We Won! (Didn’t We?)

07 Nov

Well here it finally flipping is, the day after the most important election in US history.  What’s changed?  Not much really although what has changed is largely for the good.  Grayson’s back, Baldwin, Duckworth and Warren are in.  Allen West got his second no so honorable discharge.  So yeah, there are some bright spots.

On the other hand, my predication that hate would be real winner and that the Tea Party/GOP would only double down on the hate and discontent with which they dominate and control political discourse in this country started coming through even before the election results began to be known.  Indeed the Tea Party is already calling for our president to be impeached.  Not sure on what grounds, although rumor has it that they have found a loophole in the law that allows being elected while black to be interpreted as some kind of high crime or misdemeanor.

The list of pathetically hateful comments by leading right wing commentators and bloggers would already gag a maggot and the signs are that these people are just getting warmed up.  I suspect the alpha hog, Rush Limbaugh will be practically melting our radios this morning in a foaming at the mouth denunciation of just about everyone who doesn’t meet his standards for hate… actually that’s not too different than any other day on his show but today it may include a few Republicans.  Bill O’Reilly is leaping once again to the defense of the white Christian male power structure, a thing indeed of his own construction and the defense of which he has used to justify his hate stirring rhetoric on more than one occasion.  Dick Morris says he has “egg on his face” and The Donald posted several childish little white trash Tweets during the proceedings, most of them since deleted (but preserved for posterity by various organizations).

Some folks on the left are praising Mr. Romney for his “gracious” concession speech.  He appeared alone to deliver it, without Mrs. Romney or Paul Ryan and his wife but then he’s done a lot of,,, shell we say… “non-traditional” things during his campaign.  I only listened to bits and pieces of it but in none of them did he ever mention PBO’s name, referring to him only as “he” or “him”.  I’m told by people who did hear the whole thing that this was the case throughout.  He called for an end to partisan bickering without ever acknowledging things like the record number of filibusters and the 33 votes to repeal the ACA or the rock solid Republican platform as was spelled out by Mitch McConnell, a platform in which every plank had the specific purpose of denying Mr. Obama a second term.  Indeed the “bickering” HE refers to was all in the left not going along with everything the right brought to the table.  All in all, it was a fairly mundane speech crafted very carefully to express regret at losing without ever giving any hint of credit to the winner.

Several prominent right wing voices are already shouting that this election was lost because they “weren’t conservative enough” and that the GOP needs to move even farther to the right.  I’m sure there’s a specific medical term to describe someone who, having lost the last two election cycles because the thinking people in this country repudiate their extremist policies, thinks the answer is to become even more extreme in their conduct of the people’s business but until someone tells me what it is I’ll just roll with sociopath.  That’s a term describing a condition that has been illustrated in exquisite detail by Mr. Romney throughout his life and indeed became the foundation for his rather checkered political career and was never more evident than during his just completed presidential bid.

All in all, for a layman like me there is one HUGE reason for the GOP loss that will never come out of the mouths of the right wing pundits and commentators charged with polishing the turd that the GOP’s image has become and  that’s because the GOP… dominated by the Tea Party and the cult of ignorance surrounding it… offered up what was quite arguably the worst slate of candidates in history who then proceeded to run the worst campaign in history, once  insisting that since their extreme right wing policies were being rejected by the majority only because they weren’t right wing enough.

I’m pretty sure that most Americans are able to grasp the fact that you don’t stop people from thinking you’re an asshole by being an even bigger asshole but I’m also pretty sure that there are enough people out there who don’t understand or otherwise reject that simple fact to make American politics the disgusting spectacle it has become.  Trump is right.  The world IS laughing at us but not for the reasons he puts forth.  In fact, he himself is one of the main factors in why the world laughs at our expense.

Anyway, it’s over for a week.  That’s about all the time we get before the posturing for 2014 and beyond gets started in earnest.  All in all, I feel pretty good.  A lot of the people I wanted to win did so but that’s tempered by the fact that a lot of people we needed desperately to lose won also.  We still have Bachmann, Cantor, Issa and the like so the hateful core of the not so flipping loyal opposition still exists to go right on making our lives miserable but hey… it could have been a whole lot worse and I’ll take not quite so bad over worse every single time.

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