Why Your Vote Is WorthExactly Squat #5

25 Jun

It’s all about State’s Rights. Well, unitl it isn’t.

San Francisco – As the 2012 Farm Bill continues to take shape in the halls of the United States Congress, the immense influence of corporate interests is on display.

On June 21 the United States Senate voted overwhelmingly against the Sanders Amendment that would have allowed states to pass legislation that required food and beverage products to label whether or not they contain genetically engineered ingredients.

The amendment, proposed by Independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, is particularly relevant as many states prepare to vote on a ballot initiatives that would require such labelling of genetically modified (GM) foods.

Lobbyists from the biotech industry have ardently opposed GMO labelling. These opponents argue that because food labelling has historically been handled by the Food and Drug Association (FDA), it is a federal issue and, therefore, individual states do not have the right to implement such legislation. Indeed, in the case of Vermont, Sanders’ home state, Monsanto successfully intimidated the state legislature from voting on a bill that would have required GMO labelling.

Patty Lovera, the assistant director of Food and Water Watch, explained that states planning to vote on GM labelling in November could face a legal fight to defend their right to enact such laws.

“However, this amendment would have taken this threat away,” Lovera told IPS

So ya see Bubba, when it com to your vote counting for anything… even at he state level my man… my suggestion is that you vote in the one hand, take a dump in the other and see which one fills up first.  Until you grow a setr of balls and the brains to realize who your enemies really are, you’ve doomed yourself and your descendants  for the foreseeable future to lives as serfs and fodder for the elites.  It’s a choice you had for yourself and Miss piggy but your kids deserved the right to make their own decisions and to not have you sell their birthright out from under them.  You might be proud of that wonton ignorance Bubba… the rest of us you’re dragging down to your level, not so much.

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