My Latest “Cyber Terrorist” Attack

04 Jun

Haven’t posted anything here for a while now.  Not because I’ve run out of opinions (I am an opinionated old bastard after all) but I’ve just reached that point (again) where there’s little left to be said and what there is is all being said on Twitter and Facebook. 

However, it did dawn on me this morning that that fact itself might be a subject for a post and since I don’t have anything else to do today and haven’t done anything to piss off a bunch of folks in a week or so, here’s your latest dose of cyber terrorism from #67 on Unite Blue’s cyber terrorist list.

I’ve met some awfully good folks online, especially on Twitter which has become my mainstay social network and indeed, even though it isn’t as much pure fun as it used to be, I still like many of the interactions I have with the majority of left leaning folks, including many in Unite Blue. 

Until Zach Green popped out of the right wing woodwork and decided to take control of the “left” side of the Twitter aisle and then hand it over to a group of outright trolls, I was thoroughly enjoying myself meeting and interacting with hundreds of new people I would never have had a chance to get to know otherwise. 

Alas, I made the same mistake a lot of people make when newly entering the world of social networks (and in my case it’s inexcusable because I’ve been doing it for nearly thirty years now having started with the old Quantum-Link BBS back in my Commodore days).  I failed to realize or remember that anytime you put three persons in a room, #1 is going to be a willing minion… #2 is going to feel entitled to control the situation, in this example meaning control #1 and #3… while #3 is gonna be dedicated to keeping him from it.  And in most cases #1 is gonna work hard for #2, even though he loses if #2 wins (It’s that whole minion mentality thing he’s got going on there).  Confused? Yeah, me too but I think I got it straight.

In any expanded situation of that nature, what you’re going to wind up with is this attention slut/control freak guru and his/her little clique of hardcore groupies battling anyone and everyone whose opinions differ from theirs by more than half a degree.  The next thing you know, defending your clique against those horrible trolls that have the audacity to think differently than you do becomes the sole reason for the existence of that little band of groupies because nobody in the leadership can remember what the hell they all got “united” for in the first place.  Eventually you erode away any bit bit of moral high ground you might have retained.

It’s this “fer us or agin us”, “our way or the highway” attitude that has gripped the leadership of Unite Blue and it’s only intensified since one of their very own hero/gurus, indeed one of the original (personally anointed by Zach Green) leaders of the organization, turned out to be not much other than a cheap dope peddler and a pedophile who’s now languishing in a Tennessee state prison and damned lucky they had to use the sentencing guidelines in place at the time of his arrest instead of those existing today or he’d probably never be coming out again. 

I don’t frequent Tea Party or right wing sites and it may be that they have the same things going on over there but I’ve never been able to quite suppress the notion that the people we like to call RWNJs are sitting over there laughing their asses off at the “left” and all the little knots of groupies clamoring for someone to lead them in whatever form of group thought has their fancy on any respective day and the smaller knot of self styled progressive “stalwarts” that not only think they’re the only ones with all the answers but the only ones with ANY answers.  People like that give me a pain almost as much as the RWs themselves do.

I recently saw a thread involving two of this last type (#1 the convicted criminal mentioned above, #2, the biggest phony liberal ever to sign up for a Twitter account) agreeing with each other that as “pragmatic progressives” it was their “duty” to “educate” the “less informed” on the left (at least they managed to avoid saying less intelligent this time but the implication was there) as to how to vote so that the left… their definition of the left, of course… could move forward with its agenda… their estimation of what the agenda of the left OUGHT to be, likewise of course.

That’s OK.  Hell like I was saying above, there are LOTS of people on Twitter who wallow in this kind of condescension and are more than willing to accept being talked down to and about in this manner, because hey, this guy has X number of followers and all this cool crap in his bio so he must be something special although we’ve recently seen that what’s in someone’s bio may be pure crap… or at least a little outdated.

So much are they wound up in the cult of the Twitter personality, they completely miss the irony of some dude who is supposed to favor making everyone pay their fair share of taxes being a million bucks in arrears on his own. 

So much so that they don’t even notice the incongruities involved in someone slamming RWs for their moronic sexual attitudes and peccadilloes living (at the time of his arrest) with a teenage girl in a motel room and possessing literally hundreds of images depicting child sex and abuse against children. 

So much so they see nothing amiss in someone claiming to be a highly intelligent (Mensa level… big deal, so am/was I and I’ve never managed to make much from it) person claiming that they didn’t know possessing child pornography and selling drugs was illegal.  Call me whatever but that just doesn’t sound real bright to me. 

I know if I were a RW and just casually winging through some of the threads that have passed for intelligent discourse on behalf of Unite Blue and their pet criminal during the past few weeks I’d have laughed myself goofy by now.

Think about it… every candidate 140 Whatever has been involved with since it’s inception has LOST, including Colbert-Busch, their first UB Democratic campaign although I’m pretty sure UB never officially had anything to do with that campaign and simply used it as a vessel for the little donation scam we saw pop up and which (as have so many other Zach Green oopsies) disappeared as soon as someone pointed out what was going on.  But I digress.  This isn’t about anyone in particular really.  It’s happening all over Twitter to greater or lesser degree.  This is just the situation I happen to be most familiar with.

The point I was aiming at is that as long as people think they’re fighting tyranny by allowing a private corporation or just some unknown geek behind a keyboard in East Slobovia… someone with absolutely no personal stake in the fight other than to make money or groupie/follower points from it… to direct them in their efforts and ESPECIALLY as long as they let these people determine the form and direction their fight should take, then they have nobody to blame for the outcome but themselves for blindly following their self anointed “leaders” who constantly remind them that politics is the “art of the possible” and the best way to get along is just go along with whatever turds happen to roll down from above, because we didn’t win the house and on and on, blah blah, blah. 

A few words on politics of the possible, possibly one of the most regressive and backward political phrases ever coined:  This country wasn’t built by people who were afraid to attempt what conventional wisdom said was “impossible.  People who  only take on the battles they knew they can win don’t fight a hell of a lot of battles and and you can’t win a battle if you refuse to fight.  And people who tell you to settle for the crumbs the opposition is willing to let you have while the the bad guys get thieving else are NOT doing you any favors. All most of you are to them is a digit in their follower figures.   Any self styled ‘expert” who tells you differently on Twitter is either lying to you or simply preaching to his own choir.

There is no room for “compromise” or appeasement when you’re fighting for a way of life and to accept them them in any form means you’ve already had your ass kicked before the fight ever started.  As for that guy telling you you have to suck up and bend over for the people who threaten that way of life he’s just looking out for number one, the only thing he really has any talent for.  It’s obvious that he lets the oligarchy carry his balls in their pockets but that doesn’t mean you have to hand yours over also.  

He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you and your problems, and in 99% of cases he’ll never wind up paying the price for his moral cowardice as long as he can get someone else to do it.  It’s his job to keep you quiet during fleecing time and some of ’em are pretty good at it.

It’s not going to do you a damned bit of good to wait until there’s nothing left and THEN get pissed off and start screaming to get it back, either.  You need to stop them from taking it all now while you can still get pitchforks and torches because once the taking part is a done deal, those are the first two things that are gonna disappear.      

This country came about through the blood sweat and tears of people who were not afraid to stand up on their hind legs and go for what the quislings and cowards were telling them was “impossible” because settling for less was just a slower form of defeat and did nothing but prolong the agony.  That’s how a ragtag bunch of rebels and malcontents managed to beat what was at the time the most powerful nation in the world (OK, with maybe just a little help from their friends, the French.)  If they’d listened to the “pragmatics” of their day, we’d still be bowing to the queen and eating chicken stuffed up a duck’s ass.

I have no patience with “leaders” on the “left” whose idea of opposing Fascism is to “negotiate” away my freedoms one piece at a time any more than I do for the RW Fascists and corporate tit sucking Plutocrats who want to take them all right now.  All these roll over and play dead types are doing is helping someone steal your horse one leg at a time instead of all at once, hoping to get a bone or two for themselves and the result is the always going to be the same… you no longer have a horse to ride and it’s a long fricking walk to the poorhouse. 

Next time you feel like sucking up to some pompous twit you don’t know from fricking Adam… who’s most likely interested in nothing but making sure his slice of whatever pie is left after our overlords get theirs is bigger than yours… by raving about how wonderful he is for convincing you that sacrifice on the altar of corporate Fascism is a good thing (as long as it’s someone else who’s doing the sacrificing or being sacrificed), try thinking about this first. 

In most cases, if this guy was really the superman he pretends to be on Twitter and actually had all the answers he claims to have, he wouldn’t be sitting in some hole in the wall motel or his mama’s spare bedroom (basement?), spending more time tweeting and posting than most people do at real jobs and listing his life’s work and/or accomplishments as being an “entrepreneur” (just another word for people looking to make money without working for it). Oh. And and having a Linked In account.

When people start telling me how to accomplish something, I prefer it to be someone who at some time or other in his/her life has actually accomplished something, something of benefit to all, not just amassed more Twitter followers or more “likes” on Facebook than the other guy.  



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