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Why Does The GOP Hate The Poor?

Why do Republicans hate the poor?  Or the elderly, the unemployed, the sick or anyone else they see as the reason they don’t get to “keep all they make”?

The highly oversimplified one word answer is “conscience”.  Now before you all start going off with massive generalizations about Republicans “having no conscience” yadayada, that’s simply not true.  Almost everyone has a conscience.  I was going to say everyone has a conscience, something I used to believe until Mitt Romney came along.  Now I’m realizing that indeed, there are exceptions to every rule.  Let’s just say that everyone except the most extraordinary assholes has one and go with that.

The difference lies in the fact that for people like me, a conscience is an internal mechanism that keeps them from doing things that might unnecessarily hurt other people while for many of the GOP’s core base, a conscience is an internal mechanism that causes them to go to great lengths to justify… at least to themselves and each other… the things they do that unnecessarily hurt other people.   In the case of the poor:

Devin Barber once blogged that the The first and foremost reason Republicans hate the poor is that the poor are a constant reminder that someone had to lose for them to win and this simple truism is the basis for most of the right wing hating on the poor.  There is supposedly only a finite amount of wealth out there… in our case, more than enough for everyone to have a fair share… and in order for anyone to get more than their share of it, someone else has to get less than their share.   This is simply a fact of life and has been since the first cave man decided he was entitled to more of the tribe’s shiny rocks than the rest of the tribe put together (based no doubt on the fact that he already had a rock or two more than everyone else) and invented Capitalism to make it so.

Let’s say you’re a rich CEO or industrialist or financier.  You’ve already reached the point in your life where there are no more worlds to conquer, no more resources to exploit and possession has become the only yardstick by which you can measure your own self worth.  You’ve managed to shut down those little pangs of conscience that might otherwise cloud the twin joys of acquisition and ownership, those being the only fuels that still power your miserable little existence and have no qualms about taking from someone else in order to satisfy your lust for more.

The problem now is how to make your total disdain for the “common people” look good to enough of those very people that they will actually support your efforts to take what they have and the solution is to focus their anger at being required to make do with less… not at people like yourself in whose pocket the wealth will actually wind up… but at those even smaller and more vulnerable than themselves.  And for that, you need a totally false narrative or a whole laundry list of false narratives… myths, if you will… that keeps the attention of the easily distracted focused ever on the next lower rung on the economic ladder.

You can’t justify taking food from the mouths of children… even to yourself… until you have sufficiently demonized those children… or at least their parents… so as to paint them as totally undeserving of even their small sliver of the pie.  So you invent myths designed to do that in the eyes of those who might otherwise consider you a thoroughly rotten sonofabitch for making kids go hungry and in America there is no shortage of gullible sycophants even among the working classes.  All you have to do is keep hammering those myths incessantly into those people until you’ve molded them into perfect little copies of yourself… only without the wealth you enjoy.

One of the most common myths being pushed by the rich these days is that poor people are only poor because they are lazy.  This is bullshit and so obviously so that I’m still surprised by the ease with which a huge number of working Americans accept it without ever once bothering to actually look the numbers up for themselves.  Most poor people I know work damned hard for 40 or more hours a week… many working two or more jobs… just trying to cover the basic necessities.  Are there people out there gaming the system?  Sure there are.  The number of people doing it and the amounts involved vary widely according to whose “facts and Figures” you’re using but one thing is abundantly clear:  The amount being lost to fraud or abuse in no wise justifies the elimination of the safety net for the millions of Americans who have… over the past five years… found themselves in dire financial circumstances that are not of their own making.

The notion that only the lazy are being subsidized by public assistance programs is even more ludicrous to anyone who actually knows someone who is poor.  Most of the people who are counted as “poor” don’t get any public assistance at all because they don’t qualify.  I myself make do on a total monthly income of $874 a month from Social Security.  This qualifies me for less than $40 a month in food stamps for which I would have to give up the SSI portion of my little stipend rendering it a moot exercise for the most part (although the amount I receive from SSI has dwindled to far less than $40 at this point).  That’s the sum total of the public assistance to which I am “entitled” to use a beloved Republican meme.  In fact, most of the poor receiving assistance do so in the form of some kind of food assistance, a situation that has not gone unnoticed by the oligarchy as we’re seeing in the regenerated “outrage” over the food stamp program and it’s “lax” eligibility requirements.  Welfare agencies are NOT handing out checks to just anyone who comes in and asks for one.

Basically, the reason that Republican politicians hate the poor is the same reason they do everything else they do these days… because it’s where the money is for their lords and masters on Wall Street (and of course for themselves).  Nothing personal you understand but a person has to go where the money is and that salary from the taxpayers is not conducive to a politician’s  transition to the one percent side of the equation during his or her first five years in office.

But the overall reason most rank and file Republicans hate the poor and feel the need to attack them on a daily basis is to justify their own greed and… not incidentally… give themselves a reason to feel superior to someone else.  They’ve been conditioned… programmed if you will,,, to do so, not because it’s in their own interest, but because it’ serves the purpose of that 5% of the population who simply can’t be satisfied with more than half the pie for themselves while the other 95% spit up what’s left.  Those lower echelon ones… the ignorant and proud of it contingent of the Republican Party will continue to vote and act against their own interests for as long as the rich can keep them convinced that there is someone lower on the totem pole than themselves to blame everything on.

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Want Me To Fix It Mitt?

Dear Mitt:

I’ve put off writing for a while now, mainly to see if you were ever going to get your crap together and find a truck big enough to haul it in but with everything that’s happened over this past week or ten days, it’s obvious that you’re not going to pull this thing together without my help.  I am therefore offering to serve as your senior campaign advisor free of charge for the remainder of the campaign since it’s become obvious that you are being truly ill served by the staff you have now.  I’m not sure that even I can save your candidacy but we can at least work on your image a little.

I have taken the liberty of putting together a rough outline of the three main things that  will need to be done over the next few weeks in order to make the “horse race” being claimed by the corporate media at least resemble something other than a running joke.  These strategies are all based on something called “common sense”, something that you and most of your senior campaign staff seem to have taken leave of on Inauguration Day, 2009 when the poor black kid from the Chicago ghetto got himself elected to the job that… like everything else in your life…  you seem to think you’re entitled to without ever having to work for it’

1.  Lose Marie Antoinette… like last week.  Every time this woman opens her mouth she simply reinforces the public’s perception that she’s just another whiny little self entitled rich bitch who wouldn’t know hard times if they were gnawing her ass off.  So far, between the two of you, you’ve managed to alienate every single voting block out there with the possible exception of the billionaire financier sector and even they just sit and shake their heads every time one of you opens his/her mouth.

I simply can not believe that in view of what has occurred every single time you’ve stuck her in the faces of the American public, that you continue to do so but here she was again this week,,, of all things… attacking Republicans.  The LAST thing you need to be doing when you’re as deep in the crapper as you are is alienating the goddamned core base.  Have you checked out  Republicans for Obama yet?   Even if their claims in regard to the number of Republicans who WON’T be supporting your elitist ass are only half or a third true, that’s millions of Republicans who won’t be voting for you.  You keep letting Annie piss people off if you’d rather be remembered as an asshole instead of a president.  Otherwise, super glue her lips together and don’t let her out in public,

2.  Knock off the “I’m one of you” bullshit.  You’re just not a good enough actor to pull it off.  If there’s one thing that should be obvious to every living breathing creature on this planet it’s that Mitt Romney is NOTHING even remotely resembling the rest of us.  I’m not sure exactly what you are but someone who understands the simplest basics about what it’s like to live at a lower level than you do on the food chain that YOU helped to create certainly isn’t it.

Every statement you’ve ever made on the subject of working class Americans has shown your utter disdain for anyone who has ever had to work for a monthly paycheck, especially those who might have gotten their hands a little dirty doing it.  You didn’t have a chance of pulling it off BEFORE Boca Raton and you damned sure don’t now.  Just be your normal, everyday loathsome bastard self Mitt.  You won’t win any of the working class independents that way, but you aren’t likely to get those votes anyway and at least you won’t be knocking yourself out pretending to be something you’re not or to care about something you don’t.

3.  Let the grownups handle foreign affairs.  Nobody has elected you, nor has anyone died and left you in charge, therefore you have no more business calling press conferences to criticize or otherwise talk about the governments handling,,, either of an isolated incident or of foreign affairs policy in general… than I do.   Grandstanding on the graves of American diplomats and embassy personnel who were slain while performing their duty would be alien to a normal human being who actually possessed a soul and your performance last week simply reinforces the idea that you don’t.  When YOU are the one in charge and YOU have access to ALL of the information and intelligence that the POTUS is naturally privy to, then you get to make the hard decisions based on what you know, not what you think will make you the most brownie points with the Tea party fringe.  Otherwise you’re just another cheap grifter trying to turn tragedy to personal gain.

There’s a lot more that needs doing but given the time constraints caused by your waiting so long to bring me in, even I may have trouble pulling it off.  There’s a very good chance that you jmay have to settle for being remembered as the candidate who ran the crappiest presidential election campaign in history and hastened the destruction of the Republican party but at least you’ll be remembered for something, eh?

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This Is Deeper Than Just Another Romney $%#@up

This past couple of days has seen the Romney campaign apparently accelerating its race to the bottom as the election they’re supposed to be trying to win looms ever nearer.  I say supposed to be trying to win because when you take the time to analyze some the goings on over the past couple of weeks and especially the last two days, you honestly have to wonder whether they’re even trying of not.

It’s not just that Mitt Romney is the sorriest candidate ever shoved in the face of the American voter and that his campaign has been little more than one easily debunked gaffe or outright lie after another.  There have always been crappy candidates and crappy campaigns and sometimes one even wins simply because the other guy and the other campaign are even worse.

But this election cycle has simply been a below the bottom of the barrel dung fest for the Republicans.  At a time when you would think they had learned a lesson from the backlash against their policies during the Bush administration…a time when you would think they would have brought their A team to counter the popularity of PBO… they instead offer a parade of  right wing caricatures to choose from and finally boil it down to Willard Mitt Romney… his specialty role being the smug rich dude with an overwhelming superiority complex and total contempt for 99% of the people he claims to want to lead… and then compound it by letting the most radical right wing goobers they’ve got run his campaign.

Mitt Romney and his campaign have turned out to be the classic illustration of a candidate so crappy and a campaign run so badly that it’s hard not to come away at least thinking about the possibility that the GOP has already backed off from trying to win this election on the issues alone (since Mr. Obama already owns most of them) and decided to go with plan B with the remainder of the campaign itself being nothing but a series of shiny objects meant to distract rather then inform.  (Yeah, I know, that’s all the entire cycle has been for them so far but stick with me).

So what exactly IS Plan B?  Who the hell besides a member of the  inner councils of the Republican party… and possibly the government of Israel… knows?  But I have a sneaking suspicion it might involve a renewal of the “shock and awe” style fear that has been so instrumental in keeping them in power (even when they were technically out of power) for the past twelve years.  I tend to think they’ve decided that the American people are beginning to wake up from the decade of abject fear that followed 9/11 and allowed the right wing corporatists in our government to virtually eliminate those freedoms that once set us apart from other nations and come begging to them to make us “safe”  and, not incidentally, to rape, pillage and plunder at will while doing so.  In other words, it’s time for another lesson and I believe the attacks of the past few days may just be the first day of school..

Whoever made and released that film did so with full knowledge  of what the result would most likely be. For that reason that person or those persons responsible for the film are just as guilty of at least manslaughter as the drunk who gets into his car and plows into a crosswalk full of school kids.  If there were any American citizens involved, they should be arrested and brought to trial.  We’re hearing right now that it was a right wing Jewish extremist individual and that the film was financed by “donations” from like minded individuals.  While that’s subject to change from day to day, it appears to be the latest information available at the time of this posting.

But who actually poked the stick at the bear really makes no difference in the context of this post.  It was a case of deliberately enraging the bear knowing that in it’s rage it was going to hurt someone.  There is no doubt in my mind that not only did the film makers know people were going to be hurt but that was their sole purpose in releasing the film in the first place.  That’s typical of right wing thinking no matter what country you’re in… if someone has to be sacrificed for the “cause” make damned sure it’s someone else.

The openly reprehensible part of the entire affair as far as American politics is concerned is the zealousness with which Mitt Romney jumped on the situation like a duck on a June bug without even waiting for the official releases from the people who actually have the responsibility to inform the American public and his deliberate obfuscation of the true facts in order to make himself look “good”.  If that was his purpose, it damned sure didn’t work with me or any other American who doesn’t base their political opinions on simple hatred for “the other guy” and can see, if not the details of the underlying issues at stake, at least the fact that underlying issues exist.

I’m not going to say that Mitt Romney couldn’t shrink any lower in my estimation.  I’ve said that before, about him and other right wing politicians and been proven wrong.  I’m just going to sit back and wait to see WTF he says tomorrow or the next day.  It may be stupid, it may be self serving, it may be a lot of things.  But from now on, surprising won’t be one of them.


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Schoolyard Bullies

Mitt Romney never ceases to amaze me.  No matter how low down and hateful he is today, rest assured, he’s gonna be more so tomorrow.  His response to the shootings in Libya… made without any facts on the actual circumstances and devoid of any meaningful content other than another Bash The President screed… have even other Republicans… some not that much higher on the scale of accepting societal responsibility than he himself… shaking their heads in wonder at how any would could possibly be that banal… that childish… that devoid of common human decency.  Four Americans are dead and so far as I can see it means nothing to Mitt Romney but a chance for a quarter point spike in his approval ratings among Republicans.

I’ve blocked most of the people that felt it necessary to correct or rebut me on  my threads on Facebook so I haven’t seen any of their takes on it (although I could almost write the posts for most of then and not be more than a word or two off) but one of my old co-workers has managed to assume at least part the mantle.

This one doesn’t post on my threads but if I post anything even remotely pro-progressive, he immediately starts posting all the pro-right garbage out there in order to counteract it, spitting them out like machine gun bullets.  As I’ve said before, Actually kind of amusing to watch… kind of a Pavlovian experiment where anything favorable or actually even neutral towards the POTUS prompts an instant and almost pathological barrage of responses, no matter how lame those responses might be.  no matter how lame those responses might be.  My own response usually involves feeling totally cool watching him waste an hour out of his day.

Today, all he had to fall back on without looking like a total douche by trying to actually defend Mitt’s HUGE blunder in trying to “beat the president to the punch” on a foreign policy statement he had no business speaking on before the official position had been made known, was Mary Bono-Mack’s boiler plate “We need to blah blah blah” routine in which she didn’t actually mention PBO but damned sure set her followers up to do it for her in comments.  He also “liked” whatever the hell that half page of incoherent garbage Mooselips had on her page was all about… which I suppose is in itself sufficient background.

My point is that no matter how thoroughly depraved and soulless Mitt Romney might be… no matter how shamelessly venal our congress may have become… they’re only taking advantage of an opportunity offered them by the fact that a large portion of the population is exactly like them in terms of selfishness and greed…  only without the bucks.  The only thing these Po’ Boy versions of Mittens have going for them is that they’re better than anyone else at hating those they think… for whatever reason… have wronged them in some way.

They’re a very easily angered group and their anger naturally makes them vulnerable to manipulation.  As long as the GOP and it’s Wall Street leash holders can keep that anger and resentment focused on that poor working single mom on food stamps, or that unemployed dad drawing unemployment benefits that are about to run out or that old person trying to find some way to pay for food and medicine without having to choose between them, then we’re going to have the sorry spectacle of a large portion of the population continuing to vote against it’s own best interests.

But why are these people so hateful and angry in the first place?  Well, other than the fact that we have a black guy in the White House (we covered that yesterday), it’s a matter of pure dee good old fashioned bullyism.  It’s one of those “If some big dude slaps you around and takes your lunch, you don’t fight to keep him from doing it, you just find some little dude, slap them them around and take THEIR lunch” things that go on in virtually every school yard in the country.  Not only that, my theoryt also explains the seventh grade mentality levels often displayed in the rhetoric that accompanies the actions themselves.

Think about it.  It’s one thing to be a Mitt Romney, whose daddy left him a whole shit pot full of start up money with which to launch his life’s career of trading on other people’s misery… it’s quite another to be just a low rent Mitt Romney WANNABE without that pot and to know that no matter what you do, you will NEVER be able to overcome the Romney advantage and actually BE like him.  How frustrating that must be, eh?

I suppose we could say it’s natural to resent those whom you think are depriving you of what’s rightfully yours and even for that resentment and frustration to well up into bursts of anger now and again.  After all, Mitt Romney has no business getting away with a tax rate that’s 12-20 % less than yours.  He has no business removing hundreds of millions of dollars from our economy and salting it away in foreign banks instead of reinvesting it in America and the American people.  You damned well SHOULD be angry, as it was a bunch of folks just like Mitt Romney, aided and abetted by a bunch of folks just like Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor, who sacrificed the national economy and the hopes and dreams of millions of working class Americans on the altar of the almighty buck.

But that’s not who the Tea Party and the rest of the ultra right wing of the Republican party is mad at is it? Oh hell no.  Like bullies anywhere, especially bullies who have been bullied by people their own size and lack the balls to fight back, they’re going to find someone even smaller and weaker than themselves and bully them.  They know damned well they’ll never get anything back from Mitt Romney and the Wall Street banks so they try to take it out of the hides of the poor instead while totally ignoring the fact that they could take everything the poor might have and it still would not put another dollar in their pockets or create a single job.  That’s been a proven fact for eleven years now but you’ll never convince a Teaper of it.

My one real hope for this election is that not only does PBO win it, he wins it by a significantly larger margin than he did in 2008.  That would… as some of the right wing pundits are saying this week, truly spell the end of the GOP as it currently exists or at least marginalize the clamoring morons who have been dictating it’s policy for the last four years and maybe… just maybe… let us get back to some kind of meaningful dialogue about the best way to serve the American people instead of the one percent.

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Mitt Owes His Candidacy To Barack Obama

Mitt Romney committed an what should have been unpardonable sin during his acceptance speech at the RNC, one that would have ended a campaign in normal times, one that SHOULD have reverberated from every rafter of every news organization in the country.  Had President Obama committed the same blunder, it would in fact STILL be reverberating from the rafters of every news organization in the country.  Fox anchors would be rending their garments and throwing themselves into paroxysms of righteous indignation,  Ann Coulter would have strangled on her Adam’s Apple and Malkin’s fangs would be gnashing in petulant fury.  But it wasn’t Obama, it was Romney and once again, the difference is the story.

So what was it that Mitt Did?  Well he gave this rambling speech glorifying wealth and power and repeating every meme and screed his writers could dig up about the sanctity of capitalism and the failure of those “other people” to be good little capitalists and do their part to make sure that wealth continued to defy gravity and flow up hill.  But he left out any mention of the wars or thanks to the troops fighting and dying in those wars as part of the apparatus by which gravity is BEING defied.

Then, after a couple of lame explanations by staffers, Mitt looked America right in the camera and uttered the words that would have choked any moral or compassionate human being.  Without even blinking, Romney said that the reason he hadn’t bothered to mention the troops or even the war was that he wanted to focus on those things that were important, the implication being of course that wars and our military personnel fighting and dying in those wars are NOT important with the added implication that the “liberal” press and the bloggers needed to stop talking about it and also focus on what he, Mitt Romney, the man entitled to be president because it’s his turn, considers “important”.

Not only does Mitt Romney not believe that the people dying in phony wars… for the sole purpose of making people like him richer… are important, he wants to start at least one,possibly two more ground wars in the Mideast because to his way of thinking you can’t have too much of a good thing.   Of course, once the cash flow from his little adventures is well established, those wars will be unimportant also and the casualties simply the price someone else has to pay to keep the money flowing into those Caribbean banks where most of Mitt’s money makes its home.  Mitt Romney is simply a man totally devoid of any sense of responsibility to anyone except Mitt Romney or to anything that doesn’t directly advance the fortunes of Mitt Romney.

So how does a man so devoid of compassion, so utterly barren in terms of social responsibility become a major contender for the presidency?  That he is the candidate of the Republican party says reams about the Republican party of course…  but one major factor continues to be overlooked or swept under the carpet by the those who make their living by cogitating and discoursing on such matters.  Mitt Romney owes any current viability his candidacy might claim to Barack Obama or more accurately, to the fact that Barack Obama is black.

If Barack Obama were a white man the Republicans wouldn’t have had what has been their most effective weapon… actually the only real weapon they’ve had… to date, that being the ease with which uneducated and ill informed white males… predominantly residents of those southern states that formed the old Confederacy… could be manipulated on the basis of mistrust and yes, outright fear and hatred of anyone not just like themselves.  To pander to a group like that you need someone just as soulless and empty as any Wall Street banker but preferably not actually a Wall Street banker… a genre that has fallen into ill rapport even among the Tea Party rank and file these days… and who better fills that bill than history’s number one vulture capitalist?

He appeals to the 1% for all of the obvious reasons of course and as long as his campaign can have him mouth a few phrases on subjects near and dear to the Teapers, who really don’t pay much attention to the real world anyway, he’s golden.  He can waffle and pander with the best and still maintain that aura of smug superiority he was instilled with at a tender age.  He not only doesn’t mind being considered a cold, ruthless heartless sonofabitch ala Gordon Gekko, he actually revels in it.

Mitt Romney is the perfect candidate for the Republican Party in the 21st century but he still couldn’t have gotten his candidacy off the ground without two things… the institutionalized bigotry and racism that still pervades the old south and which has been whipped to a frenzy by his party over the last four years… and the fact that Barack Obama is black.

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Changing Venues (KInda)

From this point on I’m going to be scaling my politics related presence on Facebook back drastically.  It doesn’t mean I won’t be there to share and support the positions of my friends and to showcase information I feel is important to the making of rational political decisions but only that I won’t be making myself quite the target for certain folks who don’t understand that not everything I say has to be refuted, rebutted or dismissed… over and over again   I know that some of you have seen some of my threads lately and will know what I’m talking about.  Fighting fire with fire would be fruitless because in trying to do so, I’m only contributing to the obfuscation of my own threads since I steadfastly refuse to go on their own pages to play the same game.

The decision to curtail my Facebook activities comes at a time when… with the election looming above the political horizon… I had some serious questions for my right wing friends… questions that would have required more than just a “He’s not Obama” style answer plus some version of a response I got today that seems to indicate that Mitt is qualified to be president because “he’s a smart guy” because he’s rich enough to be able to hire high priced lawyers to exercise certain loopholes and tax avoidance procedures not available to the rest of us and which leaves us holding the bag for his dickosity which seem to be the standard right wing reasons for supporting Romney’s attempt to actually rule the people that until now he’s only robbed.

But this is not an anti Romney post  per se.  Well, OK… maybe a little.  Anyone who knows the story of Mitt’s struggle to pull himself up by his boot straps with nothing but a few million bucks worth of stock his daddy left him as a “starter” fund and whatever he’s made from bankrupting companies, outsourcing American jobs  and investing in foreign economies and infrastructure since then, knows he’s just smarter than the rest of us.  Of course thinking people also recognize the odor of bullshit when they’re being gassed by it and in their case I’d be preaching to the choir and let’s face it… there’s seriously little I could add that’s would have any effect on those who actually love that smell.

No, what I would like to do is use my little blog here to post certain questions from time to time that would give us some indication as to what readers think Mitt’s stance might be on subjects that are important to those of us who place value on such subjects as education, social safety nets, infrastructure investments.

I don’t want to hear about Mitt the hero or villain nor do I want a pile of purely anecdotal pro-Romney claptrap… I want to hear about Mitt’s actual… existing,.. stated by him or his campaign… PLANS in regard to these subjects and what those plans mean to ALL of us as individual American citizens,not just those who think that by riding Mitt’s coattails, they’ll get a slice of Mitt’s pie.  Since Mitt has yet to actually articulate any detailed plan for anything and has so far limited himself to vague generalizations basically telling each audience what the polls tell him they want to hear, I know it’s going to be hard so I’ll start us off with one that I feel is important to all of us.

Has Mitt offered a detailed plan in regard to public education and if so what do you think the effect of his proposals will have on you or your children’s future?

Not private education, not expensive prep schools for rich kids to avoid getting the crap beat out of them in… PUBLIC education, grades –12 and public secondary schools payed for and staffed by taxpayers.

If anyone decides to take a shot, you can do so in comments… although I seldom remember to check comments, relying on email notification that they exist… or directly by email at

The best answers to each question will receive… well… nothing but my thanks, actually.  But your thoughts and opinions will be shared in succeeding posts both here on my little seldom visited page and over at the other place… which has an actual readership going on. Winking smile

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Another Note To My RW “Friends” On Facebook

For three years or so I absolutely refused to get into any kind of political discourse on Facebook in spite of numerous attempts to pull me into the exchanges taking place daily, simply because I knew my views differed from those of my friends and that with the polarization we have today, open expression of those views would likely be a friendship killer.  For the past few months however, I HAVE been expressing those views on Facebook and guess what?  Surprise, surprise… It has been a friendship killer.  When I decided to start engaging it seems I had two choices.

I could simply go along, say what everyone else was saying and be accepted… or I could express MY views and get the usual treatment afforded anyone even slightly to the left of Genghis Khan.  I chose to express my own views.  To those I have offended by it, I can only say that while offending people wasn’t the primary purpose, it is quite often going to be the byproduct when someone says what they think instead of what others believe they OUGHT to think and in my case responses to my posts have ranged from incredulous queries about my “changing parties” to the usual labeling as a “liberal” with that extra special little intonation that ranks liberals at about the level of dung beetles,  to long extended “refutations” on some of my threads, mainly those in which I had offered an actual personal opinion instead of just another cut and paste… that droned on for so long you could no longer tell what the thread had originally been about.  In ALL of the cases it has eventually resulted in at best being totally ignored from that point on or actual “unfriending” from the person who didn’t like what I said.

I played the little cartoon game for a while because that seemed to be the method used most by those on the right.  You know the ones… you find little caricatures of President Obama in which various traits are grossly exaggerated… in his case of course, his lips and ears… anything that exaggerates his blackness… preferably there will in an image of a gun or a hangman’s noose or he’ll be dressed  like an African witch doctor with a bone through his nose, or any of numerous other references to him being anything but a normal, right wing fundamental Christian … anything that demonizes him in the eyes of those who form their opinions based on that type of “information”and you post it in public so that everyone can see how bright and clever you are, even though you didn’t make the damned thing but only helped to spread it.

I posted a few similar cartoons and such, mainly featuring the clown parade that was the GOP primary race.  It was kind of fun to post a cartoon supporting the left see it followed by at least six supporting the right but I learned quite quickly that while posting racially charged pictures and innuendo about the President Of The United States is only indulging in “humor”, the goring of a right wing sacred cow is outright blasphemy.  In fact, I learned right then that while blood might be thicker than water, to a modern day “conservative”, politics is thicker than both of them put together.

Those of you who have chosen to end our friendship because you don’t like my politics or my response to multi-post criticisms, “rebuttals” or constant jockeying for the last word on one of my threads or in regard to something I may have said… I’m not happy that you’ve chosen to do so of course but there is no way I can be anything other than I am or say anything other than those things in which I honestly believe.  I may have left the Republican party (although I still insist that the Republican party left me when it started using hate as a legitimate political tool) but my core values and who I am have never changed.

I ask only that you understand that it works both ways.  When you talk of people like me being a “liberal” or a “Democrat” (for what it matters, I’m neither) in between rounds of publishing your little hyperbolic twaddle about all liberals being “crybabies” or “welfare queens” or worse, or referring to  all Democrats “hating America” and supporting whatever enemy of the day the propaganda machine has selected for you with whatever sound bite talking points your favorite pundits used that morning, you’ve just expressed your total disdain and contempt not only for me but for the core values and beliefs I hold and stand for.  One of the coldest feelings I’ve ever had was the day after President Obama was elected and my grandson… about 13 at the time… posted on his MySpace page to the tune of, “GOD!  I hate fucking Liberals!!!”.  Welcome to the world in which children are taught to hate others because of their political beliefs, eh?

So ultimately, my plan is to continue doing exactly what I’m doing.  I will continue to make posts that support those things I believe in and inveigh against those things I don’t, much as I expect you will.   If you can’t handle that, then it’s probably a good idea to simply ignore my posts entirely.  And yes, I will remove posts from my threads that I feel obscure or misrepresent the original intent with which I started the thread in the first place .   I’m not on Facebook to provide an extra podium or bully pulpit for your views.  That’s what YOUR account is for.

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