Givers & Takers

01 Oct

I find myself bugged by several things this week not least among them the attitude of a lot of right wing types toward people who, for whatever reason, didn’t have an opportunity to become wealthy or even financially independent during their working lives.  These RW folks need to simply face the freaking fact that there are 330 million people in this goddamned country and obviously, not all of them can be millionaires.  The few that can, can only do so through the efforts of the rest of us and for every new millionaire, there are literally thousands of people who had to work their asses off for less than a living wage to make it possible for him or her to reach that status.

The simple fact is that very few of the real movers and shakers in this country today got to where they are on their own.  Anyone who was born with the proverbial silver spoon up their gazoo probably has the least right to talk about the 47% and their so called “entitlements”.  These are the so called “privileged” few who have adopted the stance that they are entitled to all of the country’s wealth simply because a tiny little of number of them already control most of it.  They have no other rationale.  Virtually anyone else who manages to reach the millionaire rung on their little ladder does so mostly on their coattails by providing various financial “services” to the real barons and earls and moving various piles of their money around for them in some manner or other.  In short, capitalism has become just another industry, one of which depends on our output for its existence and that we are required to pay into but which we are not allowed to take from.

And of course we have the common garden variety slugs and thugs who somehow seem to find ways to become millionaires by holding elective office or occupying various slots in the bureaucracy that enable them to funnel more of the country’s wealth to the big dogs by outright manipulation of the economy in return for for a few crumbs from the master’s table.  Like the popular concept of Judas, they count their thirty pieces of silver as a major accomplishment of their own and take great pride in their status as running dogs for the elite but one only has to look at people like Darrell Issa and Joe Walsh to know the true depth of their character.

The rich are indeed different than you or I and truly, it can be no other way.  For each taker, there must be thousands of givers… or at least people to be taken from… and of course it’s our basic mindset  that is the main factor in determining which we are.  Most of us (barely… that opinion may be subject to change on November 6) are still givers.  We understand the need to do just that tad more than the law requires in order to have a decent country for us all to live in.  The takers,,, not so much.

The problem for the rest of us is that the number of takers is growing due to the fact that like other predatory animals, they tend to breed… a lot… and each succeeding generation has to have more than the last simply not only because that’s the nature of the people involved but simply because their numbers have increased.  In other words, the rich are the only ones left who can actually hand off a better world to their larvae than the rest of us lowborns can to our own kids for blatantly obvious reasons.

A case in point of course, would be Willard Mitt Romney and his five sons, all of whom might as well have been cloned from skin scrapings from his right ass cheek.  The Romney family epitomizes the attitudes toward the rest of us that was so ably caricatured by Jim Backus as Thurston Howell III so many years ago while the excesses of the one percent were still a joking matter and before they had become literally a matter of life and death.  They have been brought up to think that the measure of a human being is not taken by weight of his or her contributions to society as a whole  but solely by the amount of wealth and power they they contribute to the Romney dynasty and far from resenting the fact that they have reached the point of virtually stealing the food from our children’s plates in order to satisfy their lust for more and more, the rest of us are actually supposed to admire them for it.
That’s why they apply high sounding titles to themselves like “Maker” or “Producer” or the latest example, “Job Creator” (in spite of the fact that they actually make or produce nothing tangible and there is no evidence that the deregulation of American corporations has produced anything but a net LOSS of jobs in the US over the past 30 years) and that’s why Mitt can utter… with a straight face… statements to the effect that anything his boys do that furthers the fortune of the Romney family is equivalent to say… fighting and dying in one of the never ending wars that are a major part of the agenda by which they make their money… or that “corporations are people too, my friend”.

This is the man… and the mindset… that the ultra right feels is not only an acceptable choice to lead this country but actually worthy of anything they have to resort to in order to get him into office up to and including not only everything we’ve seen so far… the lies, half truths, innuendo, gridlock and outright race baiting… but even deliberately and methodically openly depriving millions of those most likely to vote for the other side of their very right to vote.  This is the man and the mindset that has become their line in the sand… their final stand at the Alamo.  The sorriest candidate in history, running the sorriest campaign in history and if they have their way, he just may be running the sorriest failed country in history as the US becomes the first nation to openly capitulate to the Fascist/Corporatist oligarchy without even a bang or a whimper.

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