It Has NOT Been A Good Week

17 Aug

First health problems kept me away from the keyboard and when I was finally able to get up and around a couple of days ago a major hard drive crash took most my system down for the second time in three months and I’ve spent the last two days restoring it… yeah, I neglected to back up again… and fighting with Microsoft over the fact that I was unable to reinstall WLE, which contains my favorite blogging software  because the Install flipping “Wizard” kept telling me it was already there when it damned well wasn’t.  Luckily a good hearted techie type took pity and provided me with a standalone uninstaller to get rid of the bits and pieces and a likewise standalone installer to keep Microsoft from giving “Trusted Installer” control over anything and I’m finally up and running.

So what’s been up this week?  Joe the plumber and apparent tax dodger (although he’s gonna have to go some to make Mittens’ class) managed to get his face in front of the cameras again by saying something utterly stupid. Twice.

“For years I’ve said, you know, put a damn fence on the border, going to Mexico and start shooting,” he insisted.

And to put the icing on it after making the statement to an Arizona Republican state legislator, Lori Klein, he reiterated it at one of her campaign rallies.  Klein you may recall, is the dipshit who pointed a shocking pink Ruger .380 directly at one  Richard Ruelas, a reporter for the Arizona Republic, by whom she was being interviewed at the state capitol.

“Oh, it’s so cute,” Klein said of the .380 Ruger that she carries in purse at all times.

While the loaded pistol had no safety and the laser pointer was centered on the reporter’s chest, Klein explained that there was no need to worry.

“I just didn’t have my hand on the trigger,” she said.

Just two days after a gunman in Tucson killed six and wounded 13, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), Klein surprised security guards by first trying to bring the firearm onto the Senate floor.

“They said, ‘You can’t go in.’ I said, ‘Oh, yeah, I can. I have a right to carry,’” Klein recalled.

In March, the freshman state senator found herself in hot water again for reading a letter on the Senate floor that claimed Hispanic students “hate America” and only want to become “gang members and gangsters.”

Guess we can just chalk this one up to the old “birds of a feather” routine or maybe “stupid seeks it’s own level” .  That’s one thing I’ve gotten used to over the past 12 years of watching this whole slide to the right thing… morons campaign for morons.

Wanted to say something about Paul Ryan this week but it’s too late.  About everything that could be said about that slick haired little prick has already been said.  That’s me… always a day late and ten bucks short (allowing for inflation).  I did want to share  this little tidbit, found  at a blog called Romney The Liar, which has apparently taken on the formidable task of keeping track of the Romney/Ryan lies so the rest of us don’t have to.

Paul Ryan has stated that because of his strong opposition to President Obama’s stimulus program in 2009, that he requested NO funds for his district from the program.  Well, take a look at this:

Yes, folks, that’s right: Ryan is requesting FEDERAL MONEY for his district,  to help create or retain 7,600 jobs. But–but–but–I thought the Federal government wasn’t capable of producing or saving jobs. Paulie Boy says so.  Now he says that he didn’t know this sort of thing was coming from the stimulus program, but if he did he would NEVER have asked, and golly gee gosh, the program failed anyway, don’t ya know, and besides, it was my staff that did it! Yeah, that’s the ticket! It was my staff.  (Some more details may be found here)

Megaprops to Soledad O’Brien for kicking New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu’s ass rather soundly.  I’ve always liked that young lady but since she’s showing herself to be one of the few people at CNN with any journalistic integrity left, I think I may actually be in love.  MoveOn calls it nothing less than…

The Best Darn Display Of Real Journalism On A Major Network We’ve Seen In A Really Long Time

and I certainly have no quarrel with that.  It’s definitely the best I’ve seen in years.  Click on the link to view the exchange.

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