Romney In Jail? Works For Me.

01 Aug

Somehow the notion of Mitt Romney winding up in jail has a kind of warm and fuzzy appeal to me.  It would mean that there is still some little drab of justice left in this country and that the laws aren’t made for just the poor people to have to obey.

We can be pretty sure that he violated election laws in Massachusetts with that whole “living in his son’s unfinished basement” thing where he faked his place of residence so he could vote for Scott Brown but that’s petty stuff and we also know nothing will ever be done about it.  There are more than ample questions about his now ell known tax shelters and dummy companies in Europe and the Caribbean but hell, that’s routine for millionaires like Mittens and again nobody gives a rat’s ass how much you steal as long as you wear a white shirt and tie and don’t shoot anybody while you’re doing it.

But this latest revelation… that he may have paid NO federal income taxes for at least one or more years during a ten year period while he was amassing wealth to the tune of at least a quarter billion bucks and probably possibly more, would be something that even the most gutless of federal prosecutors couldn’t overlook. If the American people are ever going to be able to have any faith in their government again, people who evade millions or billions in taxes are going to need to be brought down no matter how rich and powerful they… and we… think they are. To allow these people to continue to loot an pillage without hindrance ain’t gonna cit it anymore.

There are a lot of encouraging signs out there that at least some Americans are finally waking up from the long (30 year) hibernation that started with the election of Ronald Reagan and has continued nearly through the first term of Barack Obama. Of course there is also ample evidence that many have either not wakened or deliberately choose to keep their heads buried firmly in the sand while people like Romney plunder the country at will. The fact that Mitt Romney is campaigning for president instead of sitting in a federal prison for tax evasion would say far more about this country than all the millions of words being spewed by the punditocracy and the blogosphere combined.

With all that in mind, Harry Reid claims to have the answer to the most burning question of this decade, “What’s in Mitt’s prior to 2010 tax returns that he doesn’t want anyone to see?”, and it’s that, at least in some instances, there’s nothing there to see because Mitt didn’t pay any taxes in 2009 and possibly other years prior.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he heard from a Bain investor who heard that Mitt Romney paid exactly zero taxes for 10 years, Reid tells The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein and Ryan Grim. Romney says he’ll only release two years of tax returns, and says he doesn’t remember if he’s ever paid less than he did in 2010, 13.9 percent. His campaign denies the insinuations of President Obama’s campaign that Romney paid no taxes at some point. Some have theorized that Romney might have paid no taxes in 2009, though there’s a solid bit of counter-evidence to that claim. But Reid’s accusation goes way beyond that.

Geez!  How the hell do you not remember if you ever paid less than 13.9 percent?  How could you not know exactly how much you paid in taxes in ANY given yea?  How could you be unable to produce the information on any given year when you have the returns for those years at your fingertips?

Of course all this is being dismissed as a desperation born witch hunt by the Romney campaign and the right wing propaganda machine has been cranking out the decibels trying to bury the story and keep us from ever knowing, but the simple fact is that if these revelations are not true there’s an easy way for Romney to dispel them.  Simply release the damned returns.

It has become obvious that there are things that would be exposed by the release of the tax info that Romney does not want the American people to know about and if it’s not the fact that he’s a damned tax dodger and if he’s willing to be branded a tax dodger (and criminal) and lose the election rather than turn over the information, it means that those things are even worse than the simple tax evasion that all of the super rich practice, at least as far as his chances for the presidency are concerned and possibly beyond that.

Anyone who would vote for this man, knowing what we know and can see daily of his character plus what can be inferred from the things that he refuses to divulge has to be voting not FOR Mitt Romney but AGAINST Barack Obama and if you hate Barack Obama to the point that you would turn your children’s future over to Mitt Romney and what HE stands for, then you have some serious problems, and because you do, so does the rest of the country.

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