Somehow This Just Doesn’t Feel Very “Uniting”

16 May

Talk about shades of a bygone era.  In a move so right wing in both concept and execution it could have been taken directly from Richard Nixon’s playbook, Unite Blue, the Twitter cult group founded by the Green family, “former” Republican gunslingers operatives paid consultants who worked on the campaigns of some of the more minor GOP candidates over the past few years, has created itself an “enemies list” and guess what?  Yours truly is on it.  Right there at #67.  Not quite up there with being placed on a terrorist watch list by the DHS but hey, we all gotta start somewhere, right?

That’s right boys and girls, I along with dozens of others stand accused of… well let me just present en excerpt from Matt Osborne’s latest piece (read the whole thing at his site) on the Unite Blue/William Talley dustup (Link to the original UB document provided).

Over the weekend, the Cauldron published a bizarre Pastebin document that threatens a class-action lawsuit for cyber terrorism and defamation against nearly a hundred people, including myself. Unable to enact vengeance on random Anons, their focus is on liberals. Tweet or blog about them and you, too can be added to their shit-list. The best part? They will accuse you of dividing the left while they do it.

So there ya go.  You’re here right now in a veritable den of iniquity perusing the evil diablerie of a wicked “cyber terrorist” and “defamer”.  You might want to reconsider reading any further  since the main theme of the fanatics whom Zach Green has elected or allowed to speak for his organization against those who dare speak against it… in ANY way, shape or form…appears to be “guilt” by association and  if nothing else, you may find yourselves on that same little shit list and threatened with class action lawsuits your own self simply for not belonging to Unite Blue and having the damned gall to state your reasons why.

I don’t know who I’m supposed to have committed any “terrorist acts” against since these folks put up and take down accounts like some demented damned rodent playing the heavy in a whack a mole game. Some of them have as many as 6 or 7 different accounts (that have been discovered and counted so far).  For the same reason, I don’t know who I’m supposed to have made terrorist threats to or against. I can’t figure out who I’ve “defamed” unless it was on a couple of occasions when I pointed out that entering a guilty plea in a criminal case is actually saying “Yes, I’m guilty” and carries the same weight as an actual conviction. 

If you’re REAL lucky, like yours truly, you might even find your name listed in one of their fake tweets by one of their fake accounts as I was when some slug calling itself @IbUB2 or Nut Cracker, replete with Guy Fawkes mask avatar and obviously attempting to pass itself off as an Anon, used my name in a false tweet indicating that I had been the one who asked for the doxing of Trina Cuppet.  They responded, using the tactics described described in my third post on the subject ,the more salient points of which which I’m going to excerpt here because nothing has changed.

Tonight I signed on to Twitter and was informed by one of the anti #UniteBlue folks that an organization apparently calling itself Unite Blue Dilemma… apparently everyone was familiar with the alleged organization except yours truly… had posted an article on their home page… shown in the Google search snippet as There’s not enough in the search snippet to determine if it was favorable or derogatory to the organization and if you click on their listed URL it doesn’t take you to any web site.  It brings you to THIS page… the one you’re reading right now… and you get a 404 error message that the file can’t be found. 

It can’t be found here of course because it was never here in the first place but the entire setup appears designed around making it appear that the article was here at one time but that I took it down. Once again I have no idea whether this crap is being carried out by the #UniteBlue leadership or simply by a couple of overzealous members but if this is what they mean by “uniting” people from the left, then the surer I am I want nothing to do with them. 

Look people… I’m going to put this bluntly and in the same language I’d use if we were face to face.  I don’t give a rat’s ASS whether #UniteBlue exists or it doesn’t and I give an even smaller rat’s ass who belongs to it and who doesn’t.  I have nothing to fear from anyone in the organization… other than childish annoying little bullshit like this anyway… and I goddamned sure don’t post blog entries and then delete them because I’m afraid of what a few little sheep and their shearers think about it.  

I’m 70 fucking years old.  I outgrew this petty little shit about the time I grew up and had to go to work for a living… at 13.  If I’ve got something to say about you, I have no fucking qualms about saying it TO you and I damned well figure if you’ve got a problem with me then you can also have the goddamned balls to say so outright instead of playing these stupid cowardly little games with fake Tweets, redirected URLs, spam blocking [and now hit lists?] and whatever other cute little gimmicks your dumbass Anon wannabe can come up with.

Not going to try to appeal to your maturity or common sense because it’s obvious if you had any measurable level of either I wouldn’t be making this post right now.  Instead, I’d be advising you grow the hell up and try being an adult for a change. If nothing else, the change of pace might do you some good.

And there’s always this:  As some of you well know, karma has a way of catching up eventually no matter how slick you think you are. Sooner or later, you’ll step over some line you don’t even know is there and have someone sniffing your whitey tighties like a dog in heat.  Somehow, I don’t think you’ll be sniggering like a pimply assed school kid in his first circle jerk when that time comes.

I’m pretty sure THIS… more than anything else I’ve said either here or on Twitter itself… is the basis for my inclusion on their inane little list and in the vague and childish little threats of unspecified legal actions by foul mouthed harpies and whiny little mama’s boys they selected to speak for the organization and make posts in the name of it’s members.  Out of pure, unbridled curiosity, I’d really like to know who the “they” was that did the selecting and what criteria they used in the selection process, but that’s just me being nosy.  I am given to understand that at least one of them managed to benefit personally from selling out a friend in time of crisis for money and a spot on the board of directors but I have no idea why or by whom (unless it was Zack Green and that one) any of the others were selected.

Again, I would ask that you understand that nothing I say here is directed to the apparently thousands of rank and file members who have joined the organization in good faith thinking they were actually doing something that would advance liberal or progressive causes.  I speak specifically to those who are doing and saying those things described above in the name of the general membership. 

The thing the leadership is apparently failing to tell you is that you don’t get to claim the high ground when traveling a low road simply because the vast majority of your members are simply good folks trying to do good for the progressive community when you let the so called leaders of your group engage in the kinds of cheap tactics and dirty tricks described herein and elsewhere.  Otherwise, you’re just another member base for an NRA style organization in which the only only reason rank and file members even exist is to provide numbers by which to support an alleged consensus.  Those leaders were selected… by whom and by whatever process… to speak for the organization and the organization is YOU.  You might want to give some thought to what’s being said and done in YOUR name.

As for me, just call me #67.  I suppose if some of the more vociferous among the UB membership can be so fanatical about groveling to a cult leader as to actually name yourself after him online, I can wear my position on their enemies list as a badge of honor.

– #67 –

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