He Lost Because Nobody Liked Him

09 Nov

I’ve been sitting here all day laughing my ass off at the pundits and talking heads with their multitudes of reasons why the Republicans lost big time this past cycle.  Given some of the excuses I’ve seen coming from some of the more “respected” right wing analysts… and I use that term very loosely… I figure my opinions are at least worth the same two cents there’s are.

The more ignorant of the Republican/Tea Party base, the functionally illiterate RW tweeters and the self appointed blog cops of course simply believe Mr. Obama somehow stole the election and that Mr. Romney was the victim of a vast (insert choice of “isms” here) conspiracy to deliver the country into the hands of some Kenyan/Muslim/Indonesian cabal.

Even the supposedly more “credible” of the conservative hate jocks… well OK, make that the ones in big studios with fancy sets… manage to riff off of that basic theory with Fox blowhard Bill O’Reilly describing it as yet another attack on the white power structure.  Karl Rove, fighting desperately for his political and possibly financial life flew by a couple of different theories before he finally took up orbit around Hurricane Sandy, claiming the the super storm had “broken Mr. Romney’s momentum” and allowed Mr. Obama to appear presidential. I get the impression that Mr. Rove thinks that doing one’s job during a time of disaster is somehow not playing fairly with Republicans but maybe if they would just man up and do theirs instead of trying to run others out of office, he wouldn’t have to worry about it.  Limbaugh… well… Limbaugh was Limbaugh.  He  wailed about doomsday for the Republicans a bit before settling into his normal routine of bashing anyone not as fat, ugly,hateful and white as himself. Routine Limbaugh

Now for my own highly accurate and totally unbiased analysis of why Mr. Romney not only lost but lost hugely.  I made up my mind that there would be no personal attacks on Mr. Romney once he had lost and so far I’m sticking to it fairly well.  But I will say this: If all else had been equal… which of course, all all else was not… there would still be one inescapable conclusion that would have come from the election… every day, fewer and fewer people like either the Republicans themselves OR their message.

When you’re through slicing dicing and serving it up, one of the very bare bottom reasons Mr. Romney did not at least make a better showing than he did is that nobody likes Mitt Romney. I’m sorry but Mitt Romney is simply one of the most unlikeable people ever to run for high office. He wasn’t even the MOST likeable of the 8 or 9 extremely unlikeable people people he beat out for the nomination although I’d be hard put to say who was.

I would have to say, based on personal observation and not on any desire to be snarky, Mr. Romney was probably the worst candidate the Republicans could have put up given the fact that he is a major player in the group that most Americans hate the worst and the group that more and more of us are coming to realize was the real force behind the financial collapse.  And it CERTAINLY didn’t help that he very obviously felt that there was nothing wrong with destroying the economy of entire countries, including this one, to make himself and his ilk even richer than they already are.

Mr. Romney was attempting to sell Plutocracy to the working class and not really even trying to hide it while at the same time he was doing the work shirt and jeans thing… trying to pretend to be a man of the people and in tune with the trials and tribulations of that working class… and simply wasn’t a good enough actor to pull it off.  Only the most ignorant can’t tell when they’re being talked down to and Mr. Romney talked down to us every time he opened hid mouth.  It wasn’t much help help when his wife would go on national TV oozing contempt for the “lower classes” that you had to be deaf and blind no to recognize, but  Mr. Romney’s own tendency to sneer at the working classes when he thought nobody was looking or listening were huge contributions to his downfall.

The Republicans simply did not need a rich, elitist “you may kiss my ring” style billionaire type to carry the message of required personal sacrifice that their platform was demanding.  Preaching that a situation requires major personal sacrifice from everyone else when you yourself are not only not sacrificing but actually making money from it… well, I’m not to sure that’s the best strategy to use with folks who are struggling… literally stuggling… through the biggest financial disaster in 80 years.

Even moderate Republicans didn’t buy it and a lot of them proved it, either by voting for Mr. Obama or by simply NOT voting for Mr. Romney.  Basically, the only demographics he DID win in any significant fashion were white middle class Republicans willing to settle for the crumbs from his table and the  white redneck Tea Party male faction around whose demands that he tried to build his campaign and he only got that vote because most of them hated Obama more than they disliked Mitt Romney.

So there’s my humble little opinion as to why Mitt Romney, the man who thought he was entitled to be president, became one of the major losers in the more recent history of presidential politics.  Make of it what you will but remember, you got it here free.  Fox News can’t say that about O’Reilly.

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