Schoolyard Bullies

12 Sep

Mitt Romney never ceases to amaze me.  No matter how low down and hateful he is today, rest assured, he’s gonna be more so tomorrow.  His response to the shootings in Libya… made without any facts on the actual circumstances and devoid of any meaningful content other than another Bash The President screed… have even other Republicans… some not that much higher on the scale of accepting societal responsibility than he himself… shaking their heads in wonder at how any would could possibly be that banal… that childish… that devoid of common human decency.  Four Americans are dead and so far as I can see it means nothing to Mitt Romney but a chance for a quarter point spike in his approval ratings among Republicans.

I’ve blocked most of the people that felt it necessary to correct or rebut me on  my threads on Facebook so I haven’t seen any of their takes on it (although I could almost write the posts for most of then and not be more than a word or two off) but one of my old co-workers has managed to assume at least part the mantle.

This one doesn’t post on my threads but if I post anything even remotely pro-progressive, he immediately starts posting all the pro-right garbage out there in order to counteract it, spitting them out like machine gun bullets.  As I’ve said before, Actually kind of amusing to watch… kind of a Pavlovian experiment where anything favorable or actually even neutral towards the POTUS prompts an instant and almost pathological barrage of responses, no matter how lame those responses might be.  no matter how lame those responses might be.  My own response usually involves feeling totally cool watching him waste an hour out of his day.

Today, all he had to fall back on without looking like a total douche by trying to actually defend Mitt’s HUGE blunder in trying to “beat the president to the punch” on a foreign policy statement he had no business speaking on before the official position had been made known, was Mary Bono-Mack’s boiler plate “We need to blah blah blah” routine in which she didn’t actually mention PBO but damned sure set her followers up to do it for her in comments.  He also “liked” whatever the hell that half page of incoherent garbage Mooselips had on her page was all about… which I suppose is in itself sufficient background.

My point is that no matter how thoroughly depraved and soulless Mitt Romney might be… no matter how shamelessly venal our congress may have become… they’re only taking advantage of an opportunity offered them by the fact that a large portion of the population is exactly like them in terms of selfishness and greed…  only without the bucks.  The only thing these Po’ Boy versions of Mittens have going for them is that they’re better than anyone else at hating those they think… for whatever reason… have wronged them in some way.

They’re a very easily angered group and their anger naturally makes them vulnerable to manipulation.  As long as the GOP and it’s Wall Street leash holders can keep that anger and resentment focused on that poor working single mom on food stamps, or that unemployed dad drawing unemployment benefits that are about to run out or that old person trying to find some way to pay for food and medicine without having to choose between them, then we’re going to have the sorry spectacle of a large portion of the population continuing to vote against it’s own best interests.

But why are these people so hateful and angry in the first place?  Well, other than the fact that we have a black guy in the White House (we covered that yesterday), it’s a matter of pure dee good old fashioned bullyism.  It’s one of those “If some big dude slaps you around and takes your lunch, you don’t fight to keep him from doing it, you just find some little dude, slap them them around and take THEIR lunch” things that go on in virtually every school yard in the country.  Not only that, my theoryt also explains the seventh grade mentality levels often displayed in the rhetoric that accompanies the actions themselves.

Think about it.  It’s one thing to be a Mitt Romney, whose daddy left him a whole shit pot full of start up money with which to launch his life’s career of trading on other people’s misery… it’s quite another to be just a low rent Mitt Romney WANNABE without that pot and to know that no matter what you do, you will NEVER be able to overcome the Romney advantage and actually BE like him.  How frustrating that must be, eh?

I suppose we could say it’s natural to resent those whom you think are depriving you of what’s rightfully yours and even for that resentment and frustration to well up into bursts of anger now and again.  After all, Mitt Romney has no business getting away with a tax rate that’s 12-20 % less than yours.  He has no business removing hundreds of millions of dollars from our economy and salting it away in foreign banks instead of reinvesting it in America and the American people.  You damned well SHOULD be angry, as it was a bunch of folks just like Mitt Romney, aided and abetted by a bunch of folks just like Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor, who sacrificed the national economy and the hopes and dreams of millions of working class Americans on the altar of the almighty buck.

But that’s not who the Tea Party and the rest of the ultra right wing of the Republican party is mad at is it? Oh hell no.  Like bullies anywhere, especially bullies who have been bullied by people their own size and lack the balls to fight back, they’re going to find someone even smaller and weaker than themselves and bully them.  They know damned well they’ll never get anything back from Mitt Romney and the Wall Street banks so they try to take it out of the hides of the poor instead while totally ignoring the fact that they could take everything the poor might have and it still would not put another dollar in their pockets or create a single job.  That’s been a proven fact for eleven years now but you’ll never convince a Teaper of it.

My one real hope for this election is that not only does PBO win it, he wins it by a significantly larger margin than he did in 2008.  That would… as some of the right wing pundits are saying this week, truly spell the end of the GOP as it currently exists or at least marginalize the clamoring morons who have been dictating it’s policy for the last four years and maybe… just maybe… let us get back to some kind of meaningful dialogue about the best way to serve the American people instead of the one percent.

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