THIS Time I Won’t Forget

15 Dec

I’m going to apologize in advance for some of the language I’ll be using in this rant.  Usually I try to keep it at least clean enough for my grandkids to read (although I’m probably delusional if I think there are many or any words I use that they don’t hear every day anyway).  I’m in no mood to keep it clean tonight.  I may spruce it up some before I post, but in case I don’t, I apologize to anyone offended by my use of the language of my day to talk about what’s happening today.  It’s just the kind of shitty funk these past two days have me in.

I don’t know.  I… simply don’t know.  Maybe it’s just me and I’m going all overboard with this anger thing over what happened yesterday but I’m damned near shell shocked by some of the depraved defenses of the NRA and other gun lobbies being put up by people who can’t be that goddamned stupid and walk in an upright position.  Something is driving this shit.

I have been on Twitter literally all fucking day and I thought I’d have the worst of it out of my system by now.  Instead I find myself madder than ever.  People can not be as ignorant and as totally devoid of any smallest quark sized particle of human decency as has been displayed by some of those whose hate stained bile has been trickling across my screen all day.  The only possible explanation is that the garbage is being deliberately instigated and orchestrated by professional assholes in the employ or otherwise under the thrall of the fricking gun makers and the NRA (actually two heads of the same beast).  In other words, It’s time once again to play the Follow The Money game.  Who stood to benefit financially from the creation of a situation that could have had no other outcome than what occurred in Newtown CT yesterday?

Who has made huge amounts of money by first creating an atmosphere in which the fears and prejudices of the… to put it as charitably as possible… neuron challenged among us could be manipulated into believing that their very existence depended on them having weapons that would kill more people in a shorter time than the guy across the street?  Like the LEGALLY PURCHASED and REGISTERED Bushmaster MaA1 used by Adam Lanza, and which is a “civilianized” version of one of the deadliest automatic weapons systems ever conceived by people whose only function in life is devising ways to kill other people?

Sure, we can lay it directly on the doorstep of the gun makers who have used the usual Wall Street hate and fear tactics to gain a ready domestic market for what should solely be implements of warfare and we can justifiably lay a huge chunk of blame at the feet of Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association which has served for years now as the financial and lobbying arm of the industry.  But hell, we expect private corporations to be scrabbling for every dollar they can get in any way they can get it including facilitating the murder of our children. It’s just what corporations do in a capitalist society today.  Or at least it is in this one and it’s no fucking accident that every time one of these happens, gun sales shoot through the roof and remain up for several weeks after.  But who else reaps  financial benefits from the enabling of sick, twisted psychopaths like our latest celebrity killer?

I’ll put it this way:  As always… if I was given my druthers over who I’d throttle first because of it… it’s the goddamned pimps and whores in the United States Congress… the people we thought we had hired… if not to keep the fucking corporations from destroying our way of life then at least to keep them from killing us outright… that are perhaps the nastiest and most vile of the fucking triumvirate that’s involved here.

This is because in taking bribes contributions from the gun lobbies in return for political favors (such as lifting the ban on the kind of weapons used in yesterdays massacre during the Bush administration) they not only made themselves complicit in every mass shooting involving weapons of mass personal destruction that has gone down since, which is just about all of them including the killing of those kids yesterday, they have also violated our trust that they could and would keep us and out kids safe and made a mockery of their oath to serve the people.

Almost surprisingly, some of them did it for a relative pittance but I suppose if you’re a typical American politician and you get enough pittances from enough sources you can always justify it to yourself. A lust for money will trump a sense of morality and ethics damned near every time, right?.  A list of house and senate members with blood on their hands… three fucking pages of them…  can be found here:  Congratulations folks. As if you hadn’t already killed enough innocents, you’re now officially baby killers.

I’m not going to forget this time.  I’m not going to slip back into the old routines and let this one slide by.  I don’t give a rat’s ass who wins the game Sunday or who manages to drive around in X number of circles in the shortest time.  I don’t watch overpaid actors in over hyped movies and TV shows, I don’t care which right winger’s ass David Gregory is kissing on MTP and I care even less what Dick Cheney or ESPECIALLY Dick Cheney’s bovine brat thinks about anything . And the LAST fucking thing I care about is some mealy mouthed RW tool wandering around from Sunday show to Sunday show maundering about the goddamned 2nd amendment that none of the fucking nutters have ever read or managed to quote right anyway.

I can’t go out and nobody comes here so I have nothing to do but sit here and dream up ways to remind folks that they need to deal with this NOW, not after Sunday’s game or next week or next month or next massacre… and they need to deal with these fucking weasels that sold us out again for their filthy 30 pieces of silver and in doing so,  helped enable the killing of 26 people in a K-4 grade school including 20 innocent children.  I won’t forget baby killers, and I’ll do whatever I can… no matter how little that may be… to make sure you don’t forget either.

The rat bastards have gone too fricking far this time and if we… as a people… let them get away with it again then we don’t deserve a goddamned country anyway.

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