Mitt Owes His Candidacy To Barack Obama

09 Sep

Mitt Romney committed an what should have been unpardonable sin during his acceptance speech at the RNC, one that would have ended a campaign in normal times, one that SHOULD have reverberated from every rafter of every news organization in the country.  Had President Obama committed the same blunder, it would in fact STILL be reverberating from the rafters of every news organization in the country.  Fox anchors would be rending their garments and throwing themselves into paroxysms of righteous indignation,  Ann Coulter would have strangled on her Adam’s Apple and Malkin’s fangs would be gnashing in petulant fury.  But it wasn’t Obama, it was Romney and once again, the difference is the story.

So what was it that Mitt Did?  Well he gave this rambling speech glorifying wealth and power and repeating every meme and screed his writers could dig up about the sanctity of capitalism and the failure of those “other people” to be good little capitalists and do their part to make sure that wealth continued to defy gravity and flow up hill.  But he left out any mention of the wars or thanks to the troops fighting and dying in those wars as part of the apparatus by which gravity is BEING defied.

Then, after a couple of lame explanations by staffers, Mitt looked America right in the camera and uttered the words that would have choked any moral or compassionate human being.  Without even blinking, Romney said that the reason he hadn’t bothered to mention the troops or even the war was that he wanted to focus on those things that were important, the implication being of course that wars and our military personnel fighting and dying in those wars are NOT important with the added implication that the “liberal” press and the bloggers needed to stop talking about it and also focus on what he, Mitt Romney, the man entitled to be president because it’s his turn, considers “important”.

Not only does Mitt Romney not believe that the people dying in phony wars… for the sole purpose of making people like him richer… are important, he wants to start at least one,possibly two more ground wars in the Mideast because to his way of thinking you can’t have too much of a good thing.   Of course, once the cash flow from his little adventures is well established, those wars will be unimportant also and the casualties simply the price someone else has to pay to keep the money flowing into those Caribbean banks where most of Mitt’s money makes its home.  Mitt Romney is simply a man totally devoid of any sense of responsibility to anyone except Mitt Romney or to anything that doesn’t directly advance the fortunes of Mitt Romney.

So how does a man so devoid of compassion, so utterly barren in terms of social responsibility become a major contender for the presidency?  That he is the candidate of the Republican party says reams about the Republican party of course…  but one major factor continues to be overlooked or swept under the carpet by the those who make their living by cogitating and discoursing on such matters.  Mitt Romney owes any current viability his candidacy might claim to Barack Obama or more accurately, to the fact that Barack Obama is black.

If Barack Obama were a white man the Republicans wouldn’t have had what has been their most effective weapon… actually the only real weapon they’ve had… to date, that being the ease with which uneducated and ill informed white males… predominantly residents of those southern states that formed the old Confederacy… could be manipulated on the basis of mistrust and yes, outright fear and hatred of anyone not just like themselves.  To pander to a group like that you need someone just as soulless and empty as any Wall Street banker but preferably not actually a Wall Street banker… a genre that has fallen into ill rapport even among the Tea Party rank and file these days… and who better fills that bill than history’s number one vulture capitalist?

He appeals to the 1% for all of the obvious reasons of course and as long as his campaign can have him mouth a few phrases on subjects near and dear to the Teapers, who really don’t pay much attention to the real world anyway, he’s golden.  He can waffle and pander with the best and still maintain that aura of smug superiority he was instilled with at a tender age.  He not only doesn’t mind being considered a cold, ruthless heartless sonofabitch ala Gordon Gekko, he actually revels in it.

Mitt Romney is the perfect candidate for the Republican Party in the 21st century but he still couldn’t have gotten his candidacy off the ground without two things… the institutionalized bigotry and racism that still pervades the old south and which has been whipped to a frenzy by his party over the last four years… and the fact that Barack Obama is black.

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