Middle Class Tax Cuts? Somebody Has To Pay For Them

06 Dec

Thirty eight Republican senators just took a piss on every disabled person in this fricking country.  Thirty eight Republican senators blocked this country’s signing on to a treaty intended to protect the rights of those with disabilities world wide.  Thirty eight Republican senators have just added to America’s near pariah status in the world today by stating for the record that they don’t give a damn about disabled people in this country including disabled veterans injured in the line of duty.  The treaty, already signed by 155 nations and ratified by 126 countries, including Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia, states that nations should strive to assure that the disabled enjoy the same rights and fundamental freedoms as their fellow citizens. Jesus Christ people, even Russia and Communist fricking China signed it.

Are we surprised by this attitude on the part of these so called “conservatives” in the senate?   Hell no we’re not.  Anyone with a brain the size of a fricking walnut has seen it and recognized it since the Viet Nam days.  It’s no fricking accident that a huge fraction of this country’s homeless, a number all out of proportion to their percentage of the population, are veterans.  It’s no secret that 18 military vets and/or active duty personnel commit suicide in this country daily.  And it’s also no secret that Tea Party “conservatives” are busting their asses to make damned sure that situation gets even worse than it is by trying to privatize every source of help these people have.

These pusillanimous pricks in the senate are simply carrying on a long tradition of crapping on American veterans… or anyone else for that matter… once they’re no longer able to do their part for God and Wall Street.  It’s a Tea Party/Republican thing bought and paid for by bloodsucking leeches on Wall Street who are the ones that broke the goddamned system in the first place.

If our government had the balls of a fricking kangaroo rat, they’d tell people like Boner and Bachmann where they could cram their fricking “Chained CPI” proposals and cuts to benefits for the disabled.  Instead we have Blue Dog Steny “The Kissass” Hoyer once again offering up cuts in “entitlement” benefits as a bargaining chip to get Republican support for raising taxes on the fricking rich while extending the current cuts for the middle class.

I’ll tell you what.  I’m getting goddamned sick and tired of this situation wherein every time the Democrats want to gain some kind of fricking “concession” for the middle class, those of us who swim around down here at the bottom of the fricking pond… where even the crumbs never trickle down and who are the ones who can damned sure least afford it… are forced to bend over and grab our ankles on order to “offset” the fricking cost of it.

If Steny Hoyer wants some Republican ass kissed, he can damned well pucker up and do it himself because I’m thoroughly fed up with what little I have being traded off for shit I’ll never see any benefit from.  It’s been going on for far too damned long already and the time to put a stop to it… once and for all… is now.

Robbing the poorer working classes to give to the middle class is why we have this massive and still growing underclass in the first fricking place and it’s a totally unsustainable situation as every day masses of people on the lower fringes of what we’re still calling the middle class get tossed off the lifeboat to make room for those “above” them.  Somebody had better wake the %&$# up and realize that or our kids are doomed to live in a Fascist state.  Not something I wish on mine.

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