This Is Deeper Than Just Another Romney $%#@up

13 Sep

This past couple of days has seen the Romney campaign apparently accelerating its race to the bottom as the election they’re supposed to be trying to win looms ever nearer.  I say supposed to be trying to win because when you take the time to analyze some the goings on over the past couple of weeks and especially the last two days, you honestly have to wonder whether they’re even trying of not.

It’s not just that Mitt Romney is the sorriest candidate ever shoved in the face of the American voter and that his campaign has been little more than one easily debunked gaffe or outright lie after another.  There have always been crappy candidates and crappy campaigns and sometimes one even wins simply because the other guy and the other campaign are even worse.

But this election cycle has simply been a below the bottom of the barrel dung fest for the Republicans.  At a time when you would think they had learned a lesson from the backlash against their policies during the Bush administration…a time when you would think they would have brought their A team to counter the popularity of PBO… they instead offer a parade of  right wing caricatures to choose from and finally boil it down to Willard Mitt Romney… his specialty role being the smug rich dude with an overwhelming superiority complex and total contempt for 99% of the people he claims to want to lead… and then compound it by letting the most radical right wing goobers they’ve got run his campaign.

Mitt Romney and his campaign have turned out to be the classic illustration of a candidate so crappy and a campaign run so badly that it’s hard not to come away at least thinking about the possibility that the GOP has already backed off from trying to win this election on the issues alone (since Mr. Obama already owns most of them) and decided to go with plan B with the remainder of the campaign itself being nothing but a series of shiny objects meant to distract rather then inform.  (Yeah, I know, that’s all the entire cycle has been for them so far but stick with me).

So what exactly IS Plan B?  Who the hell besides a member of the  inner councils of the Republican party… and possibly the government of Israel… knows?  But I have a sneaking suspicion it might involve a renewal of the “shock and awe” style fear that has been so instrumental in keeping them in power (even when they were technically out of power) for the past twelve years.  I tend to think they’ve decided that the American people are beginning to wake up from the decade of abject fear that followed 9/11 and allowed the right wing corporatists in our government to virtually eliminate those freedoms that once set us apart from other nations and come begging to them to make us “safe”  and, not incidentally, to rape, pillage and plunder at will while doing so.  In other words, it’s time for another lesson and I believe the attacks of the past few days may just be the first day of school..

Whoever made and released that film did so with full knowledge  of what the result would most likely be. For that reason that person or those persons responsible for the film are just as guilty of at least manslaughter as the drunk who gets into his car and plows into a crosswalk full of school kids.  If there were any American citizens involved, they should be arrested and brought to trial.  We’re hearing right now that it was a right wing Jewish extremist individual and that the film was financed by “donations” from like minded individuals.  While that’s subject to change from day to day, it appears to be the latest information available at the time of this posting.

But who actually poked the stick at the bear really makes no difference in the context of this post.  It was a case of deliberately enraging the bear knowing that in it’s rage it was going to hurt someone.  There is no doubt in my mind that not only did the film makers know people were going to be hurt but that was their sole purpose in releasing the film in the first place.  That’s typical of right wing thinking no matter what country you’re in… if someone has to be sacrificed for the “cause” make damned sure it’s someone else.

The openly reprehensible part of the entire affair as far as American politics is concerned is the zealousness with which Mitt Romney jumped on the situation like a duck on a June bug without even waiting for the official releases from the people who actually have the responsibility to inform the American public and his deliberate obfuscation of the true facts in order to make himself look “good”.  If that was his purpose, it damned sure didn’t work with me or any other American who doesn’t base their political opinions on simple hatred for “the other guy” and can see, if not the details of the underlying issues at stake, at least the fact that underlying issues exist.

I’m not going to say that Mitt Romney couldn’t shrink any lower in my estimation.  I’ve said that before, about him and other right wing politicians and been proven wrong.  I’m just going to sit back and wait to see WTF he says tomorrow or the next day.  It may be stupid, it may be self serving, it may be a lot of things.  But from now on, surprising won’t be one of them.


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3 responses to “This Is Deeper Than Just Another Romney $%#@up

  1. Sam Johnson

    September 13, 2012 at 11:05

    Romney jumped into the fiery fray “like a duck on a june bug” yesterday and looked like a chump. He managed to look both DULL and HOTHEADED at the same time, which is the most interesting thing that Romney has ever been accused of.

  2. K Kelly

    September 13, 2012 at 11:09

    It’s THERE not Their…..

    “Their have always been crappy candidates and crappy campaigns and sometimes one even wins simply because the other guy and the other campaign are even worse.”

    • Tom Bales

      September 13, 2012 at 13:00

      Oh gee thanks! As many people familiar with myself or the site know, I suffered a stroke a few years back that affected my ability to process quickly. I also have problems with “to”, “too” and “two”, and various other homophones too so feel free to stop in and boost your little sense of grammatical superiority any time. As I have explained numerous times before… because there’s always some grammar Nazi around to make the mixing of “there” and “their” the issue while totally ignoring the content of the post, it can, and often does take me ah hour or two just to type one of these posts accurately enough to make it readable and often again that long trying to find and correct all these horrible errors that for some, like yourself, take complete precedence over the information contained in the post. Even then I sometimes miss one or two, as I obviously did this time for which I humbly beg your pardon. I am so flipping thankful to folks like you and the rest of the Grammar Police who patrol the internet reminding people like myself of their (did I get it right that time?) inadequacies and using other people’s time and space to tout their own infallibility. Now, having said all that… $#%@ off!


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