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Are They Evil Or Just Ignorant?

One of the things that amazes me in my comparative studies of Democrats and Republicans (in other words, my daily perusals of my Twitter timeline) is the almost complete naiveté with which both sides seem to approach our political processes.  There is this willingness among the electorate to simply suspend common sense and analytical thinking in favor of symbolism of one type or another.  We have become a nation of people so inured by empty phraseology and meaningless posturing, we’ve lost all sight of the simple distinctions between right and wrong and even the ability to determine what is or isn’t in our own best interests.

We’re so totally worn down by the incessant cacophony of noise emanating form the instruments of what some (mistakenly) call the information age that we’ll jump on any bandwagon for any reason we think is out of the ordinary and instill ourselves in positions of abject adoration of anyone who is adept at telling us what we want to hear and promising us the 21st century’s equivalent of the old chicken in every pot.

And then, when the chicken fails to materialize, we’re so entrenched in what has become for us a new form of “ism”, that we’ll go to any lengths to ignore or rationalize the ever growing evidence that our Messiah for this decade or century or millennium apparently never had any intention of providing us with any chickens and the best we can hope for is a cold biscuit or two.  All seem to be able to do then is extoll the numerous virtues of cold biscuits

This first round, I’d like to say a few words about conservatives.  Not conservative politicians who do what they do because they’re whores and that’s what whores do.  Not lobbyists who do what they do because they’re pimps and that’s what pimps do.  Nope, want to talk about rank and file RWs, the ones that Ann Romney includes in her assessment of “those people”,  because of all the ideological animals out there, they’re the most readily herdable and intellectually incurious of the bunch and as such have probably done more actual harm than any or all of the other ideological entities through their total ignorance of even the most elementary precepts of governance.

In general, conservatives are the least informed and least intellectually curious of the electorate.  They don’t do well at all with the abstract or the allegorical and will generally tend to base their choices on purely material considerations, mainly things that can be counted and quantified easily such as dollars or material wealth expressed in terms of dollars.  Anything that they can be convinced puts more dollars in their own pockets is the quantum yardstick by which they measure any political issue or candidate.  The simple, one word description for it is greed, but it goes much deeper than that for many.

Many of today’s rank and file conservatives were raised in circumstances that can only be described as poverty and indeed most are from some of the poorest parts of the country where coal is king and the mine owners are the nobility.  In most cases, they were poor working class people, their parents had been poor working class people, and their grandparents were poor working class people.  Generations trapped in a situation over which they had little or no control, with little or no understanding of the actual workings of the system, lacking the capacity to discern the difference between the trillions lavished on banks and corporations in the form of corporate welfare and the food stamps received by a single mom with a part time minimum wage job (or two)  getting some help feeding her kids, they are easy prey for people like the Kochs or the jackals on Wall Street.

All the propaganda machine has to do is sufficiently demonize that single mom as the root of all the financial evils, not only distracting Joe’s attention from their own predations but as a happy little added circumstance, making sure her food stamp money winds up in their pockets too.  Bubba thinks this makes him better off somehow although he’s incapable of providing a viable explanation of how this might be so.

The fact that they themselves might have been raised in FmHA or HUD homes, ate food bought with food stamps, suffered through hard times with their parents unemployed or weathered out (this was very common in the small agricultural community I grew up in)… none of it means anything now.   I’d bet a dollar to a doughnut that many of them are on various forms of assistance even as they rail against the programs providing it under the false premise that if they could get rid of food stamps for millions they wouldn’t need to be on food stamps themselves when the mine closes down or receive any kind of relief when  their house burns or blows/washes away.

These are the people who will tell you that they or their parents never abused social programs but that they see “everybody else” abusing food stamps and social programs “every day” and that  the only solution is just to end the program, yadayada.  Of course when pressed, all they’re doing is repeating anecdotes they’ve read or heard from some right wing media or internet outlet, a fact that becomes obvious when their anecdotal “evidence” invariably” looks as if it was cut and pasted from the same source.  The truth is if your seeing all those people abusing their food stamps all that often, you’re spending too damned much time at Walmart nd need to get yourself another hobby besides stalking food stamp recipients.

Joe Sixpack often has no idea that the CEO of the company he works for is knocking down 200-500 times more bucks than he is or that it would take him 7 million years to match the money the Walton family alone has derived from their Chinese operation the entire reason the organization exists is to provide billions to people who make their living doing nothing manipulating other people’s money and often betting on the failure of our economy, because he isn’t privy to the machinations taking place in the wood paneled boardrooms where the fates of himself and his family are ultimately determined.  And to put it bluntly, he’s simply too damned lazy to either find out or to make the connection between that and his own situation.  Far easier to let Rush Limbaugh and Fox News tell him how it is in America than to take the time from his football and NASCAR to find out for himself.

As an example of one of the things that the average conservative can’t be bothered to think about we can use the tired old refrain that the richest 10% pay more than 73% of the total income taxes in this country, even as misleading as that statement might be given the recent revelations of off shore bank accounts and barely legal maneuverings they go through to ensure they DON’T pay taxes on what they earn.  Rank and file conservatives have been taught by that same richest 10% to believe that there is something “unjust” in that situation even though… and this is the kicker you will NEVER see mentioned by the 10%… the 10% receive and own 73% of the WEALTH on which those taxes are being paid!

Joe has no slightest conception that when you take 73% of a taxable commodity… in this case, wealth… you NEED to pay 73% of the taxes on that commodity, any more than they understand that many of the social services and programs that, in many cases, their parents had to fall back on during hard in order to get them raised came from the same taxes that they so bitterly resent today on behalf of the rich.

Another factor is that to them a shitty job is better than no job and while that may be true to a certain extent, they fail to understand that those aren’t the only two alternatives.  My generation and the one before it sacrificed blood (often literally), sweat and tears trying to get the working class an even break in this country and in the past thirty years damned near everything we gained from the 40s through the 70s has been pissed away by an electorate too damned lazy and self involved to even try to maintain any of it and whose only interests lie in trying to find scapegoats to blame because they no longer have what they couldn’t be bothered trying to preserve.

People this ignorant are begging to be herded and the herding of sheep in the “proper” directions has become one of the major industries… if not actually THE major industry… in this country today as witness the hundreds of lobbyists that make their daily living hanging out in DC and the state capitals with blank checks, buying our representative republic… or at least our representatives… right out from under us.  Look at the subornation of the media, the attempts to suppress free speech, the internal spying… and worst of all, look how many “ordinary” people are OK with all of this.  If we lose this country to the corporofascists it’s because we, as a people, were simply too damned lazy and self absorbed to do what needed to be done to prevent it.


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Dear Rush: Kiss My Ass

We Will Never Forget.

LimbaughUnfortunately, that’s bullshit. People ALWAYS forget until tragedy strikes again and some of us pay the ultimate price.  Pretty much been that way since I started my firefighting career 53 years ago last month, a career that was cut short after only 34 years (I was going for 40) by the cumulative affects of numerous on the job injuries augmented by a couple of major heart attacks.

At left is a picture I found posted on Twitter.  This is not an actual direct quote but it’s a pretty accurate condensation and interpretation of what he said ( the actual full statement & a discussion on his original rant can be found here ) and the basic sentiment one feels in reading it is really not by any means “out there” given Mr. Limbaugh’s well known bias against public sector employees. 

And you have to assume that the nearly half the population that shares his total disdain for public employees (especially their unions) and who support him in his constant drum pounding for the privatization of anything and everything supported by any form of taxes also feel that firefighters and other public sector workers are merely another bunch of feeders at the public trough who “take away from private sector jobs and contribute nothing to the economy”. 

When you examine opinions like that one, you don’t have to be told that Limbaugh is an extremely ignorant individual nor do you need to be informed that he is ignorant because he has no desire to be anything else. 

Here’s what Mr. Rush “Bow & Scrape To Me” Limbaugh really is:  A failure at college, a failed disk jockey, a failed baseball talking head, a failed Monday Night Football talking head, veteran of three failed marriages working on a fourth… Does the pattern begin to emerge yet?  I knew it would.  The word that ties almost every major endeavor in Rush Limbaugh’s life together is “fail”.  Epic fail.   He even failed at being a closet drug abuser which is why he needs hearing aids today.

Oh… oh… yeah?”, I can hear you grunting and squealing like the barnyard animal your hero so closely resembles, “Rush is a millionaire, and… and… you don’t have anything.  So there!”.  Yes, you’re right on both counts Your Petulance, but let’s just stick with the first point since the second has nothing to do with anything.

I never said Rush was a TOTAL failure.  What I was pointing out was that Rush has never succeeded at anything even remotely worthwhile or that contributed anything, either to the economy (his pet bugaboo it would appear) or to society as a whole.  Granted, he has become very successful and made a ton of money for himself that he probably hides in an offshore bank recommended by Mitt Romney. 

But only by creating a niche for himself in a medium that he may not have invented but that he refined and honed until it serves as the model for every two bit twatwaffle wanting to make a name for themselves and get rich quick by being a total asshole on national radio and TV. 

We call this little niche in which he finally found his true calling Hate Radio and Rush is simply a highly paid hate jockey.  Like the disk jockey career he’d already failed at but with hate instead of music.  Put as plainly and simply as possible… because I know Rush’s followers don’t want to hear anything that they might have to… you know… actually think about… he sells hate for a living. 

Rush Limbaugh makes his living saying stupid things to stupid people in order to keep them running in circles and biting themselves in the ass over sly innuendo and outright lies and the simple fact is that up until he decided for some reason to go for the Guinness World record in shark jumping some time around November 2008, he was a master of his trade.

Now he’s just a tired old fat dude clinging to past glories as his sponsors and fans desert him in droves because in the political climate of 2013… a climate that he, perhaps more than anyone else helped to create… he’s become a mere echo of the man who at one time, was considered the most hateful human being since Joe McCarthy.

No longer does the Republican party need or want him to carry their water and for a man who reveled in his unofficial capacity as the “head” of the GOP this has to be a bitter pill.  Indeed there’s evidence of a consensus spreading among the GOP, a common desire for him to just shut the &%$k up and go away. 

And sadly his only answer is to ramp up the hate rhetoric, and find new and even more outrageous ways to focus attention on himself and thereby on the right wing, even as Republicans bust their asses to change the image he help create for them and is trying to perpetuate.

A broken down old has been taking pay cuts in order to try to keep himself relevant and hang on to what’s left of his ignorant and intellectually challenged dittoheads, the ragged remnants of what was once his legion of adoring fans, Limbaugh goes through the motions for fifteen hours a week wrapping and unwrapping the same old smelly dead carp he served up the day before and the day before that ad infinitum.

And you know what? All of that cracks my ass up because I can’t for the life of me think of a single individual outside the government who has done more damage to this country and it’s people than Rush Hudson effing Limbaugh.  I never had any respect for the bloated clown anyway but when he launched what has become his almost incessant campaign against public sector workers he’d definitely lowered himself another notch in my estimation.

I still call myself a firefighter when anyone asks.  I still feel like one and think like one and fat wantonly ignorant slobs who have never done a day’s real work in their lives mouthing about something they obviously know nothing about still pisses me off beyond description.

My goal is to live long enough to see that fat slug doing a panel show on Fox News and having to kiss Roger’s equally fat ass.  Should be enough to keep me going another year or two anyway.


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