Lies Are One Thing…

12 Jul

OK, Mitt Romney is a liar I understand that.  He’s a serial liar… so much so that he feels compelled to lie just about every time he opens his mouth. I can even understand that given that Romney is your total political animal and nothing… not integrity, not ethics nor even morality mean more to him than winning.  That’s what most politicians do and I’ve slowly gotten use to the idea.

What I do not understand is a man who will give you at least two answers… sometimes more than two… to every question asked and two… sometimes more than two… explanations for every situation that arises and then simply tell you to pick the one you like but don’t bother him anymore about it.  It’s as if he’s lying, you know he’s lying and he knows that you know he’s lying, but he just doesn’t give a damn because your opinion… and probably your vote… aren’t going to matter anyway.

He is so certain that he is entitled to the presidency… that it’s “his turn”… that he’s going to win in spite of pissing off every group,  community and voting bloc out there, including some Republican ones, by managing to deliberately insult all of them, most more than once.  That kind of confidence, in spite of being one of the worst presidential candidates in history has got to raise the hair on the back of your neck if you’re not as brain dead as he often appears to be.   There’s a damned good chance that this man knows something that we don’t and that he doesn’t have to pander after votes from unwashed commoners like you and me.

It’s gotten so bad that the jokes being offered up by comedians on a nightly basis are more credible than some of the stuff he’s actually saying He gives every indication of believing that he can simply buy his way into the presidency the same way he bought his wife a tap dancing horse or bought himself into all those exclusive country clubs.  He really believes that if you have enough money you can get anything you want including  50.1% of the vote count and damn if he might not be exactly right.

I’m thinking we’re going to see an election that once again puts us at the mercy of the electronic voting machines and the SCOTUS, especially given that all of the swing states with Tea Party governors are futzing around with voter suppression to varying degrees.  Hell it might even come down to Florida again, a state that itself had no problems electing a man who had defrauded it of untold amounts of money and in a just world would be sitting in a federal prison instead of the Florida Governor’s mansion.  Nobody ever accused them of being original and since it worked once, why not Florida?

So far I haven’t talk to any Republican who’s voting FOR Romney.  Indeed, the ones I have had contact with who are supporting him freely admit that he’s little more than a thief, a carpetbagger and a snake oil peddler par excellence but by God, ANYBODY… no matter how dishonest  they might be, no matter how disconnected they might be, no matter how much contempt and disdain the guy has for them… is better than Obama and if they have to swallow Romney to get rid of Obama, they’re more than willing to do start choking him down.  The indications are that they simply don’t care as long as long as Obama is out of there come next January.

Remember, Mitt’s not even old money.  He inherited money that his daddy actually went out and earned and then he used his father’s hard earned dollars to make himself one of the most predatory venture capitalists in history, managing to cover every base there is to cover, from buying up healthy companies and strangling them in their beds to owning an interest in the foreign companies that he outsourced the lost jobs and manufacturing capacity to.  Hell, he even started setting up his own Caribbean shell companies.   He used taxpayer dollars to bail out the Olympics in Utah after a massive bribery scandal and he managed to FUBAR everything in Massachusetts EXCEPT health care and now he wants to repeal the only thing he ever did right.

The man could serve as the poster boy for the hateful, greedy, self absorbed little rich boy breed who never took nickel that didn’t come from someone else’s pocket and was the product of someone else’s labor.  He’s a liar, a predator, an elitist prick and a bully.   And the Republicans want to make him your president.  Think about that.

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