The Guardian Needs To Do A Little Vetting Here.

10 Jun

Before I make any hard fast judgments about this young Snowden fella that I won’t be able to walk back later should I prove to be wrong, I want to know one thing.  What was the relationship between he and Glenn Greenwald prior to Mr. Snowden’s employment by BAH because based on Greenwald’s own words, there apparently was one.

Anyone who knows me knows I loathe the intrusions on our personal privacy and freedoms being carried out by our government and that I support whistleblowers emphatically and anyone who knows me personally knows I’ve even been one a time or two and paid the price for it. 

But the question in my mind is whether Edward Snowden is a true whistleblower or just another grifter who was recruited and planted by Blogger Glenn Greenwald to drum up a Pulitzer scale “scandal” for Greenwald to “expose”.

I feel it’s a legitimate suspicion to have at this point. 

  • Let’s forget for a moment that most intelligent, thinking people have been aware that our government has been spying on us for at least the last thirty years or so with the collusion of any and all of the major forms of communication and social interaction in this country. 
  • Let’s forget the fact that the government has long had no more regard for the fourth amendment than it does for any of the other amendments that Wall Street deems “objectionable”… in other words, detrimental to the furtherance of its own agenda. 
  • Let’s forget that there is absolutely no empirical evidence that the fact that we have given up many of the key freedoms and liberties guaranteed in our constitution has kept us any safer, an assertion often made but which is largely based on pure conjecture and circumstantial data.

Greenwald, in his zeal to bust a “big” story feeds that suspicion with the revelation on Twitter that his relationship with Mr. Snowden extends back Greenwaldto a date prior to not only to the alleged conversations with WAPO’s Bart Gellman but also prior to Mr. Snowden’s employment as an NSA contractor (see image at left).

The problem for Greenwald’s credibility is that Mr. Snowden, according to various sources, didn’t go to work for BAH until March.  Kind of hard to claim on the one hand that you had no dealings with someone prior to a certain date and that these revelations just fell into your lap from a clear blue sky AFTER the personal experiences described in your story had occurred… and then claim you’d been dealing with him from a time prior to his ever having been placed in the position for them to occur.  Last time I looked, even Neolibs like Glenn Greenwald had been as yet unable to travel in time no matter how badly they want to turn America into a modernized version of 1930s Italy.

I’m also having a problem with buying into Mr. Snowden’s tale about becoming disillusioned by what he saw and heard during his relative short few week tenure as a lowly placed NSA contractor.  It’s taken people like me… industrial grade cynics… decades to become as disillusioned and cynical as he professes to have become in in a relatively short few weeks on what appears to have been basically a data entry job. 

The guy simply had to have known this was going on and had been for at least 30 years, the only changes being that the degree of sophistication on communications systems had not only made communications themselves easier but also made intercepting and storing that data easier for anyone who had a motive for doing so.

It’s just my opinion of course, and worth exactly what you paid for it but as far as I’m concerned, this guy went to work for Booz on a contract that he… and Glenn Greenwald… had to know would provide “evidential” fodder for Greenwald’s furtherance of his own agenda.  As Colin Quinn used to say, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”.

Disclaimer: The above should not be construed as support for any supposedly democratic government spying on it’s citizens without probable cause nor does it imply acceptance of the police state which the the United States is rapidly becoming.  I neither approve of nor accept any of that and those are entirely different subjects from that of this post.



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2 responses to “The Guardian Needs To Do A Little Vetting Here.

  1. Cole DBiers (@ColeDBiers)

    June 10, 2013 at 17:38

    Snowden worked for NSA contractors since 2009.
    Before that he did IT security work for the CIA.

    His disillusionment stemmed from a lot more than just a few weeks exposure to the NSA

    • Tom Bales

      June 10, 2013 at 17:44

      OK, thanks. I’ll broaden my source base then… had three different refs and none of them mentioned his prior work for others. I definitely understand him being disillusioned since I’m pretty much that way myself most of the time these days and for many of the same reasons but not sure he picked the best way to go about it. Thanks for the info.


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