Wow! They Even Have Their Own Anon

13 Mar

A couple of days ago I did a post here about the negative feelings I was having about the newest Twitter sensation, #UniteBlue.  In that post, I tried to explain my reasons for not wanting to be a part of the organization.  I made it clear that these were not accusations, but only my own reasons based on gut level feelings for staying out of it.

My own firsthand experiences with the organization have been somewhat limited, being restricted to winding up on some folks’ “enemies” list for daring to question the motives of their Guru, a Mr. Zach Green… who makes his living mining and manipulating data on Twitter users and selling the resulting “lists and databases to the highest bidder… and some of of their “advisory board” members in regard to the monetization of Twitter User Info by one or more of his many family “enterprises and the following rather bizarre episode.

Nut Cracker 2

The illustration at left is a screen grab from the Twitter time line of one, @ibUB2, aka Nut Cracker.

Mr. Cracker sports an Anon avatar although I seriously doubt that he is actually a part of that organization or he wouldn’t have to resort to the cheap tricks and cobbled together bullshit he and some of the most vociferous members of #UniteBlue have resorted to in their never ending attempts to silence their detractors.

The screen shot shown is in reference to Mr. Crackers attempt on behalf of #UniteBlue to silence the most vocal of the organization’s detractors, referred to herein as simply “X”, by posting his/’her personal information, including information on his/her family, on his little blog site for use in attacks on the person.  Apparently, this is called “doxing”.  I wouldn’t know, having never encountered anyone low enough to employ it before.

The simple truth is, I had never heard of Mr. Cracker and  had definitely never followed Mr. Cracker (Which Twitter should easily be able to confirm unless Mr. Cracker is a better Twitter hacker than I’m giving him credit for). 

I had had some open screen contacts with “X” on Twitter and apparently that, coupled with my own published observations on the organization was enough to make me either a secondary target or simply a ready means by which to create hate and discontent amongst the opposition.  What you see is an attempt by the two highlighted accounts to make it look as if the “doxing” was being done at my request and that Mr. Cracker was only waiting until the information “I” had requested was made fully available, I suppose by one of his “Anon” colleagues. 

This is rather feeble minded on the face of it.  In the first place, if it was actually happening, the wrath of the Twitter Gods would… or damned well SHOULD… have descended on this account long ago.  Provided there was a long ago.  I have had my own suspicions that this is either a fake account created for the purpose utilizing the organization’s Twitter API or a manipulation of an existing account by the same means.

However, in the absence of any proof regarding my own suspicions and therefore on the assumption that the whole thing might be genuine, I’ve asked an attorney friend to draw up a letter of inquiry to Twitter to request a C & D and also to attempt to determine if the operation was sanctioned by #UniteBlue or just a stupid gambit by a couple of its more low rent and unscrupulous members acting on their own.

In the meantime, the beat goes on,  The new line of attack seems to be altering tweets from members to distort content and then posting tweets that are framed as “replies” to the altered tweets or tweets that were never made by the people the so called replies are aimed at. I haven’t found any directly aimed at me yet but I haven’t looked through my entire time line nor have I received any notifications via email although I suppose that even a mediocre Js hacker or Tweet/data manipulator or especially someone with access to the Twitter API would have little trouble avoiding any safeguards or requirements of that nature.

The more I watch these people in action, the more certain I am that I was right not to become involved with #UniteBlue.  Add to the reservations I expressed in my original post the fact that I simply would not care to belong to any organization that either employs the tactics and techniques we’re seeing arrayed against their  “enemies” or that sanctions their use by individual members against their own personal bogey men in the name of the organization.

Again, there is no attempt on my part to tell others what they should or should not do, only to explain some of the reasoning for my own personal opinions and reservations that can’t be stuffed into a 140 character tweet.  One of the things I’ve learned from all this in view of all the disappearing tweets and “dematerializing” of links to information, the screen grab can easily become your best friend.  Get it while it’s there because two minutes from now it may be gone.


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