A Quick Note For MY RW Facebook Friends

03 Sep

Just wanted to let you all know a few things all you antiunion and antilabor types might not be giving much thought as you busy yourself on your day off on this Labor Day by posting support for those who seek nothing but to undo everything that has ever been done for the working stiffs in this country… the people to whom Labor Day was actually created in the first place.  If you get your way, we won’t even HAVE a Labor Day for you to be off on, so enjoy it while you can.

But that’s not what I came to talk about this morning.  Nope.  Just wanted to post a quick note to those of you who keep posting the little posters and cartoons about “Obamacare”, a subject of which most of you appear to be totally ignorant.  Of course, given that the only sources of information you’ll accept as sources of truth are hate radio and Fox News… which still remains the only “news” organization in history to fight its way through the federal court system to win the right to lie to it’s audience… it’s no surprise that you remain almost entirely ignorant of the realities under the surface of the only for profit healthcare system in the civilized world.

Nope, no surprises there, but I’ll tell you what IS surprising to me, even now, after I’ve been exposed to it for as long as anyone else, and that’s your vehement insistence on remaining ignorant and your absolute refusal to look at black and white data and do the simple grade school arithmetic it would take to figure this out for yourself.  I suppose it’s simply easier to let Limbaugh and the O’Reilly/Hannity propaganda consortium supply you with all the “facts” you need.

I posted this as my status update a few minutes ago:

As some of you know, I suffer from severe progressive heart failure that will probably be the end of me some time during the next year or 18 months. Right now I’m sitting here looking at ten pill bottles lined up on my desk. Five of them have been empty for about ten days now and the others have something in them ONLY because I’m supposed to take them twice a day but have limited myself to once. I’ll finally get refills tomorrow but I’ll do without something else, something you probably take for granted, in order to do so.
The point being… I actually live the life you only hear about on Fox so don’t talk to me about our wonderful health care system in this country until you’ve had to go without it or some other basic need just to flipping stay alive. All I can say to you is your day will come… and if you let them privatize Medicare it will probably come a lot quicker than you expect. Thanks for reading. Now go post some more propaganda posters for the 1%.

There was a lot more I would like to have said to you but it’s a Facebook status update not a blog.  THIS is the blog where I can also point out things that most of you simply don’t want to face… things like that 45000 people die in this country annually for reasons associated either with the lack of health insurance or the lack of adequate health insurance involving decisions by insurance companies to deny care on one pretext or another.  Sorry you choose to refuse responsibility for your part in it but that’s just the way it is.

These are people who die… simply because they do not have the wherewithal to partake in a system that is only available to those who can afford to pay for it.  That’s hardly something I would call the “Finest Health Care System In The World!!!” as so many of you often do.

Simple fact is, it’s NOT the finest health care system in the world by a long shot.  We rank well down among the list of industrialized countries in just about every area of actual health care you can name.  The only thing we’re number one in is the cost.  We actually DO have the most expensive health care system in the world.  And I think I read somewhere that we’re near the top in plastic faces and tits for rich folks so there’s that.  But all in all, among the developed nations, we pretty much get charged a whole lot more and get a whole lot less in return,  So can we please stop with the lame slogans and hype???

If you choose to ignore simple facts in favor of false hype and jingoism that’s your decision.  Once again, just stay the hell out of my face when I’m telling people the truth from actual firsthand experience when you have nothing but quotes and cartoons from right wing Astroturf propaganda sites bought and paid for by the Wall Street death panels (which are the only REAL death panels out there).   I’ll stack my experiences against your jingoism any day of the week, Bucko.


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2 responses to “A Quick Note For MY RW Facebook Friends

  1. lless

    September 7, 2012 at 17:12

    Tom: I am just a left wing voyeur who pops in here for a change of scenery. Reading your post about the empty med bottles against your bios, my sterotypical thinking about retirement is that you have a thirty year public pension, Social Security and Medicare, so there shouldn’t be this kind of shortfall in retirement. Have you ever layed out the retirement landscape for someone with advanced heart disease, copays, donut holes and costs of medication? I would be interested in that because retirement is lurking.

  2. Tom Bales

    September 7, 2012 at 18:03

    My case is a little weird… definitely not typical so it probably is not going help you much, but here are the high spots.

    I was medicaled out with 5 years to go for normal retirement due to an injury received in a water rescue. My retirement was lump summed out to me and I wound up with an $11k workers comp award and lifetime care for the injury itself.

    I placed my retirement in a savings account feeding an IRA and lived on the 11k plus unemployment (there’s a whole ‘nother bureaucratic lashup story right there but it’ll wait) until I managed to find other work in another state. (Try finding a job at 50 in California when you’re partially disabled)

    Suffered a couple of heart attacks on the new job before I qualified for health coverage from my employer, made too much money to qualify for that state’s Medicaid program and wound up owing almost $86k in medical bills. Had to take my retirement money, close out the IRA (charged the crap out of me for early withdrawal) and pay on the medical bills and still wound up owing about $13 thousand.

    Came back to CA worked 7 years in a basically minimum wage department store job to make minimum quarters for Social Security (I was in PERS so hadn’t been paying into SS during my state employment) got mold poisoning and had a couple more heart attacks and a stroke, wound up with Asthma, CHF and retired with a minimum SSD stipend and $157 in SSI from the state which has since been reduced to $7 a month. Managed to live another year and qualify for Medicare and here I am.

    That’s my sordid tale of woe. Bureaucracy, bad luck and some bad decisions on my part. and nothing that will help you, I’m afraid..


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