We’ve Got Some Decisions To Make

25 Nov

Big money men are always going to assholes.  You can’t reason with them because they aren’t capable of reason where wealth and power are concerned.  You can’t barter with them because you don’t have anything they want except everything you’ve got and as long as the government is on their side they can just take that anytime. Last, you can’t appeal to their conscience because if they had one they would never have made it to where they are today.  These are after all, the people who go to our finest business schools where lying and cheating are accepted as a normal part of the MBA programs because these people honestly believe that’s what you have to do to succeed in real life.

They have one goal and one goal only… to either own or control everything in this country worth owning or controlling by simply taking anything and everything they can get their hooks into.  They fear no consequences for their actions because in bailing them out we showed them there were never going to be any. In the process of paying the vandals who sacked our country, we wound up with nothing and they… just incidentally I’m sure…  wound up with it all.  We also set a fricking precedent that told them that no matter how far into the primordial ooze they decided to sink, our government would always be there to pull their rancid asses out with our money.

You can’t shame the bastards because they don’t give a rat’s ass what you and the other 300 million serfs think of them.  As long as you acknowledge that they’re richer and therefore far more powerful than you by handing  over the loot they’re as happy as a pig in mud.  In short, assholes are always going to be assholes until we take control back there’s not a damned thing you can do about it.

Anybody… not blinded by frenzy over the fact that the guy in the White House is black… can look at the history of the last 12 years and know exactly why we’re in the mess we’re in.  I don’t give a good goddamn if you’re Democrat or Republican, Progressive or Conservative, Liberal or Facist… We’re all in this fricking boat.

If you’re too damned stupid to realize that Wall Street is the problem and not any part of any cure and that the agenda of the people and corporations we have come to collectively call “Wall Street” is to BE a fricking problem until they’ve sucked up every iota of wealth in this country solely for the bragging rights over the rest of their malodorous ilk, then YOU are a major part of the problem yourself.  Hell, for the past six months one of them has been running for president, spending months as the darling of what’s left of the MSM and explaining the whole “on my watch the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer” thing to us, and half the fricking country still doesn’t get it.

While the Republicans will always be the main purveyors of water for the financial sector, not all that few Democrats are hopping on that “you scratch my back, I’ll kiss your ass” bandwagon too and if the rest of us don’t wake the hell up and start kicking some goddamned political asses, Fascism in America will be a done deal while half of us are still sprawled in our LazyBoys sucking up a Bud or six and watching the big game or the big race or whatever the big assed spectacle happens to be on the day the fricking epiphany hits.

We talked about income inequality in the last post.  It’s something people tend to talk about for a couple of days when someone releases the results of  a new study or a new poll or survey indicates that the rich just got a shitload richer and that once again it was at at expense of the not rich.  Then we’re back to endless fricking analysis of  why Romney lost his ass or why the people voted for Obama.  I’ll tell you once and for all why I voted for President Obama and why it was so important to me that he be reelected.

I voted for him because of the two, he was the one who was NOT looking me straight in the eye and telling me that the only thing I could expect from him was a doubling down on everything that’s wrong with this country.  Romney’s whole fricking platform consisted of:  “Yes you’ve been boned, are still being boned and if you elect me I’ll see that you’re double or triple boned from now on,”.

Mr. Obama had enough respect for me… or at least my vote… to tell me a few things he knew I needed to hear.  Whether the president will deliver on any of it remains to be seen but for now he has the benefit of the doubt. As long as he doesn’t start that sorry assed “reach out to the Republicans” routine and especially doesn’t start putting things “on the table” that shouldn’t be there before the talking has even started, I’ll remain one of his most ardent supporters.

I don’t expect miracles especially when it’s a given that the entire Tea Party rank and file couldn’t collectively come up with enough working brain cells to make a single normal brain between ’em and that Mitt Romney losing to a black man with nearly 8% unemployment hasn’t taught their little bunker mentality asses anything. I’ll be happy if we can just preserve what we’ve got for now and hopefully make a start toward getting the situation under control.  We do that by dropping the labels and simply looking at the situation itself in terms other than what ism we subscribe to or the letter after our congresspimp’s name..

There are certain things that have gone on and continue to go on no matter WHO is president or what party your congressman belongs to and sooner or later someone is going to have to step up and put a stop to them before we ever start to drag ourselves back up on shore.  Looking around at the sorry state of our entire political system today, I’m pretty sure that someone is going to have to be us.

As long as Wall Street is allowed to control our economy AND our government… as long as our elected leaders continue to put those responsible for 90% of this country’s economic woes in positions of oversight over their own industries… for as long as our politicians can get more money from Wall Street and K Street than they do from Main Street… for as long as 3-4 global companies are allowed to control 90% of all sources of public information… we’re going to continue to be screwed no matter WHO the president is and the fact that we won’t be getting screwed twice a day by Republicans doesn’t make the prospect of being screwed once a day by Democrats look a whole lot better to those of us who’d rather not be screwed at all.

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