Mitt Has ALWAYS Been A Rectal Orifice

14 Jun

Mitt Romney’s cavalier… indeed antagonistic… attitude toward public safety for the masses and the lack of educational opportunities for any but rich kids going to private prep schools… where they can bully other students to their heart’s content as long as daddy comes through with the donations… is nothing new.  He has NEVER felt that anyone not at least as wealthy as he is was entitled to a goddamned thing, no matter how hard they worked and regardless of the fact that most of them paid twice as much of their income on taxes to support those government services as he did.

We’ve been lucky so far… SO far… and the only place he has ever held an actual office where he could exercise his utter contempt for the working classes was the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where he spent 4 whole years as governor (which, now that I think of it, gives him exactly twice as much experience as Sarah Palin, the darling of the Tea Party).  From Keeping GPO Honest:

Take a look at how Romney Economics didn’t work for these men and women in Massachusetts, and how it won’t work now. Romney recently criticized President Obama, saying he “wants to hire … more firemen, more policemen, more teachers”—but Romney thinks we should “cut back” on those jobs. Romney won’t support firefighters, cops, and teachers as President, and his record in Massachusetts proves it.


The idea of “guaranteeing the government will keep its fire, police, and teachers intact … is not an effective way to get the economy going.”—Mitt Romney, 12/29/11

  • Slashed local aid, forcing communities to lay off 14,500 local government workers, including police officers
  • Increased fees for police training by $200
  • While the crime reports remained steady under Romney, arrest rates dropped along with officer employment due to Romney’s cuts.


To a retired firefighter, “You knew what you were getting into … I wish you well, but I’m not going to promise you more bucks.”—Mitt Romney, 12/30/11

  • Vetoed $2.5 million for fire safety equipment and $1 million for fire education for students, but both vetoes were overridden unanimously
  • Vetoed funding to rebuild a fire station as a living memorial to honor six local firefighters, and was criticized by a local legislator for “callously” pouring salt on the wounds of the community
  • Tried to strip union membership from thousands of government employees, a move that would have left the MA firefighters union without a third of their membership
  • Told a retired firefighter that he wasn’t interested in giving out “free stuff” when the firefighter inquired about his state pension and Social Security benefits


“I was not pleased with what I read about a plan to save 240,000 teachers.”—Mitt Romney, 9/9/11

  • Slashed local aid, forcing communities to lay off 14,500 local government workers, including teachers
  • Enforced budget cuts that left some school officials with no choice but “to issue pink slips to teachers,” many of whom were new teachers. School officials said they worried the cuts would demoralize teachers and cause them to leave the profession.

As you can see, this attitude that has him convinced that if he doesn’t need something, nobody else needs it either, is nothing new for Mittens.  If there’s the slightest chance that a single dollar of government money is going into keeping working class Americans alive and well, protected from the predatory types out there (who in the long run aren’t much different than Romney himself except in the much smaller scale of their predations) or to educate working class children so that they might truly rise above the muck that Romney thinks the rest of us should live in and challenge those worthless brats of his, some of whose wives are so fricking pampered and spoiled that they pay other people to have their kids for them.

Mitt Romney is simply not a fit person to lead this nation and the sooner we get over any idea that he can be rehabilitated into some semblance of a normal and decent human being, the better off we’re going to be. This is what happens when a political party looks around and realizes that all it has has is ignorant rednecks, mentally deficient asshats like the slate of candidates we got to watch make fools of themselves and the Republican party for the last year, and Scrooge Romney who may not be in a class by himself but is the only one stupid enough to actually advertise himself as an elitist asshole. The only ones that come to mind who would exceed that level of ignorance are those who… in spite of everything he’s done and everything they have read or heard from any kind of reliable source are those that are going to vote for him solely because they’re obsessed with the fact that the duly and constitutionally elected President of the United States… is a black man.

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