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Let’s Just Do It & Get It Over With

If Henry Blodget writing for Business Insider is correct, the Republicans are ready to raise taxes on the whole country by allowing the country to go over the fiscal cliff. Good.  And once we’ve done that would everyone please refrain from ever using the term “fiscal cliff” again?   As Mr.. Blodget says, it’s not surprising.  I knew way back when they extended the Bush tax cuts and set their damned triggers up that this was the likely scenario and I said so in no uncertain terms to all five of my regular readers.  Says Mr. Blodget:

Unfortunately, it always seemed unlikely that our politicians would agree to any vote that could be framed as their voting to “raise taxes”–which any deal before December 31 could have been framed as.

The more likely scenario seemed to be that politicians would wait until taxes increased automatically on January 1 and then heroically vote to cut them–at least some of them.

I’m not sure that there is any “likely” scenario unless it’s this one:  When… and IF… the tax cuts are allowed to expire, the GOP isn’t going to be interested any anything but the same thing they’ve been interested in all along… obstruction of anything that doesn’t directly benefit their leash holders on Wall Street with their main “battle tactic” remaining the demonization of the President of the United States.  It’s why we have the Tea Party in the first place… to do exactly those two things, nothing more.

They will continue to do just what they’ve done for the past four years even though it has brought both the US economy and the Republican Party itself to the brink of destruction.  The people running the Republican Party… the ultra right wing and thoroughly misnamed Tea Party Republicans… today simply do not care how much destruction they wreak on the country if they have the slightest inkling that it will somehow either lead or return them to power and that includes the destruction of the Republican party.

In fact, as a political party, you might say that the GOP is already nothing but a fat, bloated, odorous carcass exuding nothing but the noxious gasses of hate and ignorance upon which the Tea Party vultures will continue to feed, urged on by their HBIC (Head Buzzard In Charge) and chief water carrier Rush Limbaugh, who has personally contributed to more hate and ignorance among the American people than any man in history, certainly any man alive today.  The Moderates and Centrists in the party no longer have a say in the day to day agenda of the party and have found themselves largely marginalized or abandoned as the Wall Street parasites have found filthier lucre in the veritable gold mine of ready and willing hosts among the uneducated and uncurious rubes and bumpkins of especially the rural areas of the deep south or as many are starting to refer to it again, the Confederacy.

Americans are becoming more and more fed up with this clot of ignorant hicks trying to dictate to the rest of us how we are to live our lives, school our children, worship our various deities (which if it’s not their deity means not at all), who we can marry, whether or not we have a place to live, food to eat and access to affordable and viable health care… the list goes on.  Wall Street has only to snap it’s fingers and the GOP members of congress will fall immediately into  lockstep in opposing anything that does not provide an immediate enhancement on returns to the almighty institutional shareholders and supporting anything that does while the intellectually challenged red necks in the rank and file… too uninformed (to put it as politely as possible) to know that they’re being played like a three string fiddle… tell the rest of us to go live somewhere else if we don’t like it.  That one meme… “If you don’t like it go somewhere else” is probably the saddest testimonial to the ignorance of roughly half the people in this country as you’re ever likely to find.

As Dave Johnson put it in a CAF Blog piece last week:

Just how radical and extreme are the Republicans today? Republicans didn’t oppose Boehner’s radical “Plan B” because it would devastate American families and small businesses and destroy government — that was OK, in fact that wasn’t even enough destruction for them. They opposed it because it would raise taxes a small bit on the billionaires who grease their wheels. In other words, they opposed it because it was not extreme and radical enough.

To understand just how radical and extreme today’s Republicans are, it is worth looking at what was in the “Plan B” that Speaker Boehner tried to bring before the House. They hate government and they mean it. Plan B cut off unemployment benefits for 2 million Americans. It actually raised taxes on most Americans while cutting taxes on the billionaires. It moved every cut onto the backs of domestic discretionary spending, dramatically gutting government all at once. This would literally destroy the government and certainly plunge the economy into recession.

And a couple of days later Mr. Johnson offers a rundown of opinions by other prominent bloggers all of whom appear to have reached the same conclusion

Republicans “No Longer a Normal Governing Party,” “Unfit for Government”

Outrage is growing over Republican sabotage of … well, everything.

E. J. Dionne Jr. in the Washington Post, writing in It’s our system on the cliff, (emphasis added, for emphasis)

The United States faces a crisis in our political system because the Republican Party, particularly in the House of Representatives, is no longer a normal, governing party.

The only way we will avoid a constitutional crackup is for a new, bipartisan majority to take effective control of the House and isolate those who would rather see the country fall into chaos than vote for anything that might offend their ideological sensibilities.

Andrew Sullivan, also at The Daily Beast, says Enough!, (emphasis added, for emphasis)

Between the humiliating and chaotic collapse of Speaker Boehner’s already ludicrously extreme Plan B and Wayne La Pierre’s deranged proposal to put government agents in schools with guns, the Republican slide into total epistemic closure and political marginalization has now become a free-fall. This party, not to mince words, is unfit for government.

[. . .] Enough. This faction and its unhinged fanaticism has no place in any advanced democracy. They must be broken. … We need a new governing coalition in the House – Democrats and those few sane Republicans willing to put country before ideology. But even that may be impossible.

Mark McKinnon, also at The Deaily Beast, All I Want for Christmas Is a New GOP, (emphasis added, for emphasis)

But here’s the deeper point and the bigger problem for the GOP. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that the party is against everything and for nothing.

Nothing on taxes. Nothing on gun control. Nothing on climate change. Nothing on gay marriage. Nothing on immigration reform (or an incremental, piece-by-piece approach, which will result in nothing). It’s a very odd situation when the losing party is the party refusing to negotiate. It may be how you disrupt, but it is not how you govern, or how you ever hope to regain a majority.

And so, we have a Republican Party today willing to eliminate any prospect for a decent future for anyone, including itself, if it cannot be a future that is 100 percent in accordance with its core beliefs and principles. That’s not governing. That’s just lobbing hand grenades. If you’re only standing on principle to appear taller, then you appear smaller. And the GOP is shrinking daily before our eyes.

I’m a firm believer in the two party system and would welcome a three or four or more party system if any such were to be viably put into place.  I don’t believe our republic would or could stand under a one party system… even if that party was the Democrats… any more than  it could under the kind of tyranny that Wall Street and it’s dupes in the rural south have attempted to use the Republican Party to institute.  We need a diversity of opinion leading to consensus for the good of all.  We haven’t had that for the past thirty years and under today’s chaos masquerading as a system, in which a mere disagreement as to some policy or other is enough to trigger invitations from ignorant hicks to get out of “their” country as their fair share of any attempt to solve the problems any society as diverse as this one is prone to, we’re not likely to.

So bring on your damned cliff and let’s get it the hell over with and hope that even the most ignorant among us might eventually realize who and what caused it.  I suppose when enough rednecks catch on to what’s being done to them, we might start the long slow crawl out of the abyss but for now, I don’t see any choice.

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A Worm’s Eye View: Fiscal Cliff Theater

Been a while since I did a WEV and with the Republicans taking a quick break from their never ending efforts to find some excuse to unseat a sitting POTUS and heading off home for their holly jolly Christmas and leaving us old folks hanging by our fingernails over the edge of the “fiscal cliff”, it seemed like a good time for one.

My main concern with all of this of course, is that of one of the people who will be impacted the most by whatever finally comes down. As always, the elderly poor, who have less to lose than anyone else and are therefore the ones most likely to suffer most from the actions or inactions of the gutless pimps and whores in congress are also the ones being told basically to just STFU by both “left” and right.

I myself find that pretty much impossible to do, because even as much as I admire President Obama… and I think he’s probably going to be the greatest president of at least the century surrounding his term on both sides… I simply do not trust ANY politician to have my best interests at heart when it comes to the eternal games politicians play using people like me as mere pawns. I may have to be a pawn but I don’t have to like being a pawn and I certainly don’t have to STFU about it.

The reason for my increased concern over any proposal to change Social Security in any way shape or form is of course personal, because after all, it’s the only thing standing between me and dying in a damned gutter somewhere. I’ve BEEN homeless and I’ve BEEN hungry and I’ve GONE without my meds to buy food and vice versa. I don’t need someone who has absolutely no idea what it’s like to do without, telling me it can’t happen and won’t happen if I only put blind faith and trust in any politician or any political group that claims it won’t.

This year’s attempt to get the back door open for the oligarchs to get their greedy little claws into the Social Security trust fund and prevent the government from having to pay back the money it has embezzled from it is called the Chained Consumer Price Index.  I’ve already posted as to what it consists of and how it impacts seniors over the long term so I’m not going to take up space here by doing so again. In a nutshell, it’s an accounting change designed to reduce the amount of the tiny little cost of living adjustments we seniors get and making this totally imaginary huge impact on the deficit in order to appease the right wing. 

Supposedly it’s a “bargaining chip” only but from what I’m reading and hearing, it appears that it will be a part of any agreement worked out between the president and the gutless congressional wonders OR part of any budget deriving from allowing us to go over the so called fiscal fricking cliff. (When this is over, the next moron who uses the term “fiscal cliff” to me does so at his own peril)

The reason I say this is not only has Mr. Obama been sending a signal for the past four years that he is “flexible” on cuts to Social Security, but a lot of Progressives… people who are also fond of saying things like “We’ll protect Social Security to our dying breaths” are, now that the election is once again safely over, starting to whistle a tad bit different tune.

In the case of chained CPI, I’ve been seeing a lot of the so called progressive stalwarts on other sites, including Twitter where I now spend a good part of the hours I can be up, starting to swing away from their previous rhetoric which ran to statements like “He won’t really do it” and “He knows they won’t accept ….“.

Now they’re starting to say things like”Oh well, it won’t make that much difference anyway” and “You seniors won’t suddenly take a massive cut in income“. One dude… one of those “progressive” heroes that spends more time beating up “EMOs” and “progs” than engaging the RWs… even told me that there was nothing wrong with it because “It doesn’t cut benefits, it only reduces the amount of the COLAs by a few dollars.” That’s one thing about my personal bullshit alarm… it might not catch every nuance due to the sheer volume of bullshit out there but it IS non-directional.  I suspect the rather  surprising number of self styled progressive Democrats who don’t think CCPI is a big deal and are telling us to shut up are those for whom Social Security will not be their sole… or even their major… source of post retirement income.

Sorry Charlie… I’ve gotten five COLAs in seven years, and the sum total of all of them combined has been less than a hundred bucks for an average of under $15 a year. Just try telling my my cost of living hasn’t gone up by fifteen bucks a year.  This “gain” has been far more than offset by the losses I’ve suffered in Medicare and Medicaid benefits, increases in rent on my little HUD subsidized apartment and increased co-pays on my medicines and especially the reductions in my SSI payments which go down by a larger percentage than my SS goes up every time I do get one of these little raises and which also went down even during the two years when there WAS no increase in SS benefits.

I don’t need anyone still safely ensconced in their comfy little middle class existence telling me what people like me need or don’t need but what I would appreciate is that when this annual chicken fight over money comes around every year to provide the world with it’s New Year’s look at a first world country fighting desperately to become a third world one, you leave us oldsters out of it. In other words, keep your damned hands off of Social Security.

Politicians, pay back what you’ve stolen “borrowed” from it, make the necessary adjustments that have been a part of the actual management of it since it’s inception and then leave it the f**k alone and move on to some of the programs that actually… you know… impact your goddamned deficit in some way shape or form.

Maybe some of those billions of dollars in “defense” spending on pure pork like shit the military has said outright that it neither needs nor even wants and that serves no purpose other than to put another few million in the campaign chests of the gutless goobers in Washington. Hell, I don’t know but I’m not supposed to know. That’s what I pay the pimps and whores in the congress for.

Let the bastards gamble with their own lives and lucre for a change.

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Breaking It Down On Guns

Here’s another thought provoking graphic from Mansur Gidfar at Upworthy that illustrates the consequences of allowing a culture of hate to rule the country (The commentary is mine).  If it doesn’t make you stop and think then I suspect you’re one of those that have stock in the arms manufacturers either directly or through the numerous funds that have invested heavily in them or make money from the gun racket in some manner.GunFactsLong  Those who don’t may still be surprised at ease with which the information dispels the arguments used by the NRA  in their efforts to maintain high levels of profits and dividends for the manufacturers and their shareholders.

Fact #1. The 4th grade arithmetic challenged Teahadists, that’s just 2.5 people shy of an 11,500 body count annually.

Fact #2.  Just how confident are you that you or one of your children won’t be included in the mayhem?

Fact #3.  So contrary to what the NRA might tell you, there is really no way to avoid the legal sale of weapons of mass personal destruction to mentally ill individuals who are most likely to commit an act of terrorism by killing large numbers of American citizens.

Fact #4.  Which only means to me that many of these same private gun sellers would probably consider selling weapons to individuals they KNOW won’t pass a background check.

Fact #5.  Pretty much destroys the Average NRA member’s argument that regulating the sale of these weapons would do no good because all the criminals steal their weapons anyway.

Fact #6.  The person who sells weapons of mass personal destruction with no regard for the consequences faces no more penalty than a cow thief?

Fact #7.  In other words, 80% of these mass murders were committed by people who were not criminals by the NRA’s definition of the term until the point in time at which they pulled the trigger.

Fact #8.  Wow!  Something we can still claim to be #1 in.  Not to sure it’s a distinction I want to claim though.

Fact #9.  I have yet to hear a viable explanation rate from any gun advocate as to how this supports the contention that the only answer to gun violence is more guns.

Fact #10. This only means to me that once again that as in all things in a Neocapitalist society, the minority usually gets its way to the detriment of the majority including the deaths of innocents.

Fact #11. Not part of the graphic but a fact none the less.  I am not going to shut up and forget about it this time.  I’ve done that too many times before and because of that, because I didn’t stand up to these people the first or second or third or 60th times the blood of all those victims, including those children and adults in Newtown is on MY hands too.  I may never be able to wash it away, but I can damned sure do my little part to see that there’s no more of it.


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Hedgies and Ad execs… A Deadly Combination

LONG RANT ALERT!  I’m not here to talk about guns today, at least not specifically.  Anyone likely to read this already knows that in spite of the hype and blather by the gun manufacturers, guns… in the hands of mental defectives or outright nut cases… do kill people.  They kill and injure  thousands of people a year including children and are the weapon of choice in 67% of the homicides in this country. And of course, in their rapid firing huge capacity versions, they have certainly become the darlings of the mass murderer/protect me from my government set.

No what I’d like to talk about today are a couple of the creators of the atmosphere that has brought this nation to a point at which it’s perfectly acceptable to significant portions of the white male population to shoot someone for playing loud music or in many cases, for no reason at all except you don’t like their looks.  These are the same white males that… when one of their fellow capacity for mass destruction “enthusiasts” nuts up and shoots a bunch of people… cries and whines that it’s not the time to discuss the epidemic of such incidents that has befouled the country.  These are the same white males who would profess to deplore what happened last Friday in Newtown Connecticut while simultaneously threatening anything and everything up to and including deadly force against anyone suggesting that there might be ways to ameliorate the situation that is the root cause of such incidents.

And even if you do accept the lame old saw, “Guns don’t kill people, people do”, you’re still complicit in every one of these tragedies for not calling out the companies and organizations that create and nurture the kinds of people that the NRA and it’s buffoon battalions like to point at as the “real” causes of death in a mass murder situation.  And believe me, they know exactly what they’re creating and nurturing when they do it.

Of course, the number one perp in any crime against society of this nature are the manufacturers of the implements by which the crime is carried out.  These are usually large corporations or subsidiaries of large corporations and in spite of being termed “people” by the US Supreme court, they are not bound by any sense  of societal responsibility that would… along with a smattering of common sense… preclude REAL people like you and I from handing an automatic rifle and a couple of 30 round clips to a mentally ill person and telling him to go forth and enjoy his new toy.

Unlike real people not manufactured by SCOTUS fiat, these corporations have no allegiance to anyone except themselves and their mainly institutional shareholders and no duty or purpose for existence other than to provide the maximum in return on investment to those shareholders.  Many of them have become targets of interest for hedge funds and other aggregations of institutional or professional “activist” investors whose SOP is to buy a major stake in a company and then dictate the day to day operations of that company with the purpose of maximizing it’s own return, usually to the detriment of the company itself and to the detriment of the public at large.

BushmasterOne such company is Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC which is owned… let me see if I can get this straight… by The Freedom Group which is owned by Cerberus Capital Management, a major hedge fund which is supposedly looking to dump Bushmaster as quickly as possible now in order to “protect the interests of it’s shareholders” in anticipation of drops in stock prices due to public opinion and a probable crackdown on the sales of weapons which have no discernible purpose other than to allow one human being to kill other human beings in the shortest possible time.  The company’s logo, reminiscent of the Don’t Tread On Me symbols often seen on misspelled signs carried by ignorant Teapers, is above.

So now we have a hedge fund… part of a group of Wall Street entities that openly and vehemently deny the merest suggestion that they might have any responsibility to the rest of the country… actively engaged in the manufacture for the civilian market of murder weapons that are unique in that they have no readily discernible purpose in the hands of civilians other than to kill other civilians.  How best to market their product?

Enter the advertising industry.  In a nation of pimps whose sole purpose is to deliver the general public into the hands of the corporations intent on screwing them into the ground, the advertising industry occupies a position only about one notch above the US congress.  We give them that one notch because being pimps is their sole reason for existence, whereas congress pimps were actually elected to do just the opposite of what they’re doing.

yikesAt left, is an example of their work for Bushmaster.  A lot of us have pointed out, often derisively, that a major reason behind the lust of white males for these types of weapons might be some deep seated feelings of inadequacy residing down in the bowels of what poses as a soul in a person who actively contemplates warfare against his neighbors or a democratically elected government.  I call it, TDS or the Tiny Dick Syndrome.

This is a real ad, (courtesy of ) produced by a real advertising agency and aimed directly at the demographic they deemed would be the most likely to buy military grade killing machines.  This ad would never have seen the light of day had not careful demographic studies shown conclusively that the best target for this particular targeted ad campaign was white males suffering from deep rooted feelings of sexual inadequacy.  if there’s any doubt in your mind that this was NOT what the little copywriter dude was thinking when he inked this thing, I suspect there’s at least one AR-15 based weapon somewhere in your house and I’m just wondering… how does it feel to know that this is what the company that sold it to you thinks of you?

My Own VersionJust in case it’s STILL escaping you let me clarify it even further  for you.  All the time the little dude was coming up with an ad sure to appeal to the one driving force in your otherwise dull, drab and ordinary little life, he was forced to pretend that it was all in fun and a joke on all those “liberals” out there who make fun of your sexual dysfunction and to otherwise conceal the fact that he was actually making fun of you.  Since I have no corporate restraints hanging off my ass, here’s MY idea <—– of what an ad aimed at the Tiny Dickers among us would look like:

As you can see, it doesn’t require as much strain on the thought processes in order to get the message it’s intended to convey.  Straightforward and to the point, that’s my motto.  None of that namby pamby beating around the bush crap.  YOU have a problem.  Nothing to be ashamed of, a lot of white males… as many as 47% of them… have the same problem.  BUSHMASTER knows exactly what your problem is and has the ultimate placebo medicine for it.  it just doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Seriously, my point here is that this is what advertising does. It pigeonholes us, categorizes us according to various psychological criteria and then presses the buttons that program us to be the good little consumerbots we’ve always been, buying what we’re supposed to buy when we’re supposed to buy it, watching what we’re supposed to watch, reading what we’re supposed to read. It’s not always as obvious as in the case above but since a large percentage of the price you pay for anything you purchase these days is the cost of selling it to you, it is… or should be… something that you spend more than a hundredth of a second thinking about because it also creates people like Adam Lanza’s mother and to a large extent. Adam Lanza himself.

Most often it’s no more than simply matching the fat, belly scratching humanoid sitting in front of his TV every Sunday with the beer of the day or hyping the latest big whatever to people who couldn’t pour piss out of their boots without some self styled Dr. Soanso or other “expert” to tell them how on their TV machines.  It’s all part of the bread and circuses around which the sad little lives of most of America’s huge flock of consumer sheep revolve, designed to keep attention spans short and block any awareness that they… like the wannabe gunslinger referred to above… ARE sheep.  Other times it leads to consequences that should be too terrible for even a big shot ad agency to contemplate.  Unfortunately, ad agencies are probably less likely to think about the moral and ethical considerations involved in what they’re doing than a hedge fund manager is.

So sleep tight America. Pete the Patriot is at his ever vigilant post with his M4A1 AWS and his truckload of high capacity clips… ready to lay down his life solely to defend you from that black guy that you elected as your president… or maybe get even with all those bastards over at the Elk’s that turned down his membership app… huh? Oh never mind.  That’s all provided he’s not passed out on his couch in front of Sunday Night Football with a beer can balanced on his hairy belly while his four year old sits in the corner playing with the fully loaded symbol of daddy’s manhood. We salute you Pete.   You make us not only safe, but proud. Heh!

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I’ve Heard This Song Before

Hopefully, any agreement that is ultimately reached will be one that excludes Chained CPI but the very fact that it’s even being mentioned as a possible concession by the very president I just voted for to prevent it has me… and a hell of a lot of other seniors… wondering just what the hell is going on again.  Since it’s a big topic on Twitter today, here’s my two cents (adjusted for inflation) worth.

Like Peter Noone used to sing… “Second verse, same as the first”.

Once again I had Mr. Obama’s back during the campaign and through the election.  And once again before we’ve even made it to Inauguration Day someone around him… is talking about concessions to the gutless cowards in congress that he knows damned well most of the American people don’t want and that even many, if not most, rank and file REPUBLICANS don’t want.

Why?  What purpose can possibly be served by even talking about switching to Chained CPI to calculate COLAs for Social Security recipients?  There is absolutely nothing to be gained from it since Social Security doesn’t have a damned thing to do with the deficit.  It’s nothing but a damned smoke and mirrors magic trick… a distraction to let the GOP grandstand to their base on having to agree to tax cuts on the rich and ultimately avoid paying back the trillion or so bucks they’ve “borrowed” from the trust fund until such time as they can bring it under the control of the Wall Street banks.

For that matter, why has different indexing ALWAYS been used to calculate increases for people like me?  Why aren’t our cost of living increases based on the same indices as those of congress or of federal employees?  And don’t give me the usual ration of dog crap about “prag vs emo” or the “professional left”.

I just went through a period of three years in which there was no COLA at all for two of them and the one we finally did get amounted to the smallest we’ve had since I started on SS seven years ago. On top of that, all five of the COLAS I HAVE gotten put together might just barely equal what I’ve lost in SSI payments.  In other words, I haven’t gained an inch on inflation in the last seven years and if the truth were known, I’ve probably LOST ground.

And during that seven years, the cost of a gallon of gas or a loaf of bread or a half gallon of milk went up for me by exactly the same amount it did for everyone else.  This isn’t a matter of “isms” or any other kind of politics, it’s a matter of whether (and what) people like me fricking eat on a daily basis.

And yet the “pragmatists” are in full voice on Twitter, playing their usual whack-a-mole game, trying to slap down tweets from seniors asking “WTF?”.  One total jerk even went so far as to pretty much say outright that it was worth sacrificing a few meals for senior citizens if it helped produce “meaningful reforms” in the long run.

You know what Mr. Middle Class Pragmatic Bozo? Fuck you!  Let’s you and I trade paychecks for a year and see what you have to say then.  The problem with your line of so called “reasoning” is that people can’t go hungry for the “long term”.  They can’t go without their meds for the “long term”.  They can’t meet the annual HUD rent increases for the “long term”.  It’s fricking eat or die for them, just like it is for you.

When the people who call themselves Liberals and Progressives are tweeting that letting seniors go hungry might be a good thing, you might as well bring out the euthanasia squads and get it over with.  And when they accuse you of being a “crybaby” or “turning on the president after six weeks” because you’re worried about your next meal they can take their goddamned “long term” and put it in some warm smelly place as far as I’m concerned.  I didn’t turn on anybody but if Chained CPI for the poorest among us is a price he’s willing to pay for for extending tax cuts for the middle class, I’m damned sure going to be feeling like the one who was “turned on”.

And people wonder why I’m so skeptical about the “long term” goals of the middle class and whether or not they jibe with those of us who longer enjoy that position on the food chain.  I’ve been standing up for the middle class since I first went on line 25 years ago.  Still wondering when they’re going to start standing up for me.


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From The 3 Amigos to The 31 Cockroaches

I’ve been waiting for three days for the biggest gun whore in the legislative branch to put his mouth where his money is.  So far, he’s staying holed up in some crack in the wall with the rest of his little six legged friends until someone turns the light off and they can go scurrying about their little fund raising businesses again..

Seanator John McCain (R-AZ) is, as near as we can find out, the recipient of more than a half million bucks in gun lobby money over the course of his political career, making him pretty much the highest paid gun whore and enabler of baby killers in the congress.  Oh, there are others, hundreds of them when you combine the two houses but in tallying up McCain’s obligation to the gun lobbies we have to take into account the $425k he got from them for his presidential campaign.  Now we’re going to be looking at how he’s justified their investment in him. For that kind of bucks, you know damned well they expected some significant ROI and there’s no reason to believe that Mr. McCain hasn’t met their expectations.

cnn_sotu_mccain_guns_120722a-615x345Since the good senator has… at the time of this writing… refused to face the American public since the horrorFriday and explain his support for weapons of mass personal destruction in the hands of anyone… no matter how sick or depraved they might be… with the ready cash and a buddy at the cop shop, we’ll just have to go back six months to right after the Aurora shooting and this Raw Story article by David Edwards for his views in gun control in general.

The first thing that grabs you is the headline, “McCain: No proof gun control prevents gun violence”  Leaves one wondering just what the senator would accept as proof in view of the fact that for the past 30 years we’ve had a steady relaxing of the laws that used to give us some control over the amount of damage some deranged fuckwit could do to ourselves or our fellow citizens before someone took him down accompanied by an almost directly proportional increase on the number of mass shooting incidents.

You would think that a man smart enough to graduate from Annapolis (albeit fourth from the bottom of his class) and fly highly sophisticated (not to mention expensive) aircraft (while only crashing four or possibly five of them)… wait a minute, you know what? Either the man is capable of making the correlation or he’s not.  If he is and is simply using his bully pulpit to express the will of the ignorant rednecks who are liplocked to the far right fringe of the Republican party and who either can’t understand it or are in denial, he’s earned his cockroach award right there.  He’s obviously smart enough to whore himself out to the baby killer lobby and marry rich, Let’s just assume he can add 2 and 2 and move on.

While the interview was supposed to be taking place largely in the light of the Aurora shootings, Mr McCain seems to go to great pains to keep the focus on the gazillion right wing and gun lobby talking points with which they have traditionally sought to deflect any honest discussion of what has become a problem of epidemic proportions.  He even managed to work in the Norway incident as part of his obligatory “Gun Control doesn’t work” meme..

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) says there is no proof that gun control leads to less gun violence, but he is willing to “look at everything” following a massacre in Aurora, Colorado that left least 12 dead and 58 wounded.

“I don’t know, to tell you the truth, what we can do, and this immediately leads to the issue of gun control,” McCain told CNN’s Candy Crowley. “The killer in Norway, which is a country that has very strict gun control laws, and yet he was still able to acquire the necessary means to initiate and carry out a mass slaughter.”

“I think we need to look at everything, if that even should be looked at, but to think that somehow gun control is — or increased gun control — is the answer, in my view, that would have to be proved,” he added.

One incident in Norway and this man totally blows off the fact that in the entire group of “civilized” countries, ours is the only one that allows free and easy access to weapons designed for the sole purpose of killing other human beings and that no other developed nation has a firearms related death and injury count that even approaches that of the United States.

He totally ignores the fact that in all the other developed countries those with tight gun laws have death counts mere fractions of ours and that INCLUDES Norway.  He’s apparently oblivious to the fact that  Australia passed laws against assault and military style weapons after an American style massacre there and they’ve never had another one.  And he damned sure isn’t about to point out that in all those countries with tight controls over military style implements of slaughter, no government boogey men have come forth and grabbed their legitimate hunting/sporting weapons and plunged those countries into some kind of Muslim based servitude.

“You get to this point, you don’t want the government spying on what people are buying,” she explained. “On the other hand, what’s the price? The price is all these things we just read off.”

“Let’s remember it’s a constitutional right,” McCain replied. “Second of all, if you could prove the case that it, indeed, has a positive effect — we had a ban on assault weapons that expired some years ago, it didn’t change the situation at all in my view.”

“So, I think the strongest Second Amendment rights people would be glad to have an conversation, but the conclusion that this was somehow caused by the fact that we don’t have more gun control legislation, I don’t think has been proved.”

According to a 1997 study (PDF) published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, the U.S. had a firearm homicide rate 23 times higher than Norway, which McCain cited in his remarks.

More recent 2009 data showed that the U.S. had a firearm homicide rate that was about 15 times higher than “populous, high-income countries,” and 10 times higher than the “western countries” belonging to NATO.

‘€™m going to go back through my feeds now and check to see if McCain or any of the 30 other NRA whores in the senate have come through with any kind of statement to the American people as to their reactions to what happened Friday.  Surely three days is long enough to come up with some way to say the same old shit without having it look like you’€™re just saying the same old shit.  As for Wayne fricking LaPierre, I may not be able to take active part part in the hanging but I’€™ll damned sure gladly pay for a new rope.

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THIS Time I Won’t Forget

I’m going to apologize in advance for some of the language I’ll be using in this rant.  Usually I try to keep it at least clean enough for my grandkids to read (although I’m probably delusional if I think there are many or any words I use that they don’t hear every day anyway).  I’m in no mood to keep it clean tonight.  I may spruce it up some before I post, but in case I don’t, I apologize to anyone offended by my use of the language of my day to talk about what’s happening today.  It’s just the kind of shitty funk these past two days have me in.

I don’t know.  I… simply don’t know.  Maybe it’s just me and I’m going all overboard with this anger thing over what happened yesterday but I’m damned near shell shocked by some of the depraved defenses of the NRA and other gun lobbies being put up by people who can’t be that goddamned stupid and walk in an upright position.  Something is driving this shit.

I have been on Twitter literally all fucking day and I thought I’d have the worst of it out of my system by now.  Instead I find myself madder than ever.  People can not be as ignorant and as totally devoid of any smallest quark sized particle of human decency as has been displayed by some of those whose hate stained bile has been trickling across my screen all day.  The only possible explanation is that the garbage is being deliberately instigated and orchestrated by professional assholes in the employ or otherwise under the thrall of the fricking gun makers and the NRA (actually two heads of the same beast).  In other words, It’s time once again to play the Follow The Money game.  Who stood to benefit financially from the creation of a situation that could have had no other outcome than what occurred in Newtown CT yesterday?

Who has made huge amounts of money by first creating an atmosphere in which the fears and prejudices of the… to put it as charitably as possible… neuron challenged among us could be manipulated into believing that their very existence depended on them having weapons that would kill more people in a shorter time than the guy across the street?  Like the LEGALLY PURCHASED and REGISTERED Bushmaster MaA1 used by Adam Lanza, and which is a “civilianized” version of one of the deadliest automatic weapons systems ever conceived by people whose only function in life is devising ways to kill other people?

Sure, we can lay it directly on the doorstep of the gun makers who have used the usual Wall Street hate and fear tactics to gain a ready domestic market for what should solely be implements of warfare and we can justifiably lay a huge chunk of blame at the feet of Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association which has served for years now as the financial and lobbying arm of the industry.  But hell, we expect private corporations to be scrabbling for every dollar they can get in any way they can get it including facilitating the murder of our children. It’s just what corporations do in a capitalist society today.  Or at least it is in this one and it’s no fucking accident that every time one of these happens, gun sales shoot through the roof and remain up for several weeks after.  But who else reaps  financial benefits from the enabling of sick, twisted psychopaths like our latest celebrity killer?

I’ll put it this way:  As always… if I was given my druthers over who I’d throttle first because of it… it’s the goddamned pimps and whores in the United States Congress… the people we thought we had hired… if not to keep the fucking corporations from destroying our way of life then at least to keep them from killing us outright… that are perhaps the nastiest and most vile of the fucking triumvirate that’s involved here.

This is because in taking bribes contributions from the gun lobbies in return for political favors (such as lifting the ban on the kind of weapons used in yesterdays massacre during the Bush administration) they not only made themselves complicit in every mass shooting involving weapons of mass personal destruction that has gone down since, which is just about all of them including the killing of those kids yesterday, they have also violated our trust that they could and would keep us and out kids safe and made a mockery of their oath to serve the people.

Almost surprisingly, some of them did it for a relative pittance but I suppose if you’re a typical American politician and you get enough pittances from enough sources you can always justify it to yourself. A lust for money will trump a sense of morality and ethics damned near every time, right?.  A list of house and senate members with blood on their hands… three fucking pages of them…  can be found here:  Congratulations folks. As if you hadn’t already killed enough innocents, you’re now officially baby killers.

I’m not going to forget this time.  I’m not going to slip back into the old routines and let this one slide by.  I don’t give a rat’s ass who wins the game Sunday or who manages to drive around in X number of circles in the shortest time.  I don’t watch overpaid actors in over hyped movies and TV shows, I don’t care which right winger’s ass David Gregory is kissing on MTP and I care even less what Dick Cheney or ESPECIALLY Dick Cheney’s bovine brat thinks about anything . And the LAST fucking thing I care about is some mealy mouthed RW tool wandering around from Sunday show to Sunday show maundering about the goddamned 2nd amendment that none of the fucking nutters have ever read or managed to quote right anyway.

I can’t go out and nobody comes here so I have nothing to do but sit here and dream up ways to remind folks that they need to deal with this NOW, not after Sunday’s game or next week or next month or next massacre… and they need to deal with these fucking weasels that sold us out again for their filthy 30 pieces of silver and in doing so,  helped enable the killing of 26 people in a K-4 grade school including 20 innocent children.  I won’t forget baby killers, and I’ll do whatever I can… no matter how little that may be… to make sure you don’t forget either.

The rat bastards have gone too fricking far this time and if we… as a people… let them get away with it again then we don’t deserve a goddamned country anyway.

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