Not Today, Thanks.

05 Mar

As others have stated in their own disclaimers before launching on this subject, I have nothing substantial against Unite Blue and in terms of their stated goals and the ends to which they claim to employ their current means, I wish them all the best. I have no firsthand knowledge of any of the various goings on  prior to the debut of Unite Blue including anything that might have transpired between @EileenLeft and @SayethSimon and therefore no need or desire to speak to those issues.

There are however, certain things about the manner in which the organization has been and is being presented that ring certain alarm bells for me and that prevent me from becoming an active participant.

Chief among these right now is the that… as far as I can determine with the information I can put my fingers on right now… the organization is being operated by a private for profit Llc called Elect140 which specializes in Twitter based analytics and the manipulation of twitter accounts and the personal data on behalf of paying clients. 

I don’t care if these clients were GOP or Democrat or conservative or liberal or anything in between.  I simply do not believe that someone has not set themselves up to benefit financially from the manipulation of people’s contact information.  I simply DO believe that it would be amazing beyond any kind of simple acceptance to believe that you’re going find anyone running a private company formed for the purpose of and heretofore engaged solely in data and personal information mining for dollars to suddenly turn all its resources to doing so with no prospect of any kind of ROI.  

Even if it’s being done as a money making proposition for the Green family, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it’s all done right up front and the members have ALL of the information upon which to base an informed decision.  A lot of folks would likely see nothing wrong with this and that’s fine.  If you have no quarrel with being a simple commodity, bought and sold by speculators in much the same way that market speculators manipulate tangible commodities to drive their bottom line… hey, more power to you.

I realize that in this day and age, that if we have any online presence at all, this goes on on a daily basis and I know that many of those who would make use of my personal info for their private gain and often to my own detriment… including the proverbial Big brother… have most likely been able to dig up all they need to know about me already but that doesn’t mean that I’m about to go out and voluntarily seek out others to do the same thing, making it easier for them by granting permission to do so.

I honestly feel… again based on the scant information I have been able to obtain so far… that this is exactly what I would be doing if I handed unbridled access to my Twitter account over to Zach Green and his company.  I don’t ask anyone else to feel the same way and I certainly have no desire to play any role in the active sabotage Of Unite Blue in whatever form it finally winds up. 

I’m from a generation when my private life was my private life, not a ready source of income for PR hacks, marketers, sheep herders, snake oil peddlers and other various and sundry weasels that have always made up the toady sector for the one percent.  My computer is equipped with every practical defense my Social Security powered budget will allow against data mining, tracking, spyware and those annoying and forever intrusive and unsolicited advertisements, especially those “Targeted” ads based on exactly the kind of information Mr. Green makes money by collecting, manipulating and selling. 

The fact that one of the possible functions of this “movement”… even if it is a secondary one…  could be its ease of use in a date mining operation is my primary objection and that Mr. Green has refused steadfastly to answer the simple yes or no question as to whether he or anyone else will profit financially from the Unite Blue operation and if so in what manner, are the main reasons I find myself unable to participate.

I have removed myself from the ongoing battle over UB that continues unabated as of this writing because it was obvious that neither Mr. Green nor any of the persons, self appointed or otherwise who have stepped up to defend the operation, had any desire to provide me with the answers I felt I needed in order to make a decision based on adequate information.  Therefore, I’ve made it based on the implications arising from what little info I DO have.


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2 responses to “Not Today, Thanks.

  1. nancydrewed (@nancydrewed)

    March 8, 2013 at 14:12

    My other objection is that they created an atmosphere that has ‘logo bearers’ tripping over themselves following and then rapidly unfollowing in a race for followers numbers. Ugh. Just because someone has a Unite Blue logo on their avatar, I’m supposed to recognize a fellow. Well, I do that, and list someone whose dozens and dozens of daily tweets don’t particularly interest me, and because they don’t understand the use of lists, I waste time sorting through them. The old organically built community doesn’t stand a chance with their new ‘model.’ Rant over. :-/

    • Tom Bales

      March 8, 2013 at 16:30

      The more I watch the operation the gladder I am not to have jumped on the bandwagon when it first kicked off (I almost did). At least one member of the board is quite well known for taking positions on issues that can only be described as of the right wing variety (cuts in SS/MC benefits, attacks against traditional liberal institutions and most often, beating up other “lefties” to the tune of swooning praise from his followers).

      It’s a can of worms and while I’m not much for conspiracy theories, someone is deriving benefit from setting left against left and the only ones it could possibly be are the RWs.


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