To Bubba And His Big Ol’ Gun

22 Mar

Well, I think I might have myself back in my little niche on Twitter… you know, the one where I’ve managed to piss off just about everyone on just about every side of every question.  That’s good though, because if I pissed you off, at least you had to think about whatever it was you got pissed off about and I’ll settle for that.

On a far more serious note though… when the Newtown Massacre happened, I made myself a promise… this time I was NOT going to forget.  This time it was going to be different and I was going to find some way to make some small measure of difference in the national dialogue that I knew was going to ensue.

Disclaimer. I’m a lifelong gun owner, shooter and former NRA member who has no interest in “coming for your guns” or in any way restricting your right to adequately protect yourselves and your families. 

I didn’t set any impossible goals for myself nor did I did I develop any delusions of grandeur… or delusions of anything else for that matter… to the fact that world was waiting breathlessly for the pearls of wisdom that only I was going to be able to deliver.  I just vowed to do whatever little thing I could do within the scope of my own limitations to see that it never happened again.  Have to admit, I haven’t been too successful.  Haven’t been able to even convince Democrats we need to do whatever’s necessary to end the carnage. 

In the meantime a few thousand more people… many of them children as usual… have died as a direct result of firearms in the hands of people who shouldn’t have been entrusted with anything more deadly than a rubber spoon, whether it be because they couldn’t control their awn animalistic impulses or because they were too damned stupid or lazy to keep their weapons out of the hands of small children and blatant nut cases.

Our government has done exactly what it always does in cases like this when it was either too chickenshit to face down the merchants of death… or too bought off… they milked it for all they could get out of it politically and then, waiting until they thought we were distracted by the hundred other ways in which we are being forced daily to pay the price for the lifestyles of the rich and not always famous, they tried to sweep the whole thing under the rug.  Didn’t work this time.  Seems I’m not the only one who didn’t forget.

Harry Reid is once again making conciliatory noises in the face of criticisms for trying to avoid standing up to the gun lobbies, promising votes on the three major provisions that the public appears to consider most important… a ban on military style assault weapons that have no function other than to kill other human beings, detachable and extended magazines that turn these firearms into weapons of mass destruction capable of killing a schoolroom full of first graders and six adults in something like 3 minutes or so, and universal background checks for all purchasers of firearms, a measure designed to help keep firearms out of the hands of those most likely to use them to shoot up the nearest neighborhood theater, shopping mall or school.

But this obsession with having the biggest most badass gun on the block is not going to go away and sooner or later we need to face up to the question of whether this is something just ingrained… bred if you will… into a certain kind of person or if much of it is based on a totally false image and some horribly false assumptions that are being deliberately fomented and fostered by those that profit financially by the fact that we have almost reached a point where there is one gun for every man, woman and child in the country even though approximately 2/3 of the people don’t own any.

In fact, recent studies have shown that 2/3 of the firearms in the United States are owned by 1/3 of the population and that 2/3 of the guns in this country amounts to 1/3 of all the guns on the entire planet. Even given the breakdowns of “normal” sporting weapons (hunting rifles, shotguns, etc.) and given that sales of military style assault weapons are skyrocketing, even a conservative estimate of the number of those types means that there is a HELL of a lot of WMPDs out there.  How many guns can you “protect yourself” with at one time anyway?

We Americans tend to be somewhat myopic when it comes to the ills that have beset our country since the turn of this century, most of which, like it or not, have ben presented by extreme elements of the right wing.  That’s to say, we all have our own private little agendas and even though those agendas may overlap and pass back and forth through each other over the course of time, we tend to emote most strongly about the issue or issues that most affect us directly.  For some it may be the proliferation of assault weapons while for others it might be racism and bigotry or rape and women’s issues or immigration reform. 

We fail to see that all of these issues and more are part of an overall mindset based mainly in our far distant past origins.  European white people are simply the most hateful, misogynist self centered, greedy and… worst of all paranoid/schizo… people ever to walk upright.  The white races of northern Europe have done very little during the several millennia they’ve been in existence other than roam throughout whatever their confinement envelope has been at any given time, raping, looting and pillaging, taking anything and everything they felt entitled to which was… like David Koch says today… all of it. 

They fought among themselves for hundreds of years to establish their little pecking orders and decide who or was going to be the HMFIC and the very moment they were able they started exporting their brand of what would eventually come to be known as capitalism throughout the world.  They were able to do this simply because they made damned sure they always had the biggest, baddest and most efficient killing machines in whatever era they happened to be in at the time and an overwhelming urge to take whatever anyone else had simply because they had the means to do so.  The world belongs to he with the means to take it for himself… he with the biggest rock, the sharpest stick, the strongest bow, the biggest gun. And it’s been that way ever since. 

By this means, the people of a relatively small island kingdom off the coast of what we now call France came to rule the largest empire in the history of man, eventually holding dominion over a fifth of the world’s population at the time as well as almost a quarter of the Earth’s total land area. 

And of course, these are the people that eventually gave birth to the United States of America and bequeathed upon it that sense of manifest destiny and the intrinsic belief that it was not only the right but the duty of the white man to rule over the other “lesser” races.  This dogma provided the agenda by which the British Empire would, by the early part of the 20th century, hold sway over half a billion people and is the primordial basis for the unspoken belief among many that they need a bigger gun to make them feel like a bigger man.

You can talk all you want to about self defense and safety and security and all the usual NRA pap but come on Bubba, the only REAL reason for having a gun that can kill two dozen people in less than two minutes is so you can kill two dozen people in two minutes, am I right?  And the only reason for wanting to be able to do that is so that you can impose your will on the guy that doesn’t, am I right again?.  Doubt me? 

ted nugentIf so take a look at all the pictures of of your “everyman” pants crapping hero, Ted Nugent masturbating his favorite toys and uttering “tough guy” threats against our elected officials.  That’s who the NRA has chosen to be the face of gun owners everywhere, including gun owners like me who get tarred with the same brush broken down old has been publicity whores like him do.  

The rest of it is nothing but pap for the masses to try to convince them you and your big gun are no threat to them when the statistics are making a liar of you daily and thousands of American citizens WITHOUT assault weapons and 30 round clips… a huge number of them innocent children… are dying every year so YOU can feel like a big shot, impressing your like minded friends and intimidating your “lessers”. 

The only person you really need an assault rifle and a 30 round clip to protect yourself and your family from is another guy… just as paranoid as you are… with an assault rifle and a 30 round clip and the only people I would need such a weapon to protect myself from is the two of you.  I’d rather not have to deal with it if you don’t mind.

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