Television Journalism_A True Oxymoron

21 Oct

Progressives often seem to miss the entire point of having a multi-party system or even the reasons behind the desire of the people to have at least two clear choices to choose from.  They don’t seem to understand that this turn the other cheek thing only gets both sides of your ass kicked.  They instead try to forge “compromises” or come to “mutually agreeable” conclusions when conducting the people’s business when the truth is that their compromises often consist of giving away the farm to the conservatives in return for a handful of empty promises that will either never be kept or else broken at the first moment it becomes expedient to do so.  One of the areas in which Progressives have toted up a pretty fair sized number of failures is in their dealings with what we’ve come to call the “Mainstream Media” or, for the purposes of this post, “electronic journalism” (radio TV news for you Tea Party folks). 

Progressives… or maybe it’s just Democrats in general… seem to be somehow unable to say “bad” things about their opponents in a public venue even as they themselves are being openly demonized and often marginalized.  This overwhelming urge by Progressives to be seen as just a little “nicer”, a little more “civilized” than the ravening jackals verbally eating their asses for lunch is OK in it’s place I suppose but I’ll be damned if I’ve been able to figure out where its place is yet and I’ll always believe it’s part of what got PBO a virtual ass kicking in the first debate.   

Mainstream media is a term which I suppose can, like most of them, have different meanings to different people.  For example, to me it’s simply the corporate media while to the average Tea Party Republican, mainstream media automatically means the “liberal” media which supports liberal and even “socialist” agendas to the exclusion of the noble crusades being waged by conservative heroes daily.  Of course, this definition is readily dismissed by anyone willing to put a little time and effort into informing themselves as to what’s actually going on in the world today but unfortunately that sounds too much like work to a huge segment of the voting public so they tend to limit their participation in the search for facts to 3-4 hours of right wing talk radio during the day and another few hours of Fox News at night and let that be the limit of any effort they’re willing to make.  These folks just flat out don’t like doing the arithmetic themselves, probably because it makes their heads hurt.  So they simply assume that anything not “confirmed” by Limbaugh or some other paragon of right wing verbal flatulence is unworthy of any attention. 

Indeed, the truth lies almost 180 degrees south of that assumption.  There’s almost as much right wing propaganda coming from supposed bastions of liberalism such as MSNBC as there is from Fox News.  It’s just done better.  Virtually the entire system of information in this country today is owned and therefore controlled by four or five of the same massive corporations that have been bankrolling and directing the Corporate takeover of the United States through their gobbling up of virtually every form of communications between the members of the masses as well as the outright purchase of the huge majority of the right wingers in our congress, most of whom are Republicans although for the last few cycles conservative Democrats (read quislings) have been doing their part for the Plutocracy right along with their brothers and sisters across the aisle.

The number one problem for those of us who would like to see things a tad more fair and balanced…. yeh, I hate the term to but it fits right now… is the lack of willingness on the part of the few Liberals and Progressives… or maybe moderates is the better term… that still have some access to the public airwaves to take the right wing hate merchants openly to task for their failure to force the industry maintain the integrity of the press and maintain the institution that which up until the last couple of decades had served as the people’s final system of checks and balances and was indeed referred to as our “Fourth Estate”. 

Instead we get from most Progressives or moderates what is at best a lukewarm reference to “inaccuracies”, “failures” or probably worse, some almost comical declaration of “outrage” at first and crickets after and even these are more readily found on Twitter than on any TV screen, network or cable.  Anything to avoid pointing them out as plain old slop bucket lies and for what?  Fear you won’t get another interview or be  invited to appear on the show again so some tool of Wall Street can make himself look like a big dog by talking over you again?  Once and for all, these media darlings are NOT making mistakes, or being inaccurate, they are deliberately distorting the truth and they are outright flipping LYING and their rudeness and outright boorishness is part of the act and it’s damned well time someone stated calling them out on it.

For example… in regard to the latest steaming pile left by Darrell Issa that that has had me seething with anger since yesterday…  various outlets had articles in regard to Senator Durbin’s outrage over Issa’s potentially lethal document dump, none of which contained a single word about the legal ramifications or what he would propose be done about it which, according to my Twitter TL, a lot of people were wanting to know.  I didn’t expect him to come right and out say Issa is an asshole or even a criminal… That WOULD be over the line and besides, I consider at least the naming of assholes part of that my job.  But it did call for a hell of a lot stronger condemnation of Issa’s actions than was offered up, at least in those articles I saw.

Yes, there are a few exceptions, Rachel Maddow coming quickest to mind, but for very one like her there are a half dozen or so Limbaugh or O’Reilly types not to mention the fence straddlers  like Chris Matthews, of whom it was once said that “Nobody ever knows which leg, left or right, he’ll be humping on any given day.”. 

But for the most part there are a few things you can count on to the point of them being truisms,  One such is that… no matter if it’s Tweety doing the humping or someone else…on that given day a number of right wing hate peddlers will GET their legs humped by the overhyped and overpaid rock stars of TV “journalism” and that any Democrat/Progressive guests that do mange to get on the air will be shouted over and or cut off the second they start to challenge the host’s agenda (on Sundays the number doubles or triples). 

Another is that Chuck Todd will use his position to force his face in front of the cameras on one or more of the shows on NBC/MSNBC.  In addition to the daily tripe from Fox News you can just about bet the farm that once or twice a week Ann Coulter will make some totally offensive ad hominem attack on some particular person she doesn’t even know, especially if she’s got a book to sell that week and that Michelle Malkin will throw a screaming, foaming at the mouth fit about something that some “liberal” said or did that pricked her vastly (and falsely) oversensitive sense of outrage. As for CNN, they still have Wolf Blitzer as their #1 front man and that’s really all you need to know about them.  Run away fast.

And that’s it.  That’s all the hell there is.  Like the Rush Limbaugh hatefest in which he hasn’t done or said anything original for at least ten years now, It’s the same damned thing over and over again with nothing but a different shade of lipstick on the same old pig’s ass every day.  We’re not watching news, we’re watching a dog and pony show, the SAME dog and pony show every damned day.

The one thing I personally have to be thankful for is that they’re no longer trying to pass it off as journalism or themselves as journalists.  That used to piss me off royal when they did that and at my age and in the shape I’m in these days I can no longer afford the blood pressure spikes.  While they’re not admitting to being little more than high paid RW shills, neither are they denying it and insulting the memories of real journalists like Murrow and Cronkite.

Now I can either ignore them or… in the case of something particularly egregious… just look at them with the same contempt and disdain Mitt Romney uses toward people like me (although in the case of several of them I will admit to a certain nasty desire to ask them who they had to blow to get their cushy jobs).  But I do often find myself wishing that some Democrat appearing on some right wing television show would look Billo or Morning Joe right in the eye and say, “You know, that’s the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard.”.  I haven’t seen anything like that since Lee Camp managed to sneak himself onto a Fox News panel show way back before anyone… including me… had heard of him.  I’ve been a fan ever since.

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