The Little Dick Syndrome+The NRA=Tragedy

15 Dec

Nobody needs me to tell them that yesterday was none of the blackest days in American history.  I’m sure that all of us are having to come to terms with this latest illustration of what America has become and is becoming.  The first numbing realization that yes, it had happened again and yes it was another nut case with easy access to weapons that no civilian in this country has any legitimate need for or be allowed to have.  Then came the realization that this one was going to be the worst of all, not so much in regard to the number of victims but because of who the victims were… children.  Four and five and six year old kids along with their teachers and others who had been entrusted with their care, gunned down by another sick individual with a big gun, this time apparently with a grudge against his mommy and using her own guns to commit the heinous act.

And then it started.  Before the extent of the tragedy had even become made clear the 2nd amendment obsessives were there to defend their interpretation of their precious right to carry concealed handguns assault style weapons anywhere they damned well please and reminding us that a few school massacres of innocent children are the price the rest of us are going to have to pay for their precious right.  The most ignorant among them were already churning out tweets and Facebook posts by the hundreds by the time CNN had to admit that they’d named the wrong person as the shooter, by a well oiled National Rifle Association machine trying their damnedest to make the case that the hours after a major tragedy were “not the time” to be talking about gun control.

This has been their immediate reaction to every massacre in this country… “today’s not the time“. You want to know WHY “today’s not the time”?  Today’s not the time because they know goddamned well that the average American has the attention span of a fricking gnat and that if they (the NRA) can just weather through this first surge of righteous anger, that the torches will sputter out and the pitchforks will go back into storage and their precious 12 round per second automatics with their 30-100 round clips will be safe until the next massacre of innocents.  And they get away with this shit EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

And your bottom feeding rank and file NRA member? Think every show of ignorance by the low grade morons that make up the bulk of the Tea Party and double it when it comes to their fricking right to bear what amounts to weapons of mass fricking destruction against their neighbors.  Remember, these are the same people that walk around with signs admonishing the rest of us “morans” to read the “consitution”.  Only then do you start to get an inkling of the stupidity that these people subscribe to in thinking that the deaths of ourselves and/or our children is merely the price the rest of us should be glad  to pay for their freedom to be able to kill them in large numbers.

They even cycled through every variation on the lame old “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” screed that made no sense when some NRA pimp coined it 30 years ago and makes even less sense now.  One asshole even went so far as to point out that a deranged individual had attacked a classroom full of kids in China yesterday to0, asking another age old stupid question, “Do we outlaw knives?” while totally “forgetting to mention” in his little apples to oranges comparison that the guy didn’t manage to kill a single one of his victims and that actually it’s pretty damned hard to commit mass murder with a knife given the fact that your victims have an opportunity to offer resistance and… since we’re talking about MASS murders here… obviously outnumber your ignorant ass.

The TRUTH of the matter is that yes, people kill people but it’s axiomatic that when it comes to killing people in large numbers it’s only people WITH GUNS who are able to pull that off quickly and with any kind of efficiency.  And the availability of weapons designed solely TO kill people in large numbers makes it also axiomatic that these types of horrendous acts will not only continue to be committed but that the body counts will continue to grow as each deranged sonofabitch with an M4A1 and a hard on for his mama or simply the need to make some kind of “point” about how mistreated he has been by the world at large.

The simple fact is that the NRA no longer represents gun owners in this country. The NRA represents the gun MANUFACTURERS in this country and yes Mr. Tea Party Patriot, there is a HUGE fricking difference, one that anyone with an IQ higher that of a Fox News viewer (which probably means about 70% of us) can readily see but which you seem to still be struggling.

It isn’t about your right (and by extension the right of every deranged sonofabitch out there) to carry weapons capable of killing half your neighborhood in mere seconds, it’s about some corporation’s need to provide bigger dividends to it’s shareholders by selling you those weapons.  In supporting that right, you’re selling out your neighbors and your neighbors’ right to walk the streets or send their kids to school without worrying that the next deviant bastard that crawls out of the woodwork is going to have a fricking machine gun in his hand.

So don’t sing me fricking patriotic paeans to “freedom” and don’t try to tell me that the NRA gives a flying f**k about MY freedoms.  I DON’T watch Fox news and if you do, there’s a damned good chance that my level of intelligence is roughly twice yours… or at least high enough to insure I’m not buying what the NRA is finding so easy to sell to morons like you.

You need a big gun to compensate for your obvious failures?  While kind of sad really, I suppose we could live with it if all those other cretins with little dick syndrome out there didn’t periodically… and with increasing frequency… feel the need to take THEIR inadequacies out on innocent men women and children.  As long as that continues to happen… and it will as long as people like you need big guns to make themselves feel “manly”… it’s not President Obama you need to be worrying about coming for your little symbols of manhood, it’s the rest of us.


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3 responses to “The Little Dick Syndrome+The NRA=Tragedy

  1. if you hate the constitution move to China. enjoy your labor camp.

    December 17, 2012 at 19:22

    • Tom Bales

      December 27, 2012 at 10:35

      Gosh, just think how much trouble the guy would have saved himself if he’d just had himself an M4A1 AWS and a drum or two.

  2. CyndiB

    December 18, 2012 at 11:11

    Powerful post!!! Thank you!


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