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15 Nov

By @TomBales1 It’s been one of those weeks when while there’s nothing really huge going on, there a lot of not so huge stuff going on everywhere and you can’t find time to get yourself around most it. One thing that always emerges from the smoke and mirrors of American Politics though is that… far from having learned any lessons from being soundly beaten by the man they’ve done nothing but vilify and obstruct for four years… Republicans are still pretty sure that the only way they’re ever going to get back into power is to obstruct and vilify even more. That’s the trouble with a one trick pony… when people finally get tired of the one trick, the pony has nothing else to keep their attention.

The right was able to inflict Bush on us during the early days of their Hate Is Good Politics agenda, which they warmed up for by attacking… even impeaching… Clinton for matters pertaining to his personal life when they could find nothing in the conduct of his office that would warrant it. This time, their target hasn’t presented them with anything in his personal life OR his conduct in office that would even begin to justify their rabid assed attempts to destroy him both politically and personally so they’re having to pull stuff directly from their rectal orifices. If it didn’t have such dire consequences for the country and for a people the majority of whom who only want someone to actually govern in their name, it would be funny to watch.

As it is, watching some of the country’s richest people acting like five year old brats throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get two cookies while everyone else got one (or none) is just another example of the sorry spectacle American politics has become. Actually the majority of us could… and rather would… be doing something of benefit to all if we weren’t being deliberately, and with malice aforethought, obstructed and harassed at every step of the way by a bunch of caterwauling crybabies vying for media attention by being as obnoxious and crude as they possibly can. Hence we get crap like the following:

Now nobody… at least nobody here is going to deny that the dude on the right can run his business any way he sees fit. But neither is anyone here going to deny that we have a right not to patronize that business if we feel that he’s being a total dick. Which he most certainly is, by the way.  What we’re pointing out here is the fact that once again, there is a double standard.  Those same Republicans who vilified Scott Van Duzer to the point of even writing phony reviews for his restaurant… in spite of the fact that most of them had never been in the place and indeed many didn’t reside within a hundred miles of it… are the ones supporting Mr. Schnatter and his right to treat his employees as pawns in his political games by punishing them for the reelection of Mr. Obama.

Some reports have indicated that Mr. Schnatter contributed enough to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign to have paid for health insurance for his employees for the next ten years.  Not only that, but you need to stop and ask yourself a simple question: How many rank and file (non-management) pizza parlor employees are enjoying full time jobs with benefits and who would actually get employer provided health insurance?  Not sure in this particular case but based on the situation everywhere else in the fast food industry I’d guess that the answer would effectively be zero, and that even if it comes to pass, the costs would be negligible compared to what he spent trying to maintain or lower his own taxes and that therefore Mr. Schnatter is simply a double dick who’s grabbing at a chance to gouge his customers while blaming it on his employees and… not incidentally… the President of the United States.

As many others are pointing out, there are thousands of other pizza places out there… most of which in my opinion serve better better pizza than his joints ever did… and many of them are local  mom and pop businesses.  Might I suggest that most of us need to seek them out and patronize them from now on and let big chains like Papa Johns continue to suck up to the one percenters by catering only ignorant bigots?  Let’s see if they can survive with only that demographic anywhere outside the CSA.

And then we have yet another descent into ignorance and irrelevancy by John McCain who, after four years, is still refusing to calmly accept the fact that he lost in 2008.  Mr. McCain is determined to make the Benghazi affair into some kind of cudgel with which to beat the president over the head for the next four years and in order to do so he has allied himself directly with none other than Jefferson Beauregard Sessions.  Now I don’t know about you, but when I see anyone whose parents named him Jefferson Beauregard, I’m reasonably sure I’m looking at someone who’s an ignorant racist redneck simply on the basis of who he was raised by.  Mr. Sessions has never once done or said anything that would dispel me of that notion and the fact that he’s Mr. McCain’s new BFF tells me a lot I already suspected about Mr. McCain.

As to who might be behind this attack on our highest ranking military personnel?  A little clue:  He has always been a staunch friend of the Military/Industrial Complex but like most high profile right wingers has little use for the people who actually serve in our military.   Oh alright. I guess that could apply to just about any of them so… believing in the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words I’ll simply refer you to the picture on the left.  Anybody recognize the young lady with him?

Yeah, I thought you might.  Begins to look suspiciously like the generals were set up by someone who wanted to embarrass the President and like so many of the Republican schemes of the past four years it suffered from the Republicans’ horrible sense of timing.  I have no idea why Cantor withheld the information until it was too late to make a difference in the election and in fact, I’m not convinced it would have made much, if any, difference at all.  But what I do know is that the crime scene has Karl Rove’s fingerprints all over it and as far as I’m concerned and until someone proves me wrong,  this picture is all the evidence I need of the connection.

Somebody needs to pound it into the Republicans that the way to win elections in a free and democratic society is simply to provide better governance than the other guys.  Maybe it’s time the GOP stopped relying on mass hysteria, fake outrage and childish little foot stamping tantrums and gave it a try.  Believe me, fat old white guys losing power is NOT the worst thing that could happen to America… not even to fat old white guys like me.

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