Breaking It Down On Guns

20 Dec

Here’s another thought provoking graphic from Mansur Gidfar at Upworthy that illustrates the consequences of allowing a culture of hate to rule the country (The commentary is mine).  If it doesn’t make you stop and think then I suspect you’re one of those that have stock in the arms manufacturers either directly or through the numerous funds that have invested heavily in them or make money from the gun racket in some manner.GunFactsLong  Those who don’t may still be surprised at ease with which the information dispels the arguments used by the NRA  in their efforts to maintain high levels of profits and dividends for the manufacturers and their shareholders.

Fact #1. The 4th grade arithmetic challenged Teahadists, that’s just 2.5 people shy of an 11,500 body count annually.

Fact #2.  Just how confident are you that you or one of your children won’t be included in the mayhem?

Fact #3.  So contrary to what the NRA might tell you, there is really no way to avoid the legal sale of weapons of mass personal destruction to mentally ill individuals who are most likely to commit an act of terrorism by killing large numbers of American citizens.

Fact #4.  Which only means to me that many of these same private gun sellers would probably consider selling weapons to individuals they KNOW won’t pass a background check.

Fact #5.  Pretty much destroys the Average NRA member’s argument that regulating the sale of these weapons would do no good because all the criminals steal their weapons anyway.

Fact #6.  The person who sells weapons of mass personal destruction with no regard for the consequences faces no more penalty than a cow thief?

Fact #7.  In other words, 80% of these mass murders were committed by people who were not criminals by the NRA’s definition of the term until the point in time at which they pulled the trigger.

Fact #8.  Wow!  Something we can still claim to be #1 in.  Not to sure it’s a distinction I want to claim though.

Fact #9.  I have yet to hear a viable explanation rate from any gun advocate as to how this supports the contention that the only answer to gun violence is more guns.

Fact #10. This only means to me that once again that as in all things in a Neocapitalist society, the minority usually gets its way to the detriment of the majority including the deaths of innocents.

Fact #11. Not part of the graphic but a fact none the less.  I am not going to shut up and forget about it this time.  I’ve done that too many times before and because of that, because I didn’t stand up to these people the first or second or third or 60th times the blood of all those victims, including those children and adults in Newtown is on MY hands too.  I may never be able to wash it away, but I can damned sure do my little part to see that there’s no more of it.


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2 responses to “Breaking It Down On Guns

  1. Larry Rafes

    December 20, 2012 at 15:44

    Thanks Tom. I reposted this on facebook. You’re not alone. Larry Rafes

    • Tom Bales

      December 20, 2012 at 15:52

      Thank YOU. We just need to stay in their faces until they do something.


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