Back To Business (Long Winded Rant)

13 Mar

I’d like to say a few words about liberals and the “professional left” but I can’t do that without a few HUNDRED words in regard to my feelings on this whole left/center left/center/center right/right/batshit crazy right  thing that our political spectrum has turned into.  If you’re going to read it I ask that unless you just get too bored to continue, you do read it all the way through because the fact that I’m pretty much non-aligned with any party, ideology or “ism” makes my views and positions as an observer of the American political system a tad harder for those locked within the confines of an unyielding ideology of any persuasion to ferret out sometimes.  Thanks.

I think we’ve just about reached the point of no Return and while the road ahead looks empty and seems to go nowhere, it’s way too late to try to turn around.  The only hope we have is to wearily continue to put one foot in front of the other and plod along the path that was marked out for us when we sold our birthright as Americans, our childrens’ futures and our spines for a mess of, if not pottage, then bread and circuses and shiny objects wrapped in empty slogans and… these days… hashtags. 

I have no idea what’s at the end of this road but try as I might I am unable to escape the conclusion that the land we find there is going to be nothing like the America I thought I was growing up in or even the America that I spent my comfortable middle class adulthood in up until the gremlins in my cardiovascular system started their little tantrums.  The only thing I’m reasonably sure of is that as far downhill as we’ve come in terms of freedoms, liberty and democracy lost, it’s still all downhill from here

This is where “lesser of two evils” politics is taking us and it’s a one way road.  There is absolute no chance that a third party will ever come together to challenge the death grip the Republicans and center right Democrats have on our throats so our elections are always going to boil down to a personality or “charisma” contest. 

Of course  the Dems will always win that kind of contest hands down especially if the GOP keeps coming up with McCains and Romneys to throw at the voters but if… after winning… they’re going to govern from the right or at best just slightly to the left of whoever the fringe lunatics from the GOP DID put up… we’re never going to regain anything we’ve lost and we’re going to continue to lose the little we still manage to cling to.

I think it’s a good sign that at least a few people are starting to realize that Barack Obama is not the second coming of Christ and that he cares no more for “little people” than a lot of his opposite numbers nor is he going to prosecute the bankers or the war criminals or the energy companies or get the money out of politics or… my own pet bugaboo of course… stop trying to sell off bits and pieces of Social Security and Medicare.  He just understands the value of playing to the “middle class” far better than the Republicans do. 

Mr. Obama prefers to accomplish with charm, wit and undeniable intelligence what the GOP tries to do with sledge hammers and meat axes.  I used to buy and sell horses and I met a lot of people like that.  He’s damned good at it too.  He works his base… the right of center “progressives”, better than any Tea Party redneck or GOP corporate tool could ever dream of doing with theirs.  And none of it means a damned thing because once you get elected everything you said before election day goes right into the crapper and you start with a clean slate.

For five years now what the “progressive” democrats have referred to as the “crybaby professional left” has been the only group willing to publicly point out these little “warts” on the body politic.  They had fallen for Mr. Obama hook line and sinker and busted their collective asses for him 2008, thinking there would be a place for them at the table but once the job was done and their votes counted into the victory they were once more shunted shunted aside to eat with the kids in the kitchen while progressive “adults” got the seats at the big table.

In 2010, they decided they weren’t going to subject themselves to being cast in the role of poor relations and fed scraps again and they stayed home in droves rather than to once more deliver themselves into the hands of the progressives to be milked for their votes and then ignominiously kicked to the curb until the next rodeo. 

And of course the GOP retook the house and enough of the senate to assure that they would be able inflict their will on the American people for at least another two to four years and had the GOP run candidates for president and vice president with the intellectual capacity to attract voters with an average IQ higher than a cockroach, they could have damned well won the White House too.  I’ve often thought that rather than excoriating Sarah Palin, progressives should probably be thanking her for bringing a level of ignorance and woeful inadequacy to the GOP ticket that let the Democrats get by with just the losses they endured.  It could have been a whole lot worse.

So did the progressives learn anything at all about beating the crap out of someone like a bunch of schoolyard bullies for two years straight and then demanding that the victim drag himself to the polls and vote for them?  Oh HELL no.  Just like RWs anywhere and everywhere their answer was to double, triple and quadruple down on the bullying and hatefulness.  Hell the GOP/Tea Party didn’t even have to castigate liberals anymore because the progressives were doing it for them.  Left all those RWNJs free to practice their own brand of “hate is good” magic on the progressives themselves.

As for Mr. Obama himself… first shot out of the bag, Robert Gibbs, then White House Press secretary, let liberals know where they stood with this particular Democratic White House and in fact he was the person who originally coined the term “professional left”.  His little “Go fuck yourselves” speech couldn’t have been a whole lot clearer had he actually used those words.

Now we’re up to the 2012 campaign.  It was hard to get a feel for the official Democratic party line in regard to liberals, basically because it was hard to separate any real party line from the incessant bile… downright venom actually… spewing from the progressive Democrats against the liberals that they still blamed for their humiliation in 2010.

I came onto Twitter with my own little not exactly pro-progressive but damned sure anti-conservative mindset while the campaign was just getting it’s full roar on and the first thing I had to do was try to figure out which hateful invective laden screed against liberals was coming from RW Republicans and which from the RW Democrats.  It all sounded and looked the same to me.

I do remember some tweets alluding to the fact that this would be Mr. Obama’s second term, and he would be much less inhibited due to the fact that he wouldn’t have to run again and that he would not only kick ass for the next four years but might even go back and start keeping some of the promises he made to secure that liberal vote in 2008 but they were pretty much drowned out by the noise from the right wing of the Democratic Party hammering everything that even looked like a liberal position an anything. 

In any event, once again the GOP managed to come up a perfectly horrible slate of candidates and run a perfectly horrible campaign and Mr. Obama won reelection handily.  Honestly not sure how much the liberal vote had to do with his rather impressive margins but if the liberals stayed home again, then Mr. Obama made up for it by pulling Republican votes in numbers that no true liberal could have. 

Hasn’t all been one way though.  As for the liberals themselves, If it sounds like I give them a pass for their part in bringing us to this particular hole in the road, rest assured, nothing could be further from the truth.

Put as simply as I can, I also fault the liberals for the 2010 debacle, even though I think I understand their motives far better than the Progressives on Twitter do. We should not have had to go through the last two years and I lay the sacrifices that have had to be made by those of us in the poor and working poor classes directly at the feet of those who made the idiotic gesture and those that manipulated them into doing so.  I reserve my special premium blend of blame and contempt for people like Glenn Greenwald and David Sirota for deliberately, and with malice aforethought, inciting them to do what they did.  

It was childish and counterproductive and it lost them any semblance of support they might have had from independents and non-aligned voters like myself.  It was so obvious what the GOP had in store for this country that there is no way possible any of them could claim not to have understood fully the consequences of their actions. 

But… it’s flipping done and neither side can go back in time three years and undo any of it, capice?  This ain’t no H.G. Wells story.  It’s over, done with, water under the bridge, spilt milk.  There is only ONE enemy that’s any threat to anyone and that’s Wall Street with their stooges and turdminions firmly ensconced throughout every branch of government in virtually every position of power and influence and it’s happened because the left was so busy biting its own ass they didn’t flipping notice that it was happening during Democratic administrations and majorities as well as Republican ones.  The frog was put in cold water, the heat turned up and he never saw it coming.

It’s an axiom in politics that nobody is going to get everything they want but thanks to total intransigence on the part of BOTH wings of the Democratic party or liberal or progressive movement or whatever the hell the opposition… and I use that term loosely… to the right is calling itself these days the GOP continues to get 98% of their heart’s desire while the only thing the left can is cough up one hairball after another in the form of hashtags, slogans and offers to compromise.

I don’t know where folks got the idea you could continually compromise with evil without eventually giving the whole damned farm away but I am becoming firmly convinced that those that continue to preach it as if it were some kind of gospel have no interest in winning the battle the rest of us think we’re fighting. 

You’ll have to make up your own mind as to who or what your personal demons are and hopefully they’ll be something besides liberals and other Democrats that you don’t happen to see eye to eye with.  I made mine up a long time ago and I’m just gonna keep doing my little thing.

As always, thanks for bearing with me this  far and I hope I haven’t trod on too many toes or gored to many personal oxen.  I always figure if I piss someone off it’s because they’ve seen themselves in something I’ve said while those that haven’t don’t have any reason to be pissed.


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