The Real Winner Will Be Hate

06 Nov

Well, the day has finally come and there’s nothing to do now but wait for the outcome.  Or possibly the Supreme Court deliberations that will once again award the presidency to a loser that the majority of us didn’t want.  I suppose that If I were a true moderate but left leaning blogger I’d be posting all kinds of deep and profound analyses of the poll results and the apparent trends or maybe about GOP efforts to skew the vote in all those states with tea Party governors or secretaries of state.

It’s not that I don’t have very strong opinions about those subjects and many others that ARE being blogged about today because I do.  Anyone who reads this blog or follows me on Twitter knows exactly where I’m coming from on the major issues that this election will have a massive effect on.  But really, all I could do is once again add my voice to the choir.

So all I really want to say is that those who vote for either major candidate today thinking that a victory by “their guy” thinking that it’s going to do anything to solve the major ills that have befallen this country are doomed to disappointment because the most major of all those ills is not the economy or the foreign wars for profit or even the class war going on between the very rich and the common people, because all of these are merely products of the one overriding evil that forms the umbrella under which the rest reside.

I’m talking about the all pervading hate that, actually when you stop to think about it… this country has steeped in almost since it’s inception and which the powers that be have embraced and begun to use openly as their major tool for manipulating the masses into doing and saying things that are… to put it mildly… not always in their best interests.

In their use of hate as a major political tool the oligarchs are furthering their own political agendas of course, otherwise they wouldn’t bother.  But the major fallout involved… the “collateral damage” if you will… is the irreparable damage being done to friendships and even family relationships by this unprecedented and deliberate polarization of the American people.

To use a personal example, most of my family and oldest and closest friends have pretty much chosen to alienate themselves from me because my political stances and opinions are… to say the least… pretty much at variance with their own.  Since many of my family and probably 95% of my (former?) friends are of what we’ll just refer to as the far right of center/Tea Party persuasion and I’m pretty much the opposite, It has reached the point where I have virtually no communication with anyone.  I don’t get phone calls, I don’t get emails and… horror of horrors… my status updates are ignored on Facebook and you just don’t GET more ostracized than that.   That’s a joke, right? Uh… nope.

Last week, I had a(nother) severe (life threatening) medical emergency and posted about it on Facebook.  Not a single one of my predominantly right wing family or friends even bothered to acknowledge the post.  I also sent an email about it to those that don’t FB and CC:ed it to those that do.  Still zip.  No, I’m not whining about being alone or left out or any of that stuff.  I’m just illustrating a point.  Before I “came out” as a moderate/progressive, I enjoyed the same relationship with friends and family that anyone else did, mainly because I made it a point never to talk to them about politics or religion.  As long as we talked about families and friendships it was OK.

But as the omnipresent right wing hatred for “lefties” and “liberals” began to be expanded on and new people and reasons to be hated were added to the mix and especially as the unadulterated open hatred for Barack Obama began to fester openly and was becoming more and more the primary focus of most of their posts and other forms of communication, I decided to stick my two cents worth in.  I started doing so in much the same manner they themselves, thinking they might see how ridiculous it was to allow yourself to be manipulated in that manner and to that extent.

Instead it got me pretty much “fired” as father and friend to most of them, hence the situation that prevails today.  That kind of polarization… the kind that can override families and friendship going back for decades… that kind of hatred won’t stop no matter who wins today.  For many it’s simply a matter of heredity and therefore ingrained and people don’t “unlearn” that kind of hate.  For others it’s a product of the constant 24/7 drumbeat of right wing/corporate/media propaganda and again you don’t cancel out 100 years of being programmed to hate with the push of a button or a computer key.

Nope whoever wins today there will be some people who are elated, some who are bitterly disappointed but as always the majority, of which I consider myself a part, will simply be screwed again.  If Obama wins, we’ll have four more years of right of center governance by a Democrat while the right will simply double down on the hate and disruption that has marked the last four.  If Romney wins, the right will once again abandon every principle of democratic governance in their zeal to make sure that the wealth and power in this country continues to defy gravity and flow uphill into the pockets of these who already own over half of it and won’t rest until they get the other half.

And those of us stuck in the middle? Well… we’re stuck in the middle.  What else is there to know?  The one thing that is abundantly clear in any event is that America will continue to be a country running on hate.  Whites hate blacks anybody not white, fundamentalist Christians hate anyone who’s not a fundamentalist Christian (although they’ll make an exception for a Mormon if it gets the black dude out of the White House), the rich hate the poor because they use up resources which could be more aptly used to make the rich folks richer  and the poor will hate the rich simply because if it weren’t for the greed factor that motivates most rich folks to be rich in the first place, there would be enough for everybody.

But the biggest reason of all why peddling hate will continue to be the one totally unmitigated factor in American life after this election is that hate has become yet another “industry” in this country, readily exploitable by Wall Street and the nabobs of Neo-Capitalism.  As long as hate is so easy to sell and there exists a cadre of hate “merchants” willing and able to peddle it… and as long a there is this vast market for it… the rich will continue to make vast sums of money from it.  Making money exploiting hate… so very capitalist, innit?

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