The Petty Little Games People Play On Line

19 Mar

Apparently someone at #UniteBlue has decided I still need to be on their “enemies” list.  When this whole kerfuffle first blew up, I did a little research and decided it wasn’t for me.  I did a quickie blog entry to that effect and later on as more info became available and I personally got my first taste of the junior grade Rovian “dirty tricks” they had been using on their “enemies” I made a second post describing the tactics they were using on me.

Subsequent to that post, I have posted tweets whenever something in the #UniteBlue tweet wars would catch my eye but nothing that would readily fit into the “attack” category unless you’re some kind of paranoid dork.  Things actually died down for a few days but I was reminded this evening that this little outfit brooks no criticism and that they will do whatever it takes to strike back at anyone they feel is “dissing the #UniteBlue they believe in”.

Tonight I signed on to Twitter and was informed by one of the anti #UniteBlue folks that an organization apparently calling itself Unite Blue Dilemma… apparently everyone was familiar with the alleged organization except yours truly… had posted an article on their home page… shown in the Google search snippet as There’s not enough in the search snippet to determine if it was favorable or derogatory to the organization and if you click on their listed URL it doesn’t take you to any web site.  It brings you to THIS page… the one you’re reading right now… and you get a 404 error message that the file can’t be found. 

It can’t be found here of course because it was never here in the first place but the entire setup appears designed around making it appear that the article was here at one time but that I took it down. Once again I have no idea whether this crap is being carried out by the #UniteBlue leadership or simply by a couple of overzealous members but if this is what they mean by “uniting” people from the left, then the surer I am I want nothing to do with them. 

Look people… I’m going to put this bluntly and in the same language I’d use if we were face to face.  I don’t give a rat’s ASS whether #UniteBlue exists or it doesn’t and I give an even smaller rat’s ass who belongs to it and who doesn’t.  I have nothing to fear from anyone in the organization… other than childish annoying little bullshit like this anyway… and I goddamned sure don’t post blog entries and then delete them because I’m afraid of what a few little sheep and their shearers think about it.  

I’m 70 fucking years old.  I outgrew this petty little shit about the time I grew up and had to go to work for a living… at 13.  If I’ve got something to say about you, I have no fucking qualms about saying it TO you and I damned well figure if you’ve got a problem with me then you can also have the goddamned balls to say so outright instead of playing these stupid cowardly little games with fake Tweets, redirected URLs, spamblocking and whatever other cute little gimmicks your dumbass Anon wannabe can come up with.

Not going to try to appeal to your maturity or common sense because it’s obvious if you had any measurable level of either I wouldn’t be making this post right now.  Instead, I’d be advising you grow the hell up and try being an adult for a change. If nothing else, the change of pace might do you some good. 

And there’s always this:  As some of you well know, karma has a way of catching up eventually no matter how slick you think you are. Sooner or later, you’ll step over some line you don’t even know is there and have someone sniffing your whitey tighties like a dog in heat.  Somehow, I don’t think you’ll be sniggering like a pimply assed school kid in his first circle jerk when that time comes.

Oh… and for the more gullible amongst you… ask yourself why I would take that post down and then turn right around and out this one up?  Uh huh.  Think about it.  



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9 responses to “The Petty Little Games People Play On Line

  1. bigbluetexan

    March 19, 2013 at 23:54

    A man after my own heart. You keep on, brother.

  2. nancydrewed (@nancydrewed)

    March 22, 2013 at 17:00

    Tom — Hear, hear, sir.

    Several observations:

    The Unite Blue *management* as it were, doesn’t *appear* to have an understanding of how people use Twitter in many different ways. Twitter is not Facebook, yet Unite Blue has many of these people all jazzed up about revving up their follower counts, which is of course, [unless one is in the marketing biz] pointless and tedious. Boring. Did I mention tedious? When I follow someone, it’s because I’ve done that by hand and for my own quirky reasons. I do so because they interest me — if they follow in return, that’s great, but that’s not my expectation. So a number of UB people who have followed me churn in and out, because that’s what UB has TOLD them to do. I publicly list almost all of them, but their robocounters don’t reveal that to them, so they waltz in and out numerous times. They could be blocked for spam — I don’t do that [well once], but it wrecks Twitter for all. And truly, just because it doesn’t interest me to have someone’s non-stop twitter-patter on my direct TL, that shouldn’t make the TL from a public list any less useful to them. They are listed and can also subscribe should they so chose.

    OTOH — the *other* side is not using Occam’s Razor.

    Perhaps you’ve simply got some young people trying to figure out some way to create employment for themselves. Zach Green has an entree through Dad’s biz. These days that’s what young people may well have to do: network themselves into employment. I sure know lots of them in this fix. [So combing through past paid employment pushes my buttons. Lawyers especially know better. Look at Barry Scheck. He helped spring guilty-as-sin O.J. Now he does amazing work with the Innocence Project.] If this is the case, Unite Blue should do a far better job of presenting bio-material [schooling, expertise, CV stuff] and long-term strategy raison d’etre. Rather a grand amount of presumptuousness at work otherwise.

    Sorry for the length here. All best.

    • Tom Bales

      March 22, 2013 at 17:20

      Thanks for stopping by and giving me some more things to think about. While I wouldn’t be a member of this particular clique… or any other one for that matter… even if they allowed me to, it’s always nice to have new info and thoughts to digest.

      I was on Twitter for over a year prior to two weeks ago when all this erupted into the open. I never had a cross word or an ounce of trouble with any Democrat, Liberal, or Progressive, even though I am none of those and tend to say so if I disagree with them on subjects close to my own agenda. All of this has taken place just during the two weeks since I attempted to get some answers to some questions I felt needed to be answered before I could make a rational decision as to whether or not I wanted my personal information to be the price I payed to be “united” with people that I had already been united with for over a year. The false tweets and unfollows and blocks started within 24 hours and continued as outlined in the three posts I have made on the subject.

      While I have tweeted back and forth with several of the “opponents” in regard to my personal experiences with the group I seriously doubt that anyone with a skin thicker than a Kleenex could find anything to construe as an attack.

      Anyhow, thanks again. I always appreciate it when folks take time to read and respond.

  3. nancydrewed (@nancydrewed)

    March 22, 2013 at 19:28

    Tweeted this entry. Maybe shouldn’t have. Let me know and I’ll delete if need be. Don’t want to cause you more ugh hassles. :-/

    • Tom

      March 22, 2013 at 19:34

      Nah, it’s all good. It tweets automatically when I first post and I usually tweet it myself a time or two.

  4. nancydrewed (@nancydrewed)

    March 22, 2013 at 19:48

    Well I did de-tweet and will start tomorrow with some specific @’s. Probably more productive that way. Sigh and… all best.

  5. moving home

    May 5, 2013 at 20:24

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