the “Party of the People” mantle they acquired during the middle of the last century… usually try to support a position at least SOMEWHAT to the left of the GOP and Tea Party whose members have simply gone all in on the “I want mine, eff the rest of you” philosophy that guides every move they make these days.

There is NOTHING that is going to save this country for its common people short of a complete teardown and overhaul. It’s just not gonna happen.  NO Republican will ever do it, Barack Obama won’t do it, Hillary Clinton won’t do it.  As hard as it is for many of you to choke down, a fair sized percentage of the 99% are actually worse off than they were six years ago and similar numbers of poor people also found themselves worse off in 2000 in spite of the surplus and all the goodies the\ middle class thought it had won.

Our political leaders… from the top down and of both parties… have no interest in doing any overhauls and all they’re ever going to do is stick a damned band-aid on some of the more visible ouchies.  If you still believe any differently maybe I could get you to share some of what you’ve been smoking for the past thirty years because whatever Never Neverland you’re living in is NOT the America I’m living in any more than the America I’m living in is the one I grew up in.

If you really think politicians from either of the two parties today are interested in “fixing” the situations that are putting millions of bucks in their collective pockets annually while all you and I have to offer them right now is our meager little vote… and it looks like many of us won’t have even that for much longer if we don’t put a total stop to ALL this crap right now… then don’t let me catch you whining when they outsource YOUR kid’s job, foreclose on YOUR kid’s home, and cut off YOUR kid’s health care, food stamps and unemployment benefits.  YOU can explain to your kids why you didn’t have the backbone… or worse yet the time… to stand up for them and put a stop to the Fascist bullshit when you had your damned chance.

A damned good start toward treating the disease instead of just flinging monkey dung at the individual symptoms would be to stop making the “sides” more important than the issues, eliminate all of the cult and rock star crap and get back to the basics of electing people who can take the country forward, not let it slide slowly (or more slowly, that seems to be our only two choices)… into third world status.  I’m guessing that until we do that, we’re not ever going to get anywhere.

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