Another Worm’s Eye View

19 Jun

Well, my SSI is down to $7 a month and MediCAL is totally gutted and I can neither get my meds this month or pay the copays on all these procedures anymore… the ones that MediCAL USED to pay.

This pisses me off because I worked PAID my damned taxes for more than 45 years, including during those times when the rates were twice as  high as they are now because I understood the need for the the infrastructure maintenance, the social safety nets and to provide for future generations… mostly your generation come to think of it.

Today, we have the lowest effective tax rate in 60 years and people are still demanding that we lower it even farther AND continue to cut the floor out from under people who are already falling through the cracks. And what’s funny about it is that every nickel you save on your taxes just goes in some banker or corporate CEO’s pockets anyway but that seems to be OK with everybody.  Guess I’m just too damned old to understand this “I’ve got mine, screw you” thing we got going on today.

The simpleminded among the electorate can’t see any farther than that each of them knows at least one person who is cheating the system, therefore everybody (except them of course) is cheating the system.  As far as they’re concerned, anyone who doesn’t have a job making enough to feed, clothe, house and educate their family is a “freeloader” or some kind of “welfare queen”.

I didn’t work my ass off for almost half a century just to be treated this way when all those years are finally extracting their toll on both my body and my mind to the point that I’m apparently nothing more than a negative cypher on someone’s P&L statement.  To those of you who will vote Republican knowing that it pretty much dooms people like me to a life… and speedier death… without simple dignity…$%#! you very much.  I hope you enjoy every penny you thought you were going to “save” by eliminating the safety net for people like me.

That is, if you can pry it from the tentacles of the Wall Street vampire squid.  Good luck with that.

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