Where Does The Hate Come From?

26 Aug

Just got another of those emails from an old friend describing how he had received a request for a contribution from the Obama campaign and how incensed he was that they would dare to ask for a handout and expect him to use his own stamp to send them the money.  Or something like that.  It became somewhat confusing as I read on.

He included his “response” to PBO which cited the economy as his reason for not sending bucks but he didn’t stop there.  He went on to chastise the president because a man was arrested, supposedly solely for daring to say his prayers on the sidewalk in front of the White House, thereby making it a religious issue.  The inference was that Obama had somehow cast a presidential thunderbolt at this innocent little civilian for daring to exercise his religious freedom in sight of the White House.  He also made the bald statement that until our government adopted the Bible as the foundation for governance in the US, he wasn’t supporting any part of it which I’m sure gives you an idea what his real beef is all about.

That whole thing about the arrest simply for praying didn’t sound right to me.  However it DID sound vaguely familiar so I researched the case which wasn’t hard since every radical right wing site out there had published their version of the official right wing fundie version of the story.  Here’s an example.

Turns out he was referring to the instance where the Reverend Patrick Mahoney, leader of the Christian Coalition and five other people out of a group of about thirty were busted… not by any federal agency but by the DC Municipal Police Department for blocking the sidewalk during an organized protest demonstration “in opposition to the Obama Administration’s mandate compelling groups of faith to provide insurance to employees that would cover abortion-causing drugs”, which of course puts a much different face on the whole affair.

Also urns out that not only were no federal agencies or any “Obama Gestapo” involved but that the AG’s office simply blew the arraignment off and left it to the city to deal with, realizing that there had been no federal crimes committed and that there had been no threat either to anyone connected with the government or to government property.  The subjects paid a $100 fine for violating the “keep moving” clause and thereby obstructing the sidewalk and went on their merry way.

So different from the treatment received by hundreds of OWS protesters  at the hands of police in most of the larger metropolitan areas of the country which had 99% of the same conservatives… who are so up in arms about the “mistreatment” of this priest and his fellow protestors… cheering the police on as they gassed, beat and even shot those “dirty f*cking hippies” that dared to protest against the Masters of the Universe on Wall Street.

So what leads someone to basically fabricate a story (even though this one was built around the tiny kernel of truth that someone WAS arrested outside the White House) that supposedly justifies an attack on the President of the United States?  Once again… given all the facts that lead me to believe that Barack Obama, whom I consider a Centrist at best and who would have been looked upon as a conservative 20 years ago, along with the gains made in our economy in the past four years that have yet to even be acknowledged by the right wing… I can only come to the same conclusion I come to every time I try to rationalize the behavior we’ve witnessed over the past four years.  Blind, unremitting, unconditional and totally irrational hate for the man himself.  A hatred so strong that these folks would sacrifice their future and the future of their country to keep him from being reelected.

I also asked him why… in all the rank bullshit and cute little cartoons posted on my Facebook timeline by self styled “conservatives”, there had yet to be a single word identifying Romney’s actual plans for the country and how those plans would benefit the average American.  Every single post is anti Obama and directed at the president personally.  You’d think nobody knew a damned thing about this Romney guy or that he’s even running or that more simply, it doesn’t make any difference who gets in as long as Obama gets out.  Know what his response was?  He asked ME why I didn’t make posts in favor of Romney if I wanted favorable posts about Romney on Facebook.  Said he HATED Romney.  I guess he just hates Obama worse, that’s all but the question of why is one I’m still waiting to hear the answer to.

Whatever the case folks, once again this is the mindset were up against in November.  Better be wracking your brain for the tiniest little thing you might be leaving undone that would bring Romney and Ryan into the range that the damned crooked voting machines and the equally crooked Supreme court could once again be the deciding factors.  Otherwise you can stick a fork in America because it’s damned sure done.


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2 responses to “Where Does The Hate Come From?

  1. Darleen Michael-Baker

    August 27, 2012 at 11:49

    Tom the answer is really very simple. I call it the “black man in the White House” syndrome. It never ceases to amaze me how the bigotry that was politely “hidden” 4 years ago has become so blatant. Those folks don’t care a whit about our country, they only care about color. Sad state of affairs.

    • Tom Bales

      August 27, 2012 at 19:43

      Thanks for the comment. I agree but saying so got me disowned by two of my forty something kids so now I just put the question out there to see if I can get an explanation from any of the people doing the hating.. I pose that question every month or so… so far not a single “conservative” has ever answered.


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