OK, let’s ALL Quit Paying For Stuff We Don’t Use.

23 Feb

Okay, that’s fricking it! I’ve had it and I can’t take any more of the stupid that is wrapped in our daily dose of the lame old standby Tea Party/Conservative screed that the rich shouldn’t be taxed to pay for shit they don’t use.

I have therefore come up with the following list of shit I don’t personally use and for which therefore, I shouldn’t have to pay a share of the taxes that go into supporting the items I’ve ticked off here.

1. I’m not allowed in any of the enclaves gated communities the rich have erected to keep them from being exposed to the likes of me, therefore I should be exempt from any requirement that I share the costs of maintaining said areas at the levels the rich feel are their just due. This would include streets, lighting, sewer systems, extra patrols by public safety agencies and any and all other services provided wholly or in part through funding byany public agency from local to Federal to which I pay taxes in any form.

2. I don’t fly. Never. For any reason. Therefore, I should be exempted from any share of my taxes that are in any way shape or form used to maintain this country’s system of commercial and general aviation, including airports and facilities and the air traffic control system.

3. I don’t own a yacht (or even a boat) nor have I ever taken a cruise or a trip aboard any type of seagoing vessel. Therefore, I should be exempt from any portion of my taxes that are used to maintain facilities for those that do so, including but not limited to Harbors, marinas, port facilities, Customs Service, Coast Guard, navigational aides such as lighthouses, beacons, radio frequency triangulation systems, etc.

4. I don’t play golf. Therefore, I should be exempt from any portion of my taxes being used to build or maintain public golf courses which wind up being privatized at which point they are of benefit only to those with the leisure time to partake in it and the wherewithal to afford the greens fees which they deliberately set too high for the likes of me.

5. I don’t own stocks, bonds, an IRA or any other type of account dependent solely on the ups and downs of Wall Street’s various and sundry Ponzi schemes and other rackets perpetrated by the leeches and parasites that move and shake America’s financial industry. Therefore I should not only be exempt from having to pay taxes to support TARP or any other form of publicly financed bailout program but I should receive a refund of any portion of my taxes over the past five years that have gone to or otherwise benefited said leeches and parasites.

6. I don’t go around invading other countries just so I can steal their shit or worse yet help Communist China steal their shit so they can sell it to me in the form of cheapjack crap cheaper than I could make it myself. Therefore, I shouldn’t have to pay any taxes to support this country’s war for profit Neocapitalist system that depends hugely on sending our troops off to some shitbox barely out of the stone age country that just happens to have a few barrels of oil or a cache or two of minerals Some Wall Street tycoon needs to keep his million buck bonus.

7. I don’t go around drilling holes pristine eco-systems, killing entire species that I probably never heard of,knocking tops off entire mountain ranges and poisoning the food and water supplies of millions of Americans and I resent any portion of my taxes being used in any manner to support those who do, especially in the form of outright subsidies and tax exemptions to companies already making billions of dollars in profits and paying little to no taxes on any of it.

8. I don’t even drive a car. Sorry, I can’t think a single valid reason… even in jest… why I wouldn’t or shouldn’t support the nation’s highway and road systems over which virtually everything I possess or consume has traveled to get to me. Just ignore this one.

This could go on all night but I’m pretty sure that unless you’re totally brain dead from drinking the corporate Kool-Aid, the message is abundantly clear. Even if we accept the lame assed Tea Party definition of “freeloader” the poor aren’t the only freeloaders in our society. EVERY person in this country pays in some way, shape or form for any number of things that he or she might no use personally. If we’re going to play that kind of a game then by damn, let’s play it all out on a level playing field. If they’re going to be allowed to stop paying taxes to support government operations that they feel don’t directly benefit them any longer then we should all be allowed to do the same thing.

It’s only fair and after all, fair is what the Tea Party is all about, right?

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