Changing Venues (KInda)

08 Sep

From this point on I’m going to be scaling my politics related presence on Facebook back drastically.  It doesn’t mean I won’t be there to share and support the positions of my friends and to showcase information I feel is important to the making of rational political decisions but only that I won’t be making myself quite the target for certain folks who don’t understand that not everything I say has to be refuted, rebutted or dismissed… over and over again   I know that some of you have seen some of my threads lately and will know what I’m talking about.  Fighting fire with fire would be fruitless because in trying to do so, I’m only contributing to the obfuscation of my own threads since I steadfastly refuse to go on their own pages to play the same game.

The decision to curtail my Facebook activities comes at a time when… with the election looming above the political horizon… I had some serious questions for my right wing friends… questions that would have required more than just a “He’s not Obama” style answer plus some version of a response I got today that seems to indicate that Mitt is qualified to be president because “he’s a smart guy” because he’s rich enough to be able to hire high priced lawyers to exercise certain loopholes and tax avoidance procedures not available to the rest of us and which leaves us holding the bag for his dickosity which seem to be the standard right wing reasons for supporting Romney’s attempt to actually rule the people that until now he’s only robbed.

But this is not an anti Romney post  per se.  Well, OK… maybe a little.  Anyone who knows the story of Mitt’s struggle to pull himself up by his boot straps with nothing but a few million bucks worth of stock his daddy left him as a “starter” fund and whatever he’s made from bankrupting companies, outsourcing American jobs  and investing in foreign economies and infrastructure since then, knows he’s just smarter than the rest of us.  Of course thinking people also recognize the odor of bullshit when they’re being gassed by it and in their case I’d be preaching to the choir and let’s face it… there’s seriously little I could add that’s would have any effect on those who actually love that smell.

No, what I would like to do is use my little blog here to post certain questions from time to time that would give us some indication as to what readers think Mitt’s stance might be on subjects that are important to those of us who place value on such subjects as education, social safety nets, infrastructure investments.

I don’t want to hear about Mitt the hero or villain nor do I want a pile of purely anecdotal pro-Romney claptrap… I want to hear about Mitt’s actual… existing,.. stated by him or his campaign… PLANS in regard to these subjects and what those plans mean to ALL of us as individual American citizens,not just those who think that by riding Mitt’s coattails, they’ll get a slice of Mitt’s pie.  Since Mitt has yet to actually articulate any detailed plan for anything and has so far limited himself to vague generalizations basically telling each audience what the polls tell him they want to hear, I know it’s going to be hard so I’ll start us off with one that I feel is important to all of us.

Has Mitt offered a detailed plan in regard to public education and if so what do you think the effect of his proposals will have on you or your children’s future?

Not private education, not expensive prep schools for rich kids to avoid getting the crap beat out of them in… PUBLIC education, grades –12 and public secondary schools payed for and staffed by taxpayers.

If anyone decides to take a shot, you can do so in comments… although I seldom remember to check comments, relying on email notification that they exist… or directly by email at

The best answers to each question will receive… well… nothing but my thanks, actually.  But your thoughts and opinions will be shared in succeeding posts both here on my little seldom visited page and over at the other place… which has an actual readership going on. Winking smile

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