American Exceptionalism_Why We’re Hated Throughout the World

16 Mar

Way back at the beginning of  President Obama’s first year in office The Spoof, a parody news site and cheap knockoff of The Onion, ran a story in which he supposedly apologized to Mexico for supposed criminal acts by Mexican drug gangs against American citizens. 

Yeah, I know, it doesn’t make much sense to me either but did I mention that The Spoof is a CHEAP Onion knockoff?  The story of course, pretty much went viral in the wingnut world and thoroughly “outraged” the low rent working class folks on the right.  This did not go unnoticed by those directing the Great Right Wing Propaganda and Noise Machine who realized immediately that they had themselves a gold mine. 

I’m fairly certain they had to know the original story was largely a sack of crap… simply reading through it will convince anyone with the reading comprehension of a 2nd grader that it was strung together by someone with no sense of grammar or syntax but at the same time they realized their base is made up of folks who are not heavy into the reading thing and who thrive on being outraged about something 24/7. 

Hook that up with the fact that a lot of rank and file Teapers are more than willing to swallow anything derogatory toward PBO if someone spoons it out to them in big enough doses and thus was born the Legend of the Great Cathouse Thursday Magical Apology Tour which chronicles the many times the president has “apologized and sucked up to anyone the Tea Party judges to be an enemy… which is just about anyone except the Tea Party.

Have apologies been made by this administration? I certainly hope so because we’ve damned sure done some things to the people of this world that need apologizing for or else we wouldn’t find ourselves in the position I’m about to allude to here.

Sourced in part from: The World Is Not Billy Bob’s Rib Pit by Fred Reed, World News Daily.  As Mr. Reed quite bluntly puts it, The United States is quite simply the most hated country in the word, followed only but closely by the Nation of Israel which shares a similar view of the rest of the planet and the people who live on it.  And that’s pretty much it.  No other countries even make the list.  

If you have lived abroad, as so very few Americans have, the explanation for the hatred is obvious: Meddling. Relentless, prideful, uncomprehending meddling, frequently military, often with horrendous death tolls. Americans, adroitly managed by a controlled press, historically illiterate, incurious, decreasingly educated, either have never heard of the American behavior that angers others, or believe it to have been inspired by virtuous motives.

Nobody else thinks so. Add to unfamiliarity with the wider world the constantly inculcated assertion that America is the greatest, most wonderful nation ever to exist, a light to the world, a shining city on a hill, and you get a dangerously delusional state. Especially now. In the past, American economic and military supremacy were such that the US didn’t have to care what others thought. The times, they are a-changing.

It might be wise to compare briefly the view through American and foreign eyes. Consider Iraq. To most of the world, the war on Iraq was brutal, unprovoked, and murderous. More than a few, looking at the ruins of Fallujah, thought of Guernica—of which few in the States have ever heard.

If any of you less intellectually stimulated right wing folks are interested in understanding the Guernica analogy the rest of us will wait while you do the little Google thing.  I’m sure you’d find something in the comparison to outrage you but hopefully a little insight will seep in along with it.  OK, moving along:

The rest of Mr.. Reed’s article SHOULD provide a lot of people with some pretty good ideas as to why the only other people in the world who want anything to do with us are in a country pretty much just like us in our attitude of tribalistic entitlement and that acts as our surrogate in the Middle East.  Unfortunately, I’m afraid for many it will simply reinforce the “We’re Merkins _Fuck the rest of the world!” attitude hat has totally squandered every ounce of good will with which the free world once regarded this country.

That’s going to be your legacy Tea Party.  Hope you choke on it.

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