A Worm’s Eye View: Fiscal Cliff Theater

22 Dec

Been a while since I did a WEV and with the Republicans taking a quick break from their never ending efforts to find some excuse to unseat a sitting POTUS and heading off home for their holly jolly Christmas and leaving us old folks hanging by our fingernails over the edge of the “fiscal cliff”, it seemed like a good time for one.

My main concern with all of this of course, is that of one of the people who will be impacted the most by whatever finally comes down. As always, the elderly poor, who have less to lose than anyone else and are therefore the ones most likely to suffer most from the actions or inactions of the gutless pimps and whores in congress are also the ones being told basically to just STFU by both “left” and right.

I myself find that pretty much impossible to do, because even as much as I admire President Obama… and I think he’s probably going to be the greatest president of at least the century surrounding his term on both sides… I simply do not trust ANY politician to have my best interests at heart when it comes to the eternal games politicians play using people like me as mere pawns. I may have to be a pawn but I don’t have to like being a pawn and I certainly don’t have to STFU about it.

The reason for my increased concern over any proposal to change Social Security in any way shape or form is of course personal, because after all, it’s the only thing standing between me and dying in a damned gutter somewhere. I’ve BEEN homeless and I’ve BEEN hungry and I’ve GONE without my meds to buy food and vice versa. I don’t need someone who has absolutely no idea what it’s like to do without, telling me it can’t happen and won’t happen if I only put blind faith and trust in any politician or any political group that claims it won’t.

This year’s attempt to get the back door open for the oligarchs to get their greedy little claws into the Social Security trust fund and prevent the government from having to pay back the money it has embezzled from it is called the Chained Consumer Price Index.  I’ve already posted as to what it consists of and how it impacts seniors over the long term so I’m not going to take up space here by doing so again. In a nutshell, it’s an accounting change designed to reduce the amount of the tiny little cost of living adjustments we seniors get and making this totally imaginary huge impact on the deficit in order to appease the right wing. 

Supposedly it’s a “bargaining chip” only but from what I’m reading and hearing, it appears that it will be a part of any agreement worked out between the president and the gutless congressional wonders OR part of any budget deriving from allowing us to go over the so called fiscal fricking cliff. (When this is over, the next moron who uses the term “fiscal cliff” to me does so at his own peril)

The reason I say this is not only has Mr. Obama been sending a signal for the past four years that he is “flexible” on cuts to Social Security, but a lot of Progressives… people who are also fond of saying things like “We’ll protect Social Security to our dying breaths” are, now that the election is once again safely over, starting to whistle a tad bit different tune.

In the case of chained CPI, I’ve been seeing a lot of the so called progressive stalwarts on other sites, including Twitter where I now spend a good part of the hours I can be up, starting to swing away from their previous rhetoric which ran to statements like “He won’t really do it” and “He knows they won’t accept ….“.

Now they’re starting to say things like”Oh well, it won’t make that much difference anyway” and “You seniors won’t suddenly take a massive cut in income“. One dude… one of those “progressive” heroes that spends more time beating up “EMOs” and “progs” than engaging the RWs… even told me that there was nothing wrong with it because “It doesn’t cut benefits, it only reduces the amount of the COLAs by a few dollars.” That’s one thing about my personal bullshit alarm… it might not catch every nuance due to the sheer volume of bullshit out there but it IS non-directional.  I suspect the rather  surprising number of self styled progressive Democrats who don’t think CCPI is a big deal and are telling us to shut up are those for whom Social Security will not be their sole… or even their major… source of post retirement income.

Sorry Charlie… I’ve gotten five COLAs in seven years, and the sum total of all of them combined has been less than a hundred bucks for an average of under $15 a year. Just try telling my my cost of living hasn’t gone up by fifteen bucks a year.  This “gain” has been far more than offset by the losses I’ve suffered in Medicare and Medicaid benefits, increases in rent on my little HUD subsidized apartment and increased co-pays on my medicines and especially the reductions in my SSI payments which go down by a larger percentage than my SS goes up every time I do get one of these little raises and which also went down even during the two years when there WAS no increase in SS benefits.

I don’t need anyone still safely ensconced in their comfy little middle class existence telling me what people like me need or don’t need but what I would appreciate is that when this annual chicken fight over money comes around every year to provide the world with it’s New Year’s look at a first world country fighting desperately to become a third world one, you leave us oldsters out of it. In other words, keep your damned hands off of Social Security.

Politicians, pay back what you’ve stolen “borrowed” from it, make the necessary adjustments that have been a part of the actual management of it since it’s inception and then leave it the f**k alone and move on to some of the programs that actually… you know… impact your goddamned deficit in some way shape or form.

Maybe some of those billions of dollars in “defense” spending on pure pork like shit the military has said outright that it neither needs nor even wants and that serves no purpose other than to put another few million in the campaign chests of the gutless goobers in Washington. Hell, I don’t know but I’m not supposed to know. That’s what I pay the pimps and whores in the congress for.

Let the bastards gamble with their own lives and lucre for a change.

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