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OK, let’s ALL Quit Paying For Stuff We Don’t Use.

Okay, that’s fricking it! I’ve had it and I can’t take any more of the stupid that is wrapped in our daily dose of the lame old standby Tea Party/Conservative screed that the rich shouldn’t be taxed to pay for shit they don’t use.

I have therefore come up with the following list of shit I don’t personally use and for which therefore, I shouldn’t have to pay a share of the taxes that go into supporting the items I’ve ticked off here.

1. I’m not allowed in any of the enclaves gated communities the rich have erected to keep them from being exposed to the likes of me, therefore I should be exempt from any requirement that I share the costs of maintaining said areas at the levels the rich feel are their just due. This would include streets, lighting, sewer systems, extra patrols by public safety agencies and any and all other services provided wholly or in part through funding byany public agency from local to Federal to which I pay taxes in any form.

2. I don’t fly. Never. For any reason. Therefore, I should be exempted from any share of my taxes that are in any way shape or form used to maintain this country’s system of commercial and general aviation, including airports and facilities and the air traffic control system.

3. I don’t own a yacht (or even a boat) nor have I ever taken a cruise or a trip aboard any type of seagoing vessel. Therefore, I should be exempt from any portion of my taxes that are used to maintain facilities for those that do so, including but not limited to Harbors, marinas, port facilities, Customs Service, Coast Guard, navigational aides such as lighthouses, beacons, radio frequency triangulation systems, etc.

4. I don’t play golf. Therefore, I should be exempt from any portion of my taxes being used to build or maintain public golf courses which wind up being privatized at which point they are of benefit only to those with the leisure time to partake in it and the wherewithal to afford the greens fees which they deliberately set too high for the likes of me.

5. I don’t own stocks, bonds, an IRA or any other type of account dependent solely on the ups and downs of Wall Street’s various and sundry Ponzi schemes and other rackets perpetrated by the leeches and parasites that move and shake America’s financial industry. Therefore I should not only be exempt from having to pay taxes to support TARP or any other form of publicly financed bailout program but I should receive a refund of any portion of my taxes over the past five years that have gone to or otherwise benefited said leeches and parasites.

6. I don’t go around invading other countries just so I can steal their shit or worse yet help Communist China steal their shit so they can sell it to me in the form of cheapjack crap cheaper than I could make it myself. Therefore, I shouldn’t have to pay any taxes to support this country’s war for profit Neocapitalist system that depends hugely on sending our troops off to some shitbox barely out of the stone age country that just happens to have a few barrels of oil or a cache or two of minerals Some Wall Street tycoon needs to keep his million buck bonus.

7. I don’t go around drilling holes pristine eco-systems, killing entire species that I probably never heard of,knocking tops off entire mountain ranges and poisoning the food and water supplies of millions of Americans and I resent any portion of my taxes being used in any manner to support those who do, especially in the form of outright subsidies and tax exemptions to companies already making billions of dollars in profits and paying little to no taxes on any of it.

8. I don’t even drive a car. Sorry, I can’t think a single valid reason… even in jest… why I wouldn’t or shouldn’t support the nation’s highway and road systems over which virtually everything I possess or consume has traveled to get to me. Just ignore this one.

This could go on all night but I’m pretty sure that unless you’re totally brain dead from drinking the corporate Kool-Aid, the message is abundantly clear. Even if we accept the lame assed Tea Party definition of “freeloader” the poor aren’t the only freeloaders in our society. EVERY person in this country pays in some way, shape or form for any number of things that he or she might no use personally. If we’re going to play that kind of a game then by damn, let’s play it all out on a level playing field. If they’re going to be allowed to stop paying taxes to support government operations that they feel don’t directly benefit them any longer then we should all be allowed to do the same thing.

It’s only fair and after all, fair is what the Tea Party is all about, right?

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The Answer Is Obvious_Congress Simply Sucks

Actually, once you’ve seen the title you’ve pretty much seen the whole post.  Congress has sucked for flipping decades and the fact that they still suck isn’t all that surprising or newsworthy except in regard to the ever increasing depths of suckosity at which the motley conglomeration of junkies and pimps and whores we collectively refer to as congress circulates today.

OK, first off, the usual disclaimer.  I know there are still a few caring and decent people in our congress today, people who still realize who they actually work for and what their purpose actually consists of and who want to actually ADD to the welfare of our society as a whole.  But as always, these people constitute either a minority so small as to make no significant statistical difference in the affairs of state or they are simply overwhelmed, buried in the avalanche of bovine excrement which is the sole daily output of an institution epitomized by the likes of Mitch McConnell, a man who might as well have the word “VENALITY” tattooed across his forehead in huge flaming red letters.

Because the number of truly honest people in Washington who still realize that they’re public servants instead of petty little Dukes and Barons entitled by some self granted form of royal fiat to rule over us instead of serve us are so few and outnumbered by the total sucks… and because I’m too damned lazy to add an “except for” clause to everything I say about congress… I’m taking the liberty of making one of those detestable sweeping generalizations that everybody claims to hate but everybody still uses and say simply that congress sucks.

Congress not only sucks but seems embarked on an overweening quest to find more ways to suck to the exclusion of all else, especially providing some service to the country that doesn’t involve… you know… sucking.  And by god, they’re doing a pretty damned good job of it too, to the point that nobody ever says “I’m amazed at how low…” anymore because the almost daily lowering of any bar by which our success as a people has become all we expect from them.

I would guess that never in the course of human history have the members of  any supposedly representative deliberative body become so rich by doing so little for the people that elected them.  Nor I suspect, has any group of politicians… whom the more ignorant gullible among among us still believe are concerned with public opinion and votes… ever shown such open disdain and contempt for the people who elected them.

The reason for that is that while WE may ELECT them Wall Street actually HIRES them, paying them far more than we can and since allegiance is parceled out by these two bit pimps we call our “representatives” solely on a highest bid basis, who’s leg do you think they’ll be fighting hardest to hump? Clue:  It damned sure ain’t gonna be yours.

When one of them comes up against as irresistible force as Scott Brown did then the effort is not on reforming the system or mending the crap that’s obviously broken or even on polishing the turds that Scott Brown brought with him to Washington.  The entire emphasis is on trying to find Scott Brown another spot where he can contribute his unpolished turds to the detriment of the people. 

In the meantime Roger Ailes will offer him a totally useless “job” to keep him afloat in the public eye until hopefully the tide… which today is running more and more against vacuous assholes with nothing to offer the common good… turns once again.  It doesn’t MATTER that Scott Brown was such a failure in his first term that he couldn’t hold onto his job.  What matters is that he carried water for those who feel entitled to have their water carried and he’ll continue to be rewarded for doing it.

And we have only to watch what befalls anyone who dares to oppose or otherwise call down upon themselves the wrath of someone like eternal little man John McCain or the little girl like squeals of Lindsey Graham to know that as far as they and many of their right wing colleagues are concerned, it’s the few GOOD apples that spoil the barrel.  If the pusillanimous posturings of those two yapping little junkyard Chihuahuas exceed those of the rest of the blithering bloviating self appointed “nobility” on Capitol Hill it’s only by a degree or two.

Congress is broken… right now it appears to be broken beyond repair in its present form.  It’s house is dirty… perhaps beyond our ability to clean up in its present form.   The people who live in that house not only don’t care about cleaning the mess up, they revel gleefully in being part of the problems that created the stinking cesspool that our capitol has become and they never miss a chance to tell the rest of us to &%$! off if we don’t like it or… through their ignorant little “real American” surrogates… make sure we know that if we don’t like “their” America, we can always get the hell out.

I think maybe it’s time we turned it around on the,  It’s OUR flipping congress and if they don’t like it maybe THEY need to get the hell out and try actually working for a living for the first time in the lives of many of them.  I’m pretty sure that a lot of them… especially that ever growing number whose only claim to have ever worked for a living consists of having been a “consultant” in their daddy’s business… would suck harder at it as they do at representing the people of America.

But at least they wouldn’t be costing the rest of us anything except maybe their unemployment benefits and even that’s better than we’re getting now.


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The Kochs_Hopefully Not The Face Of Even The 1%

Yeah, I know.  Wishful thinking, right?

“We’ve got to save the middle class!”, shouts the middle class.”.  Yeah, sure.

So what are you gonna do about the situation today?  “Today?  Oh uh… well the college football games are on today, lots of big games going on.  Promised the guys they could come watch at my house if they bring the beer and chips.”.  Uh huh, so how about tomorrow? “Yeah well… tomorrow’s a little bit of a problem too.  NFL playoffs and the NASCAR left turn circle jerk and what not.  Actually, the whole coming week isn’t so great either what with this huge movie coming out and the Disneyland trip.  Tell ya what… I promise faithfully to Tweet and Facebook about all that stuff every chance I get. Wouldn’t want people to think I don’t care or something.”.

Yes, I know, there ARE people… LOTS of people… out there manning the barricades and getting themselves beaten and arrested to bring attention to the situation and a large number who are actually using social networks to put together organized resistance to the March of the Plutocracy and I humbly salute every single one of them but the fact is that they’re only  tiny minority of the people while the vast majority pays Twitter/Facebook lip service to the concept of equality but refuses to give up any of the good stuff that comes to the guy a tad “more equal” than his neighbor.

There’s always going to be something that gets in the way of the huge majority of Americans actually doing anything more than gabbling and honking about it on the social networks about the fricking Wall Street apocalypse in which the Citizen United Zombies continue to eat the souls of the working class.  We’re a nation of professional grade complainers in regard to what’s wrong with the country but we come up a tad short when it comes to people who are willing to give up their share of the bread and circuses as their minimum contribution to actually doing anything about any of it.

Really people, the only thing that is going to bring Wall Street under control is a drastic cut in the amount of this country’s wealth that flows into the pockets of the leeches and other parasites in the financial sector.  Bring them down once and for all and let the system reestablish itself under the watchful eye of we the people.  As I’ve said many times, if we don’t want the wealthiest one percent ruling the lives of the rest of us then we need to stop making them so goddamned wealthy in the first place because that’s exactly how they do it.

But dammit we just don’t have the time or perhaps more to the point, the inclination for that.  The upper middle classes don’t WANT that 1% of the people who make their fortunes exploiting the other 99%… now that they’ve pretty much run out of anything else to exploit… brought down, they want just enough regulation to make sure THEY get a bigger slice of the spoils of the exploitation.  It’s always going to a small knot at the top brutally exploiting those below and the main goal of the upper middle classes will always be solely to expand that knot at the top just enough to make room for themselves.  as despicable as that might seem, at least it’s understandable for that particular demographic.

What isn’t understandable is the willingness of many of the “lower classes”, including the working poor, to not only ALLOW themselves to be exploited and manipulated but to turn out in significant numbers to angrily defend their god given right to BE exploited and manipulated.  Fortunately for the right, they have a black guy to turn all that hate and ignorance against but if it hadn’t been for that it would have been the filthy “libruls” they were arrayed against.

I have a hard time in my rather limited circle… most of whom are Tea Party grade Republicans… finding anyone who even knows who the Koch Brothers are even though slimy little trails from virtually every financial fiasco in this century lead ultimately to the doorstep of Koch Industries.  This total unawareness and matching incuriosity on the part of most Americans in regard probably the biggest threat to face this country since its inception has come to be taken for granted by the Kochs and their ilk to the point that they don’t even bother hiding their hateful avarice and their utter contempt for this country and its people anymore.  The huge majority of Americans roll right along buying all the crap the Kochs have to sell and making them rich enough to buy entire countries right out from under the people who live in them.

This excerpt from an OEN piece by Greg Palast contains a one sentence quote from Charles Koch that should be bring chills to the spines of every American who has to work for a hardscrabble living in today’s America.  I suggest you read the whole thing if you really want some insight into the thinking of people who will cheerfully kill you in order to loot your carcass of it’s last possessions and then laugh about having done so.

According to the transcript of the secretly recorded tape, Charles Koch was chuckling like a six-year old.  Koch was having a hell of a laugh over pilfering a few hundred dollars’ worth of oil from a couple of dirt-poor Indians on the Osage Reservation.Why did Koch, worth about $3 billion at the time (now $20 billion) need to boost a few bucks from some Indian in a trailer home?  Koch answered:  “I want my fair share – and that’s all of it.”  Now “all of it” includes a pipeline, the Keystone XL, which would run the world’s filthiest oil, crude made from tar sands, down from Canada to his family’s refinery on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

That one highlighted sentence, from the mouth of a man whose bloody fingerprints have been found on just about every evil that has befallen America over the past thirty years, should be all any rationally thinking person in the country needs to realize that contributing anything that puts more money in his pockets amounts to selling the world from under our children.  There’s only one cardinal rule in the coming battle for control over our destiny as a nation:  If it’s good for Wall Street… and ESPECIALLY if it’s good for Charles and David Koch… then it’s so mind numbingly bad for the rest of us that words won’t describe it.

The only way to avoid drinking the poisoned Kool-Aid is not to buy the flipping Kool-Aid in the first place, at least until the contamination has been removed.  Alas, I don’t think that many Americans… A people known for having attention spans that only rarely manage to bridge the interval between the last shiny media object of the week and the next one… are able or willing to do without it for long enough to get the job done.

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Let’s Just Throw Them Some Old People

And Maybe They Won’t Eat The Rest Of Us.

Well, we’re off to pretty much the start I expected.  From “read my lips, no cuts to Social Security”  to so called  technical adjustments in the way cost of living adjustments are calculated… which just HAPPEN to amount to cuts in benefits.  “Oh”, cry the Pagmatic Progressives,”but it’s but only over an X amount of time and only to an X degree and has its worst impact only on an X number of recipients.”.  And of course this paradigm shift in supposedly left wing thinking all occurs in the space of time between now and when they realized that our president was not only considering it but was by God going to insist on it.  Pardon me folks, but really, I’ve heard and seen all this before.

Those of you that don’t see Chained CPI as a problem worthy of your attention or at best just another excuse to make witty little jabs at the “EMOs” and the “professional left” are obviously those whose retirement income will largely derive from sources other than Social Security which would naturally explain why it is no big thing to you.  Indeed I suspect that the most vocal of you… the ones who not only dismiss CCPI is “inconsequential” but actively promote it in your tweets and on your blogs are those who would actually derive some form of profit or other boon from a reduction in benefits to the poorest of seniors.  Kind of like you might get a bigger return from your return on investments today than you would get in the form of SS benefits later.  I really don’t see any other explanation emerging from the fog of gobbledygook surrounding the issue, much of it being created and maintained by a Democratic administration.

426704_487679231295469_195447863_nOf course, I’m one of those who grew up when the distinction between left and right… or at least Republicans and Democrats… was a lot clearer than it is today but I honestly never thought I’d see the day when a proposal for ANY kind of cut to SS benefits would be made by a Democrat nor did I ever dream of a day when so many who tout themselves as “liberals” or refer to themselves as the “left” would support such a proposal.  But then I’ve seen a lot of things I never thought I’d see over the past thirty years or so, a period during which the only two democrats elected president have offered up “concessions” and proposals that would have been considered Republican wet dreams in the heady days of my youth.  Of course, those days have long since given way to the rants and rambling of the cynical and perhaps typical “cranky old man” that you see on these pages but really… there was a day when I believed all that crap about equality and opportunity and government of the people by and for the people.

I’d like to ask a few questions of those of you that either support or dismiss chained CPI that should be fairly simple to answer.

1.  In view of the fact that Social Security has no discernible impact on the debt… other than the fact that the SS trust fund is probably the US government’s largest single creditor… why is this whole thing of opening the door to what we all know will eventually be wholesale “adjustments” up to and including the privatization of Social Security so important to all of you on the right including those on the right who call themselves the left?

2.  Why are you “true Progressives” going to the extent of hammering those who oppose it with the same of  kind name calling, ad hominem attacks, derision and just general bashing that the right wingers employ in their opposition to anything they don’t agree with?  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to be hammering RWs for making war on the left when you yourselves make the same kind of attacks on those you consider to the left of yourselves.

3.  For a really novel approach How about y’all support the notion that the government should simply pay back what it owes the trust fun in the form of all those bonds and T-bills through which it borrowed the bucks to finance the Bush tax cuts… from which you are obviously enjoying your little windfalls as much as any Wall Street right winger… and then simply administer the trust fund in the manner which was intended when it was set up in the first place?

The only real “problem” with Social Security is the fact that people… YOU people… have “borrowed” from it to pay for maintaining your own little middle class lifestyles under the Bush tax cuts.  Well, that and the enrichment of corporations and war profiteers that make up the Sovereign Nation of Wall Street who like the taking part of “give and take” a whole lot more than they do the giving.  Pay the goddamned money you owe to Social Security and we’re good to go.

Instead you start chiming right in with the “shared sacrifice” bullshit again and start helping the right find ways to make the worst off among us support the excesses of those who not only refuse to pay their fair share based on the amount they take but who still manage to keep a hand in the taxpayers pocket in the form of subsidies, bailouts, racketeering and just generally screwing the American people out of anything they can get their tentacles wrapped around.

Look, you want to be a right winger, then have the goddamned balls to call yourself one.  Don’t give me this bullshit about stripping away the shredded strings that are already all that’s left of the social safety net or the freedoms and rights that made this country what it used to be… and then call yourself a Liberal or a Progressive.  There is NOTHING progressive about sitting on your asses pecking away at your little keyboards in support of issues… and as you would have us believe in this case, non issues… that only serve the purposes of the parasites on Wall Street and do harm to those whom you might feel no longer contribute enough to your own agenda.  That’s right wing bullshit and anyone who engages in it is a right winger to those of us who can still tell the difference.

Anyone looking to cut through the Conservative/Progressive bullshit on chained CPI can check HERE:   Of course if you’re among those that would rather see an extra buck or two in your dividend check today and won’t have to depend on SS as your sole source of income in your old age, I suspect that cutting through the bullshit is the last thing on your mind.


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Panem Et Circenses or Look! A Shiny Object!

Anyone who’s ever read one of my long winded and rambling Populist rants knows my opinion on what I refer to as our unique modern day bread and circuses.  For those that haven’t I’m gonna go through it again so this is a good time to bail if you’re easily bored.  First off, the definition of the phrase in it’s modern form, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Bread and Circuses” (or bread and games) (from Latin: panem et circenses) is a metaphor for a superficial means of appeasement. In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the creation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace,[1] as an offered “palliative.” Juvenal decried it as a simplistic motivation of common people.[2][3][4] The phrase also implies the erosion or ignorance of civic duty amongst the concerns of the common man.

In modern usage, the phrase is taken to describe a populace that no longer values civic virtues and the public life. To many across the political spectrum, left and right, it connotes a supposed triviality and frivolity that characterized the Roman Republic prior to its decline into the autocratic monarchy characteristic of the later Roman Empire‘s transformation about 44 B.C.

It seems that everyone who sits down to write about the subject of Americans and their extremely short attention spans just naturally starts with a comparison between the modern day United States and the sprawling colossus that was ancient Rome and naturally so because the parallels are more than abundant.  Just as Rome eventually toppled, so many see what has amounted to the American empire beginning to crumble in much the same way Rome did and for many of the same reasons.

The phrase itself was coined by the Roman poet Juvenal in his essay, “Wrong Desire is the Source of Suffering” wherein he states “Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses

According to a Yahoo Voices article by Dr. William Matthew McCarter posted in June, 2011:

Juvenal was concerned with the citizenry’s lack of public life and civic virtue and the faux populism of Rome’s ruling elite. It was through this faux populism that Rome first began the practice of “bread and circuses.” The Roman politician Gaius Gracchus began the practice of Annona (the grain dole) in 123 BC as one of his political reforms. By this time, circus games were ubiquitous in Roman society. For example, The Coliseum in Rome could seat nearly 50,000 people.  Many other cities throughout the empire also had their own arenas for mass consumption of the games. Publicly subsidized food and mass entertainment — bread and circuses — were used as a means of gaining political power and controlling the masses through faux populism. Perhaps the reason why none of America’s talking heads from either end of the political perspective talk about “bread and circuses” is because both sides, in one way or another, are heavily invested in the idea of creating an approving and obedient public through the mere satisfaction of their most immediate and shallow needs.

So how does that apply to Modern Day America you say?  I’m glad you asked that because I was just about to tell you anyway.  When we talk about the bread side of the equation as it applies today, the most obvious example would be the SNAP program or as it is more commonly referred to, food stamps.  This program exists to provide free or subsidized food to people who otherwise would not be able to afford it.  Others would include the WIC program that provides nutritious foods to women who are pregnant or have small children. In addition, the federal and state government also provides and administers the nation’s TANF program (welfare benefits) that provides money to families with dependent children.

Most people… myself among them… consider these programs to be a vital part of the social safety net that shouldn’t be tampered with on simple humanitarian grounds.  But there’s also this to consider.  If these programs were eliminated tomorrow by an overzealous bureaucracy intent on slavishly serving the plutocrats that own most of the government, by Sunday, every congressperson and two bit political hack in the country would be strung up on a lamp posts by a populace with nothing left to lose and hardware stores in Greenwich Connecticut would be seeing a run on pitchforks and kerosene .  If you doubt that then check with Marie Antoinette and King Louie next time they’re in town.  The Caesars were smart enough to realize that and their empire/republic stood stood for over 400 years.  I don’t think ours is going to make it that long,

As for the circuses? Take your pick. Movies, TV reality shows, professional sports, cruises, vacation getaways, time shares… $50k 12mpg SUVs to take the kids to school in… hell just name it.  Americans will not only eat it up like candy, they’ll pay through the nose to do so.  Billion dollar football stadiums, multimillion dollar racetracks, billion dollar election debacles, millionaire talking heads, multimillionaire jocks who can’t even spell the word  “million”, rock stars, 60 inch TV screens, Lindsey Lohan, Justin Bieber… feel free to jump in here and add your own examples to the list. 

Hell, we aren’t fighting to “save the middle class” we’re fighting to save all this crap FOR the middle class.  We’re fighting to make the world safe for professional consumers so they can continue to enable the 1% we’re fighting against.  If we had an ounce of guts and an inch of backbone we’d once and for all tell the almighty 1% to take a flying f**k at a rolling doughnut and QUIT. BUYING. THEIR. SHIT.   Or at least the extraneous shit.

And by extraneous I mean beyond the basic necessities we have to have.  It wouldn’t take long to regain a little common sense perspective on this whole damned tail wagging the dog thing we’ve got going on here.   Simply deciding that “If I can’t pay for it today I ain’t buyin’ it today” and then sticking to it would accomplish more in six months than we’ve managed to get done in the last six years of tweeting, Facebook statusing  and petitions to “tell congress this” and “tell congress that”.  Amazing how many people still can not grasp the fact that the people with the power don’t give a rat’s ass what the powerless think and 90% of those petitions become congressional toilet paper upon delivery..

Sooner or later, unless you take matters into your own hands,  the decision is going to be made for you as to what you’ll do without.  Might be better to make the decision yourself to do without some the extra stuff for now than be forced to do without everything later.

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This Attitude Lingers On In Too Many

The excerpt is from the Supporting South Dakota Reservations Facebook page .  The attitude toward the “lesser” races displayed by Mr. Baum was not an aberration in his day and sadly it is not that much of an aberration today. As Mr. Baum so eloquently expressed it, “The Whites, by the law of conquest, by justice of civilization, are masters of the American continent”, and they have every intention of remaining so 

Not all that different from some of the rhetoric we’re hearing today, the difference being that the darker skinned “enemies” these days “threaten” from without instead of within but the white “masters” still jockey to maintain their alleged position of supremacy over the “miserable wretches” not fortunate enough to have been born white and… in the case of the ones actually running the show these days… rich.  


Did you know: L. Frank Baum ADVOCATED The Extermination Of Native Americans
There are not too many people who have not heard of the beloved childhood books “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” (1900), and the sequel that followed, “The Marvelous Land of Oz” (1904), both written by a man named L. Frank Baum.

Before L. Frank Baum wrote the book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, he held the editors chair at a weekly newspaper called “The Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer” in South Dakota in the early 1890’s, during the time of the “Indian Wars.” Baum filled the pages of his newspaper with passionate essays, political poetry, satirical humor, and some of the most exuberant and inventive local reporting ever seen during that time period.

When L. Frank Baum learned of the killing of Sitting Bull and the massacre at Wounded Knee, his editorials took a severe turn, revealing his true character and he began filling his pages with editorials calling for the “killing each and every last Native American.”  Here is a part of just ONE of the editorials he wrote after he learned of the death of Sitting Bull:

The proud spirit of the original owners of these vast prairies inherited through centuries of fierce and bloody wars for their possessions, lingered last in the bosom of Sitting Bull. With Sitting Bull’s fall, the nobility of the Redskin has been extinguished, and what few are left are a pack of whining curs who lick the hand that smites them. The Whites, by the law of conquest, by justice of civilization, are masters of the American continent, and the best safety of the frontier settlements will be secured by the total annihilation of the few remaining Indians. Just why not annihilation? Their glory has already fled, their spirits are broken, their manhood effaced; it is better that they die than live the miserable wretches that they are.”

This is the attitude of the American Plutocracy and has been since the first white man stepped onto these shores.  Kind of like cutting off someone’s arms and legs and then deciding that with no arms or legs and therefore no “visible means of support” he now has neither place nor function in the overall scheme of things and might as well be put out of the misery you yourself created for him, a fairly common philosophy among certain political circles, even today.

Many of Mr.. Baum’s writings for young people contain just such supremacist references veiled in the simple rhetoric of the day in which racism and bigotry were simply an everyday part of the white way of life.  This was true of many if not most of the white authors and journalists of the period, a period that extended well into the 20th century.  Indeed the attitudes displayed by Mr. Baum and his contemporaries towards not only American natives but also Blacks and Asians, have never really gone away but were merely submerged one by one in, if not a sea, then at least  a shallow lake of public opinion during the last half of the 20th century when we had the “evil empire” to fulfill the role as the primary source of fear by which the oligarchs maintain their control over a people that outnumber them a hundred to one.

Today, white male supremacy wrapped in a blanket of jingoism and  “exceptionalism” is again openly on the rise, prompted and driven as always by the need of the plutocracy to have a big old scary wolf waiting just outside your door to pounce at the slightest crack and devour you and your babies so that you’ll happily surrender the few freedoms and liberties you have left in order that the plutocrats can protect you from him. 

Today the “enemy” is simply anyone the rich white Christian male power structure sees as a threat to their position which means just about anyone who doesn’t agree that they are entitled to rule simply because of who they are and what they’ve managed to steal from the rest of us.  And as always, it remains easier to channel the fear and anger toward those who actually look different or sound different because the last thing you want is for your sheep to have to be thinking about why they’re supposed to hate these “others”, otherwise, they might not hate them at all.

I often reflect on the fact that this country has existed for over two hundred years now and not a damned thing has changed.  Having… by way of Mr. Baum’s “Law of Conquest” and means not that far short of genocide… fulfilled our “manifest destiny” and become “masters of the American continent” our ruling class now seeks to make itself masters of just about anywhere there’s something worth taking and they’re willing to sacrifice anything YOU have to get what THEY want including your way of life and even your kids.

Are you really willing to let that happen?   

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Repubs In Review

The First Three


Rush On The Radio

Old Rush will always be among the top three in any such list as this one I make.  He goes from #1 in 2011 to #3 in 2012, not because he wasn’t a bigger asshole than ever (he was definitely bigger) but because this year he had so damned much competition.

Limbaugh, well known bon vivant, seditionist, probable pedophile and general all around TFA… which stands for Total F***ing Asshole if you care… managed to once again exceed himself in just simple fricking boorishness last year, managing to come across as even a poorer excuse for a man than he did in 2011 if you can believe this is possible.

Break for homey little anecdote:  My 10 year old grandson came in as I was formatting the pic of shown here and asked me what that was.  I said, “Son, that’s a Rush Limbaugh talkin’ on the radio.”.  Grandboy said, “Grandpa, that looks like a hippo’s butt.”.  I said, “Yes, now that you mention it he does, doesn’t he?  He used to just look like a horse’s ass but he gained a few pounds and I had to find a new picture of him”.  Grandson just gave me that look his grandma used to give me when she thought I was pulling her leg and went back to playing MInecraft.  It’s wonderful to be able to help mold young minds

Rush spent 2012 trotting out the same old same old, no longer even bothering to stop and apply to apply new lipstick to his porcine renderings because he knows that his core audience of dildoheads are incapable of recognizing the fact that today’s litany of racist, misogynistic bullshit is exactly the same as yesterday’s and yesterday’s is exactly the same as the day before.  Only the victims change as he drools and pukes his way through his three hour daily shitfest taking phony calls from paid actors pretending to be just as outraged by the Limbaugh Triviality of the Day as El Puerco himself pretends to be.   I’m not even going to list any highlights because in the depths that Limbaugh talks from, light doesn’t penetrate so there’s no such thing as a highlight.  You’d have to call them lowlights, I guess but anyway, to a bottom feeder like Rush, at all comes out of the same ooze anyway..


angry white guys 2

Unlike Rush, Senator Lindsey Graham (R – In The Closet) did have a highlight or two.  My favorite is the one at left wherein he openly admits that the Republican agenda is to get people pissed off enough to vote against their own interests.  Fear and Anger are the tools of the right wing and obviously Senator Graham has no qualms about saying so.  He’s also managed to virtually amalgamate himself with our next subject Senator John McCain (R – Dementia) in some kind of contest as to who can come up with the biggest bucket of bullshit to throw at decent folks just trying to do a job for the people but stumbling over assholes like himself who wantonly lay themselves down across the road to progress.  Damn, that almost sounded poetic, dinnit?  Anyway, while the not so good senator made numerous contributions to the RW Assholery Database, it was the one quoted in the pic that stands out in in my memory.



Last but not least we have “Mr. Genuine War Hero” about which nothing disparaging may ever be said.  EVER!

F**k that.  This miserable little septuagenarian weasel has enough highlights from his war on the human race to fill a book all by themselves.  The malignant little dwarf has never done anything right but marry rich and he only got that right one time out of two.

I’ll give old John credit for one thing though… the f**king balls it takes this guy to have the kind of hubris he does after pretty much a life time of failure are those of which legends often arise.  Got an appointment to the Naval Academy because his daddy and granddaddy were high ranking officers and proceeded to “gentleman’s C” his way through the four years winding up fourth from the bottom of a class of just under 500.

He then proceeded to directly destroy 4 or 5 of the taxpayers’ flying machines during the course of a career often described as distinguished mainly by conduct just short of unbecoming an officer and… depending on the version of the story you happen to read… may have destroyed dozens more thanks to the major role he may have played in the fire and explosion aboard the Forrestal (we’re never going to know for sure either way) before having his career cut short by exposing himself to a half dozen or so SAM batteries for some idiotic reason by, according to the reports I’ve read,  flying low and slow back over a target he had previously bombed and already made egress from,

He got his rep as a “hero” by spending the next five+ years as a POW at the notorious Hanoi Hilton and according to several others who were there at the same time he pretty much continued in the same vein as he had throughout his entire career.  Managed to come home a hero though, bought himself… or his wife bought him… an election and he’s never looked back (or down) since.

As far as highlights of this doddering old fart’s asininity, we suffer here from not too few but from far too many from which to try to make a choice.  I personally think his absolute most blinding “highlight” was not something he said but something he didn’t say which of course refers his refusal to step up and talk about the Newtown child massacre after taking a half mil or so from the gun lobbies over the course of his senate career.  As far as I know, he still hasn’t said a goddamn word about it.  If we have to have something he actually said in 2012, it would probably be just about anything he’s drooled onto his bib in regard to Benghazi non-situation, and especially anything from the hatchet job he and the little ferret faced rodent above did on Susan Rice.

There are a ton of others we’ll be getting to in coming posts but those are the three for today.  All of them abject failures as human beings but also millionaires either in spite or because of that failure.  That’s what it takes to succeed in this shiny new version of America we’ve got coming our way… a talent for mediocrity and a willingness to… for money… take it all the way to outright hate and contempt  for 99% of the American people.  If that’s what you want for yourselves and your kids and grandkids, just keep on listening to and/or voting for suckers like these guys.  They’ll be only too happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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