Thoughts On Democrats Trying To Cut Social Security (And Other Stuff).

15 Mar

The Republicans used to have a saying during the Bush years when their boy was coming under copious amounts of criticism for being an ignorant dick that was killing our kids for the financial benefit of his daddy’s Wall Street cronies. 

After they made sure we understood what lowlifes we were by inserting the word “libs” into the first sentence of any dissertation they were engaged in, they’d nearly always conclude with some variation on, “If you can’t respect the man, at least respect the office.”, followed by some form of “otherwise you’re a rotten commie fag terrorist loving traitor who wants America to lose.”.

So here we are in the Obama era and we’re still hearing pretty much that same refrain, couched in pretty much the same kind of simplistic terms, always admonishing liberals and “lefties” that any criticism of the president is tantamount to treason. 

Of course we’re not hearing it from the Republicans anymore.  Hell, they did a total 180 degree flip on the subject just during the length of time it took Mr. Obama to mount to the podium and take the oath of office and the poor guy can’t even get a dog for the family or change his necktie without loud squeals of outrage and mass epidemics of the vapors on the right.  But hypocrisy is one of the foundation blocks of Conservatism these days and nobody really expects anything different out of them, least of all, yours truly.

Nope, this time, we’re hearing it from a certain small but very vocal group Democrats, many of whom are actually calling themselves liberals. And the treason we’re supposedly committing is not so much against the country, but against the man himself.  The office of President of the United States itself doesn’t even enter into it, this is all about Barack Obama.  It’s one of the pitfalls of having a highly popular president wherein the personality becomes far  larger than the job itself.

Just the mere whisper that, for example, Mr. Obama might not be the knight in shining armor come to rescue us from the elites and overlords that daily suck the life from us to feed their insatiable greed we think he is and right there, immediately after they insert the word(s) “lib” or “Emo” or “lefties” (being smarter, Dems are naturally more creative when it comes to epithets) into their opening gambit… in that split instant… you become a rotten RWNJ plant GOP/Tea Party loving traitor who wants our president to fail and the GOP to win

Not that there aren’t any of those around, mind you.  My own favorite fringe left targets, Glenn Greenwald and David Sirota fit that description to a gnat’s ass.  The average tweeter that simply asks, “Why are the Democrats doing this?”, huh uh.  

Makes no difference that you spend most of your time tweeting and/or blogging against Republicans, their policies and their hypocrisies or that you devoted every ounce of your energies to do what you could to help reelect him.  You have taken the name of our president in vain and must be pilloried and stoned like the filthy cur you are. 

I have actually seen numerous tweets in recent weeks advocating a repeal of the 22nd Amendment so that Mr. Obama could run for a third term ala FDR and a handful in which the tweeters stated that they would be thrilled if Mr. Obama became their president for life to which I can only say, Whoa people! Get a goddamned grip here. 

I’m second to none of you in honest respect for the man, his family AND the office he holds. I think history will judge him to be one of the best presidents ever, and I agree even while disagreeing with some of the reasons they will. I even supported his landmark piece of legislation, the ACA, in spite of the fact that it’s enactment helped to REDUCE my own level of health care significantly.  I supported his reelection wholeheartedly even though I knew that he would once again offer up cuts to Medicare and chained CPI simply because it’s what he wants to do.  In other words, I’ve PUT my money where my mouth is.  It’s YOUR turn for some of this “shared sacrifice” everyone loves to talk about.

But when admiration for any public figure starts turning into a personality cult-like worship and especially when it’s coming from that segment of the political spectrum heretofore thought to contain the serious thinkers and the pragmatic practical users of logic as opposed to mindless rote and emotional superstition based knee-jerk reaction… well I can foresee a few possible outcomes, differing only in detail and none of them good.

Mr. Obama is a good man.  He’s still however, just a man.  He’s not going to magically make things better and there’s no magic wand he can wave to make the GOP/Tea Party go away.  This country has operated for far too long built on a foundation of greed and elitism for any one person to make the banks and corporations behave if not vanish completely in a puff of smoke now, even if he wanted to… which I seriously doubt Mr. Obama does since he’s the first Democratic President ever to not only propose, but to practically insist on, cuts to Social Security and Medicare as part of his “Master Plan”.

The political system we have now is damned sure not capable of it because that isn’t what it’s designed to do anymore.  On the contrary, the system, as it’s currently constructed, can do nothing but take us farther down the road to failure as a republic and if you think it was cobbled together to do anything but that I’ve… well, never mind, I did the bridge thing a couple of posts ago.

And if I live long enough to actually see the total destruction of the middle class, there is one thing of which I have no doubt. The 1% that will make up the nobility will still be ensconced on their little thrones gleefully plotting further depredations against the masses and stirring them up against each other, while the commoners and serfs… left, right, poor, former middle class, ESPECIALLY the former middle class… will still be so totally bound up in pointing fingers at each other over who’s to blame, they won’t know it.


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