We Didn’t Win The House So Now We Have To Kiss Tea Party Ass?

08 Mar

Not in any lifetime I’ve got going on.

Last night I heard something that quite frankly I find amazing and it’s been a while since anything political could amaze me.  For a while now I’ve been wondering why one of the shining lights of the Progressive movement on Twitter was so hell bent on selling his followers on the idea that chained CPI is a good thing for anybody who depends or will one day depend on Social Security as their primary source of retirement income.

Most of us know that Social Security has no goddamned business being on anybody’s table in any kind of budget negotiations.  All that’s required to “fix” Social Security once and for all is for the fricking congress to simply pay back the money they borrowed from the trust fund to fund the two wars Bush managed to start  only after he had decimated revenues by granting massive temporary tax cuts to his wealthy compadres.

That’s it.  There’s not a fricking thing else.  Just pay us what you owe us.  The Social Security trust fund is wholly self supporting or would have been had the gutless politicians afraid to stand up to Wall Street kept their damned greedy fingers off of it.

But no… they couldn’t do that because you see by cutting taxes on and offering all those “incentives” for all those rich folks and corporations that were the inspiration for every wet dream Bush ever had about running the country, they totally blew away their main revenue sources which left them no money with which to… you know, actually run the fricking country. 

It was a dilemma they solved the same way they’ve been encouraging Americans to deal with their own cash flow problems for years.  They went out and borrowed a shitload of goddamned dollars, knowing full well that they couldn’t pay it back as long as those “temporary” tax breaks remained in place.  And then of course, they ran right out started a couple of franchised for profit wars on behalf of Halliburton and KBR and a few other contractors followed by ten years of conditioning the public to look at the expiration of the temporary cuts as a tax “increase” in an at least partially successful effort to make them permanent.

A large part of the money they borrowed came from (still red, whether you admit it or not) China but roughly half of it came from repeated raids (selling T-bills aka worthless IOUs) on the Social Security trust fund.  In other words “borrowing” money that wasn’t theirs to borrow but that belonged to millions of hard working Americans who had worked their asses off all their lives and paid into the fund, expecting there to be at least enough for basic sustenance there when they needed it. 

That money didn’t belong to Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush and it doesn’t belong to Barack Obama.  They can Not… at least not with anything remotely resembling a conscience… look people like me in the eye and tell us that they have no intention of paying us back and that we’re just going to have to sacrifice (again) for the good of the of the corporatocracy and the Wall Street banks.

The fact that any Democratic president is willing to negotiate MY basic  livelihood away to pacify a pack of yapping congressional hyenas would definitely call into question the size of his balls if timidity were the only reason for it but it isn’t.  Mr. Obama has  offered “adjustments” to Social Security and Medicare at virtually every torturous turn over the past four years, always making sure the ankle biters knew they were “on the table” usually before he’s even known what the Republican demands were going to be and that raises a whole new set of questions as to the where’s and how comes behind it all. 

These are questions that reasonably could and should be asked at every level from the White House itself right down to the aforementioned Progressive Twitterite, who has in recent weeks been actively promoting the chained CPI proposal that was supposedly thought up by Paul Ryan but which some now say may have actually originated from within the administration. This is not a go along to get along proposition, this is an effort to kick start the privatization of Social Security and the Democrats are no more interested in preventing it than the Republicans are.  

So… there’s your number one question you should be asking. Why is a Democratic, supposedly progressive president, along with most of the almost cult like legion of his followers on Twitter, advocating anything that does even the smallest harm to a group of people who can not afford to be harmed at all?  As another member pointed out during a discussion on the subject last night, we DID win the damned election after all.

The answer he got back was “We didn’t win the house so we have to compromise”.  To quote my favorite comedian @LewisBlack, “SONOFABITCH!!!”)  That is probably the biggest sack of grade A bullshit I’ve ever had anyone try to sell me. 

A goddamned nest of cackling fricking magpies is squatting in the house of representatives saying no to everything because they can’t stand the idea of our president being a black man so we have to throw a few million more old folks under the bus? 

And do you really think that will be the end of it?  There are going to be three more goddamned budgets before 2016 and the fricking Republicans are going to have a new set of demands for every fricking one of them.  WTF?  Have you set set up some kind of quota system of old and sick people to be sacrificed during THOSE three years?   

I’ll tell you what… you want to kiss Tea Party ass that’s fine with me, just use your own goddamned money to do it and keep your hand out of my pocket because I’m fricking sick and fricking tired of being the goddamned goat because Progressives don’t have the balls to stand up to the Tea Party and fight them on their own turf and on their own terms.

I don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s only a .3% or a .003% adjustment that’s involved in the current cCPI proposals.  It’s the goddamned key that opens the fricking door to a total fricking takeover which is all that Wall Street and the GOP will EVER be satisfied with and if you think otherwise I’ve got a whole back yard full of famous bridges I’d be happy to unload on sell you.

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